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Personal Services While You are Away

Vacation personal services VIPGoing away on a business trip or family holiday? We will take care of things at home while you are away.  Collect your mail, water your plants, take care of your pets, coordinate household repairs, carpet cleaning, package delivery, gardening services, etc., and before you return we can stock your fridge, clean the house, wash your car and even put flowers in the vase.

No matter where you are, at home, on holiday or on a business trip, we will take care of all your personal needs.

Event Planning Services

Event Planning AssistanceNeed help in planning a special business or family event?

We’ll help you find the perfect venue, caterer, photographer, etc. We will also take care of your guest’s travel and accommodation arrangements. Anything you need to make sure your event is unforgettable.

Vacation Home Services

Caring for Your vacation home

Buying a vacation home? Traveling and need someone to watch your Israel home?

We provide professional Vacation Home Services.

We can help you furnish and decorate your new vacation home with top rate designers.

We’ll be your point of contact and home coordinator for vendors (electrician, cleaners, carpenters, etc.).  We will also fill your fridge and clean the house before you arrive, and take care of your property after you leave.

VIP Touring Services

Touring Service in IsraelNo matter where you are in the world, and no matter what transportation needs you may have, we can arrange it for you.


Whether you need transportation from point A to point B, a chauffeured car for a day or more, or whether you want a luxury car for self-driving, or to rent a private jet or yacht… We have you covered.

You can rest assured that our drivers, as well as all of our service providers, are always highly presentable.

Business Services

Business VIP ServicesEspecially for the traveling business person, on top of our personal services we also offer top rate business services, including: office space rental, administrative staff services, translation services, courier services, computer technician, gift purchasing, reservations, and more.

Corporate Concierge Services

Corporate ConciergeMany businesses around the world have realized that providing free or subsidized personal concierge services for their employees saves many working hours otherwise spent on personal errands and internet searches, during work hours.

How does it work? We us run your employees’ errands, from picking up their dry cleaning, making reservations, searching for vendors, getting their car washed, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions to locating hard to find gifts… while they keep on doing what you need them to do.

It’s a win-win situation with our Deluxe Corporate Concierge Services: Free your employees to focus on their work, while decreasing their levels of stress and increasing their productivity, personal satisfaction and loyalty.

VIP Transportation Services

VIP Transportation ServicesNo matter where you are in the world, and no matter what transportation needs you may have, we can arrange it for you.

Whether you need transportation from point A to point B, a chauffeured car for a day or more, or whether you want a luxury car for self-driving, or to rent a private jet or yacht… We have you covered.

You can rest assured that our drivers, as well as all of our service providers, are always highly presentable.

Airport VIP Services

VIP Service for Airports WorldwideOur airport arrivals, departures and transit assistance services are provided in most airports in the world.


(Meet & Greet) From the aircraft to the car, we will assist you through passport control, baggage claim and customs, so that our driver can get you to where you need to go as quickly as possible.


From your hotel to the aircraft, we will get you to the airport and make sure your security, check-in and passport control procedures are expedited so you have plenty of time to relax, work or shop.


From your arrival aircraft to your departure aircraft we will take care of anything you need and ensure a smooth process.

Why AssistAnt

Our clients are busy. Even though they may be great at multi tasking in other areas of their lives we want to make sure they don’t have to. The benefits of utilizing AssistAnt global concierge service include: stress reduction, time saving, and convenience. We can increase your productivity and even save you money. We will complete your personal tasks for you leaving you more time to either work or be with your loved ones. Discretion is very important to us at AssistAnt your personal and professional information will remain confidential. We truly believe in establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. That is why they know they can trust us to provide top rate, reliable, creative and timely services, every time.

About AssistAnt

AssistAnt provides a wide range of Global Concierge VIP services in most countries around the world. Our services include anything and everything from “Meet & Greet” airport assistance,transportation services, travel arrangements, sightseeing and tour guide services, personal assistant services, business services, property care services, family and business event management, restaurant reservations, to personal errands and much more.

We have been in this business for over a decade, long enough to understand that your time is precious and that we can do a lot to help. We have the connections and the experience to make sure your personal visit or business trip is flawless, effective and enjoyable.

* All of our services are provided in Israel and/or anywhere in the world

Global Concierge VIP Services With AssistAnt

Your Wish is Our Command

Our aim is to help you manage your time more effectively and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that we are always just a phone call away. In other words – let us handle it! Let us be your one point of contact for all your needs.

So if you are still wondering why you need personal concierge services, think of the following benefits:


Whether we take care of simple tasks like stocking your refrigerator and picking up dry cleaning, or bigger tasks like making your overseas travel arrangements and planning a wedding, it’s always more convenient when you have one point of contact doing it for you. Hiring AssistAnt means that you don’t have to deal with various middlemen for your airport, transportation, and hotel accommodation needs.

Time Saving

With AssistAnt’s services, you have more time to spend on what’s really important to you, be it business, relaxing, sightseeing, spending time with family and friends, etc. Our corporate concierge services can save your business and your employees hundreds of dollars and countless hours! Let us take care of running your employees’ errands so they can focus on increasing productivity at work.

Stress Reduction

Even if you’re great at multi-tasking, life can sometimes be very stressful when you have a long “to do” list to worry about. The more we take off your plate the less stress you’ll have to deal with. With AssistAnt, not only is your departure and arrivals experience taken care of at airports across the world, but also your transportation needs in any country, as well as your booking needs for hotels and restaurants.

Cost Effective

We all know that “time is money,” but oftentimes money is not spent wisely on many things from car rentals and spa reservations to buying gifts for business associates. We have special arrangements for discounts and complimentary benefits from vendors that can offer better prices than you would get as a walk-in customer. We are your cost-effective, time-saving lifestyle management service.

Improved Productivity

When your personal tasks are taken care of, you have more time to focus on your work and be as productive as you need to be. Our comprehensive global concierge services and airport VIP packages will have you feeling more refreshed, less stressed, and more productive whether you’re at work or on vacation. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Make a wish, we’ll make it happen!

Complete Discretion

Your personal or business travel and information is kept confidential with AssistAnt. We strive for trustworthiness and discretion in everything that we do. We never share any information about our clients unless explicitly requested to do so. You need to have confidence that your VIP Travel and Concierge Service will keep your information secured. We provide that confidence.

Our Clientele

AssistAnt provides worldwide personal and business concierge services to a wide range of clientele:

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