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AssistAnt Provides Elite Lifestyle Management Services
Other Concierge Services - AssistAntAssistAnt offers lifestyle management services that will make you feel at ease and pampered, and enjoy your stay in Israel.

Our slogan is “Make a Wish, We’ll Make it Happen!” Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our luxury concierge services are designed for us to be your only point of contact for all your personal and professional needs.

Not only do we take care of the big stuff like arranging transportation, restaurant reservations, hotel accommodations, and sightseeing tours during your stay, but we also handle the small stuff including arranging childcare, stocking your refrigerator with the foods you want, picking up your mail or dry cleaning, and arranging care for your pet.

We offer 24/7 availability and cater to your every need.

The Small Stuff

  • Babysitting: We will find a professional childcare specialist to take care of your child while you are busy. We can arrange play dates and learning activities that will keep them entertained and safe.
  • Stock Your Refrigerator: We will find all your favorite foods and have them available to you when you want them. Forgot to do the groceries last week? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it so you have a fully stocked fridge for your next meal.
  • Mail Services: We will arrange to pick up your mail, have someone be present to sign packages, and deliver personal items by courier.
  • Dry Cleaning Pick-Up: Don’t worry about having your clothes clean and ready to wear. We will pick them up and deliver them to you. We can also arrange for them to be laundered and pressed.
  • Pet Care: We know the best groomers in the country and your pet will also receive VIP care. We also can have your pet taken on walks in the park.
  • Car Care: We can arrange for your personal car to be washed and detailed while you are enjoying the sights and sounds of Israel.

For any needs you may have, we give our full and undivided attention so you can execute your plans seamlessly and flawlessly with no worries about what might go wrong or if you have forgotten something. All of our services are tailored to your individual needs and we offer full and comprehensive VIP lifestyle management services. We are always just a call away for anything you, your family, employees, or guests may need.

Additional Lifestyle Management Services Provided by AssistAnt Lifestyle Management Pets AssistAnt

You should hire us because we provide the best concierge services in the world.

  • Whether traveling for business or pleasure, we provide for all your personal needs such as personal medical care, drugstore pickups, personal security guards, secretarial services, arrangements for night-life entertainment, concert tickets, and hairdresser or barber services. Make a wish, we’ll make it happen!
  • Our Corporate Concierge Services will save you and your employees time that can be put to more productive use. We run your business errands for you, make your reservations, find vendors, shop for gifts, and even get your car washed for you. Tell us what you need and we will be at your service.
  • We arrange your VIP Airport Services including arrivals, departure, and transportation. We assist you through customs and passport control, baggage claim, and a driver will be waiting to take you to your final destination. When it is time to leave, our VIP services for departures will take you safely to the airport and expedite your check-in procedure.
  • We take care of your transportation needs as well, whether you want a chauffeured limousine, a luxury car to rent, a private jet, or a chartered yacht. You can rest assured that our drivers and service providers will give you the VIP concierge services that you deserve.
  • We will even furnish and decorate your vacation home and coordinate all the services you need. We will also fill your refrigerator, prepare the home for your arrival, and clean it after you leave. Our goal is to assist you in having a stress-free vacation.

Trust In Us

We have 10+ years of experience at providing lifestyle management services to clientele around the world. Our luxury VIP concierge services can provide you with all the arrangements for your business needs as well as arrangements that will make your family and employees able to enjoy all Israel has to offer without fear of getting lost or stranded.

We also offer our services in all languages including Hebrew, Russian, French, and English. Contact AssistAnt anytime, day or night, and we will be ready to address any issue or need you may have.

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