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Private Jets - AssistAntAssistAnt is a luxury concierge service provider assisting clients around the world with unmatched, tailored private jet charters. For nearly a decade, our company has assisted various clients internationally in their quest to travel hassle-free in luxury and on time.

Our slogan, “Make a wish, We’ll make it happen” shows our commitment to clients as they have come to expect extraordinary service that is the hallmark of our company.



How Do We Do It?

Relying on our private jet charter, both business and leisure travelers can expect flexibility, privacy, and security from our highly trained crew. Even before boarding, we take care of everything from paperwork, customs, and luggage ensuring 24/7 availability.

While onboard for your business trips, we have the expertise to offer services of legal experts, technicians, account managers, and event planners carefully hand-picked because of their experience and global industry contacts.

Our Staff

Working in coordination with some of the best names in the industry, AssistAnt creates personalized, global concierge services for our clients. Instead of dealing with various middlemen, you have your personal assistant to take care of everything for you and meet your needs 24/7.

These assistants are in consistent contact with a squad of trained professionals overseeing most business aspects in the background. We are always at your disposal working to fulfill your wishes as requested.

Perks You Will Enjoy

To make your journey even more memorable, we offer world-class catering service onboard the private jet charter making sure to include gourmet delicacies. If you would like additional security and safety on-board, we offer the finest security guards and personnel, each meeting the highest safety guidelines wherever you travel. We guarantee that your security arrangements will meet regional benchmarks so you can move freely without interruptions.


Our private jet charter services are offered all over Israel as well as internationally. Some of our most popular locations for private jets include Switzerland, France, and England. Our professional staff will arrange a charter for you in all continents to fly as little as a few hundred miles to as much as across the United States or France.

We can arrange a private jet for business purposes or for leisure purposes. Whether you need to fly to meet an important client for a meeting or you need to arrange a private jet to meet your family at a resort, AssistAnt is here to help you 24/7 with all of your private jet needs. We also offer different sized private jets to accommodate your party, whether you’re flying solo or with a few colleagues or family members.

Anything is Possible!

In addition, our managers will make sure that everything from ticket bookings, customs clearance, and transportation to your jet is taken care of. We can arrange anything imaginable because AssistAnt does not only offer aircraft charter, but the company takes immense pride in providing an array of global concierge services including motorboat charter, corporate concierge, business services, taking care of your vacation home, trip coordination, and event planning.

Our personal concierge is actively assisting global VIP customers plan business meetings, selecting holiday spots, and even helping them run simple household errands. Remember, there is nothing that we can’t do. Just make a wish and we’ll make it happen.

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