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Private Tours - AssistAntWhether your trip is business-oriented or personal, it can be greatly enhanced by private tours. A reputable concierge service can arrange a complete itinerary filled with intriguing sights and sounds. AssistAnt has been serving clientele in Israel and worldwide for more than ten years.

Our professional staff works around the clock to ensure that every aspect of your excursion is delightful. Simply make a wish and we’ll make it happen!

About Us

We are the finest among global concierge services. We provide VIP assistance in nearly every nation, eagerly handling requests of all types from individuals, families, groups, companies, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs!

AssistAnt can simplify your travel experience by taking care of all the details so you can either relax and unwind or heighten your productivity. With our 24/7 availability, you can rest assured that your needs will be met at a moment’s notice.

Private Tours

An exclusive, personalized tour can be the highlight of your trip. Based on your specific interests, our personnel can plan an extraordinary series of bookings and experiences for you. Israel is perhaps the most fascinating realm in the world with its rich history, religious significance, diverse landscape, and healing waters.

If your time is limited, we can streamline your itinerary to include only the highlights of the region. You may wish for the accompaniment of a tour guide for only a few hours or for several days. You may prefer to travel by limousine or by luxury car. The options are endless!

Regardless of your choices, a knowledgeable escort who speaks your language will be provided for your convenience. The guide can help you with any necessary travel arrangements throughout your tour.

If you are a first-time visitor to Israel, you may find that Jerusalem holds your attention for the duration of your trip. This ancient city, which is revered as holy by followers of all three monotheistic religions, offers a plethora of attractions including the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall, the Arab Market, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem.

Our staff can even arrange special hours access, including private showings, to various sites such as the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The Dead Sea area is a memorable place to visit as well, with its therapeutic waters and special mud treatments.

Your friendly tour guide can take you from there to Masada where you can ride a cable car to see King Herod’s mountain fortress among cliffs and plateaus. You can also view the beautiful Mediterranean Sea near the populous city of Tel Aviv or enjoy private tours emphasizing food, wineries, or clubs.

Why Choose AssistAnt?

Our objective is to serve you in any capacity. Our friendly, competent associates offer 24/7 availability to meet all your needs. Our VIP travel services, which have been highly demanded for more than a decade, include extensive airport assistance to make sure you get through the passport checkpoint, customs, and baggage claims quickly and without issue.

We can supply you with a chauffeur or a luxury rental car while you’re away from home and take care of reservations or errands.

Our professional staff will plan your events upon request or provide administrative support. We will even maintain your house or property during your absence. Just make a wish, we’ll make it happen!

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