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Luxury VIP Airport Service Lemnos International Airport

AssistAnt is a global concierge service with nearly 10 years of experience providing lifestyle management services for Limnos, Greece to some of the most prestigious names in the business. Simply make a wish and we’ll make it happen for the reason that our team and knowledge are the very best in the industry.

Perhaps even the most veteran travelers find traveling fairly hectic. Coming to a new country, picking up suitcases, passing customs and immigration, and possibly getting connecting flights may be a difficult task for perhaps even the most experienced visitor. Yet, AssistAnt can make traveling less complicated and more convenient. Having been in the industry of providing elite personal assistance and VIP services for Lemnos International Airport, Greece for nearly a decade, the specialists at AssistAnt live up to the slogan of “Make A Wish, We’ll Make It Happen” every day with each and every client.

Our company offers two packages of VIP services for Lemnos International Airport in Greece.* We’re able to help make all of your desires for easy and stress-free travel come true.

LXS Fast Services Through Airport

VVVIP Package – Exclusive VIP Service for Lemnos International Airport – Arrivals**

By using AssistAnt’s exceptional VVVIP package, we will take care of all the details of your arrival into LXS while you relax in a private, luxurious lounge following a long flight. AssistAnt’s VVVIP airport service for arrivals comes along with meet and greet and private transport from your plane to a luxurious lounge. On your arrival to the exclusive, VIP luxury lounge, you’ll get cold and hot drinks, fruit, and light snacks. Whilst you unwind in the lounge, AssistAnt will manage passport control, baggage pick-up and collecting your duty-free items, and customs. Soon after handling each one of these particulars, a friendly AssistAnt will subsequently take you to your driver who will be able to drive you anyplace you’ll need to be in Limnos, Greece and surrounding areas.

VVVIP Services for Lemnos International Airport in Limnos, Greece – Departures**

Our VVVIP package for departing Lemnos International Airport includes meet and greet and personally escorting you to a private, luxury airport lounge with fruit, light refreshments, and cold and hot beverages that you can enjoy until your flight is going to start boarding passengers. While you’re relaxing at the lounge, we’ll address security, flight check-in, and passport control. When it’s time for boarding the airplane, a friendly AssistAnt will drive you in a private car to your flight’s gate.

Arrivals Fast Track VIP Package in Limnos, Greece

To have a stress-free and simple arrival to LXS, you should definitely enquire about our Fast Track VIP service for Lemnos International Airport. Fast Track airport VIP service is our most renowned offer since it is accommodated by almost all large airports around the globe.

When your airplane arrives, you will be met by one of our professional agents at the gate. He/she will transport you in a private vehicle to passport control. There, we will move through all processes for arrival via a VIP counter. We will assist you with passport control, pick up your bags, and aid you with customs. If you have requested for one of our drivers to pick you up from the airport, we’ll personally take you to the driver who is going to take you quickly anywhere and everywhere you will need to go from LXS to your destination in Limnos and adjacent areas.

Fast Track VIP Services for Lemnos International Airport in Limnos, Greece – Departures

We will organize your transportation to Lemnos International Airport, and assist you with all of the procedures up to the gate of your airline by means of priority counters. With the support of our dedicated staff, you don’t have to be concerned about lengthy queues at check-in or passport control since our quick and efficient service speeds you through security, check-in, and passport control. Our agents are also able to escort those with first- and business-class seats to the lounge and/or to the flight’s gate.

Deluxe Transportation Options For Limnos, Greece Available at AssistAnt

AssistAnt’s superb fleet of planes, helicopters, cars, private yachts will definitely fit your needs for luxury transportation services. AssistAnt’s luxury car rentals will definitely guarantee you get to your desired destination with class. Desire a quicker way of traveling? We can plan a private jet charter or chartered helicopter to help you get wherever you need to be.

World-Class, International Concierge Services

AssistAnt completes all of these seemingly impossible goals through coordinating with premium service providers. The secret to our impressive service is that we believe that your personal tasks can only be handled by leading professionals in their professions that have years of experience accomplishing what they do best. You can certainly have confidence in our company for top quality worldwide concierge services and exceptional VIP services for Lemnos International Airport in Limnos, Greece. Don’t expect anything ordinary; make a wish, we are going to make you believe in the extraordinary…

*Please note that although our staff tries to accommodate all VIP airport services, they may vary in accordance with the airport. When we are not able to provide you with aid directly to/from the airplane, then we will proceed as far as we are allowed to according to Lemnos International Airport’s rules.

**Please note that AssistAnt’s VVVIP services are provided at certain airports throughout the world. Be sure to call us to find out if the airport you’re arriving to or departing from will accomodate VVVIP service.



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