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Let AssistAnt Take Care Of All Your Bookings And Reservations
Bookings and Reservations - AssistAntHaving a VIP concierge for travel like AssistAnt when you’re short on time will make you think as though you stumbled upon more time in your day; instead of the normal 24 hours, you’ll feel like you have 48 or more hours in a day! How cool is that? That’s because our staff is at your beck and call to get more things accomplished, such as bookings and reservations for hotels, events, clubs, and restaurants just to name a few. This results in an improved work/life balance. Research shows that employees spend up to 30 hours a week performing tasks related to their work environment but don’t always have the time to get those important tasks accomplished. That’s where AssistAnt comes in handy.

All About Us

We specialize in managing and organizing our clients’ lives while they’re on vacation, whether it’s for business or leisure. Do you need to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on short notice? Consider it done! We customize everything that we do – that’s one of our hallmarks; we personalize every errand and task. It’s how we develop long-term, positive relationships, by treating each client like family, as we have done for over a decade.

While You’re Vacationing…

You can expect a wide variety of concierge services, which includes but is not limited to: …and so much more. No task or job is too big or too small for us to handle for you!

We Organize And Manage Your Life While You’re Having Fun

Having some order while you’re having a good time is important. We’ll do all your shopping for you. In addition, we’ll organize getaways and events that will make your vacation a memorable one. We’ll also remind you of important appointments or events so you won’t miss out on anything. Do you need a babysitting service for the children while you attend an adult event? Or do you need to find a caterer for a family gathering? Maybe you need your clothes dry cleaned and returned in a timely manner. Restaurant reservations? Ceremonies and galas? Give us your to-do list, sit back, and relax while your assistant takes care of all bookings and reservations.

Time Is Money

We understand that time is indeed money; time that’s wasted is also money lost. Therefore, we strive to maximize your time by getting your list of tasks accomplished in a timely manner. All you have to do is make a wish and we’ll make it happen!

Examples Of Some Requests

“I need bookings and reservations for a group of 4 from Ben Gurion Airport to O’Hare in Chicago by 8:00 pm tomorrow along with a hotel in the Loop. Can you find me nightclubs near the airport so I can entertain some business clients.” “I’m having a black tie dinner party tonight and need a tuxedo. Can you please find a reputable clothing store for me?”

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is on you. Our connections and extensive experience will enable you to save valuable time and money so you can focus on what your specific objectives are. Discretion is important to us; we won’t share any personal information without specific directives from you. We excel in personalized and discreet lifestyle management. Contact AssistAnt today and let us do it all for you. We have 24/7 availability, are just a phone call away, and we strive for customer satisfaction; it shows every day! We truly live by our slogan, “Make a wish, We’ll make it happen.”

How Can We Help You Today?

We are available anytime to help you with all your business and personal travel needs.

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