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Party and Event Planning - AssistAntWe are very proud of our exclusive and sophisticated event planning services for travelers to Israel and abroad. At AssistAnt, we realize that you are very busy, whether you’re here for pleasure or for business.

This is especially so if you’re here for a big event such as a banquet, a wedding, or a bar/bat mitzvah. For over 10 years, clients have been relying on us to improve productivity, add discretion, reduce stress, and increase cost-effectiveness for their event planning in Israel and abroad.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Israel

Bar and bat mitzvahs are a special time in a young person’s life. They are even more special when held in the Holy Land.

We can arrange and organize your bar/bat mitzvah ceremony and reception in a variety of locations including:

  • The Western Wall (The Kotel) in Jerusalem
  • The Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem
  • Masada
  • Various synagogues around Israel
  • And much more!


Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that you need a professional, reputed event planner for. Let AssistAnt take care of your wedding from the venue to the ceremony itself to catering and photography. Some of our most popular wedding venues include:

  • Various beaches around Israel
  • The Tel Aviv Port
  • The King David Hotel in Jerusalem
  • The Tower of David in Jerusalem
  • Various five-star hotels around Israel
  • The desert, including Masada
  • Eilat
  • And much more!

Regardless of the location, we work closely with the couple to help them create the event of their dreams. AssistAnt can help the couple choose the right caterer, accommodations, photographer, and transportation services, greatly reducing the amount of stress and increasing the level of enjoyment.

Corporate Parties

Regardless of the special event that you need to plan, we are experts at helping you choose the venue that is just right for you. Corporate meetings can occur in many locations throughout Israel including various renowned, five-star hotels such as the King David in Jerusalem and the Intercontinental in Tel Aviv. We will take care of everything from the venue to transportation to catering and even photography if needed.

Personal Services

When planning luxurious events and parties in Israel, it is important to consider other services that your guests will want and need during their stay. That is why it is so important to work with our experts. Some of the additional services we offer include:

Regardless of the event, careful event planning helps ensure that you and your guests have every expectation met. On the other hand, if a need arises at the last minute, our long satisfied list of clientele knows that we handle emergencies better than anyone else does because of our experience in the industry and our 24/7 availability.

Make a Wish, We’ll Make It Happen

For over a decade, important people throughout Israel and the world have relied on the 24/7 availability of AssistAnt to make their special events even more special. These clients already know that if they make a wish, we’ll make it happen.

Next time you’re heading to Israel or anywhere else in the world for a big event, count on AssistAnt for professional and helpful event planning.

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