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Are you often on the lookout for great deals on private jet charters? We can help you with that. In fact, we can give you an experience that will transform how you think about global luxury travel.

At AssistAnt, we believe the best private jet service is one that supports you from your home doorway to your final destination. If this sounds like the way you want—and expect—to travel, please reach out to us.

We want to be your cost-effective and time-saving travel management service.

Luxury Jet Charter - AssistAnt Travel

What We Do

AssistAnt offers discounted private jet charters worldwide. We serve clients globally and operate on every continent assisting travelers with airport VIP services, transportation services and personal and corporate concierge services.

We provide the following luxury flight services:

  • Private luxury flights — for both corporate and leisure travel, whether regional or on different continents.
  • Cargo flights — for transporting emergency food, medical, or other supplies to places that need them.
  • Ambulance and medical flights — to deliver critically ill or injured people, typically accompanied by their care teams, to specialized medical facilities—sometimes thousands of miles away.
  • Other charter transportation — including luxury car, motorboat, yacht, and even helicopter rentals

At AssistAnt, we take care of everyone and everything on our flights. That could mean having our concierge service pick you up at home and transport you to the airport. Or it could mean ensuring appropriate and consistent temperatures for medicine or other perishables we’re delivering. Whoever our client and whatever their need, we’re prepared to meet it.

How We Do It

Empty leg flights are planes with no booked passengers repositioning or returning for an already-booked chartered trip. An abundance of available empty leg charter flights and our ability to monitor them and their current location add up to a supply of jets ready to travel to virtually any destination.

Luxury Jet Empty Leg Flight - AssistAnt TravelNearly a third of the time, private aircraft fly empty, creating a substantial inventory of empty planes at any given time. AssistAnt operates 24/7 and has access to numerous available aircraft worldwide. Because we track the whereabouts of planes with empty leg flights, we know where each is parked and if it needs passengers.

Not owning our private chartered jets means we don’t pay for maintenance or parking. The absence of this kind of overhead is a large part of our ability to offer our clients the best rates and flight options. You’ll find our flight prices incredibly competitive, and now, you know why.

We diligently seek out empty leg flights all over the world!

The Benefit We Provide

AssistAnt fulfills our clients’ expectations, no matter how particular. The added value of our array of concierge and other services means that we take care of any personal tasks, so you have the most convenient travel experiences possible.

If you would like, we’ll even have the event you’re traveling for set-up at your specified location and ready to begin when you arrive. That’s the level of service we offer.

There is no end to the services we offer our travel clients. Reach out to us today for a private jet quote, and find out what we can do for you!

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We are available anytime to help you with all your business and personal travel needs.

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