Global Concierge Services for Fortune 500 CEO's

Concierge Services for Fortune 500 CEO'sOur mission at AssistAnt is to deliver superior facilitation exclusively tailored to your specific needs in the global concierge service arena. We facilitate special interest,and private tours, transportation services, expert business services, global concierge service for Fortune 500 CEO’s, Hebrew, English, Russian and French interpreters within our broad language repertoire, in addition, we offer event planning (such as corporate and reunions), bookings and reservations, just to name a few. With AssistAnt, when you make a wish, we’ll make it happen.

In Business

Our extensive experience in global concierge service for CEOs has been an industry setting standard for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on alleviating the burden of both conventional and unexpected obligations, we want you to be able to donate your full attention to tasks that are important to you. We are solution creators with 24/7 availability and readiness to ensure your business tasks are hassle-free. We cover all aspects of business commitments with Airport VVVIP services, to mitigate wait times and promote smooth transitions between destinations. All aspects of securing mobility fall within our elaborate purview from bookings and reservations, to corporate event planning to high-caliber personal security and personalized business tours designed specifically for you, we are the platinum-standard in corporate concierge service. Whatever the business obligation, where ever it takes you, make a wish and we’ll make it happen. We’re not just an assistant, we are your Assistant.

In Leisure

We fully comprehend that your time is a valuable resource that cannot be recaptured, and that makes it a supreme priority for us. To facilitate you and optimize your leisure time activities, our global concierge service for Fortune 500 CEO’s provides a wide range of unique services such as helicopter charter for transportation needs, personalized private tours, and exclusively-designed special interest tours with 24/7 availability so you can make full use of your leisure time activities, for yourself or any size group. When we say make a wish, we really mean anything you desire, and we ll make it happen. Each and every step of your request is executed flawlessly with no burden of obligation on your part, meaning all you have to do is relax.

With You in Focus

We are a multifaceted corporate concierge that specializes in global concierge service for CEO’s and eliminating any barriers to you have the most pleasurable experience possible whether you are at work, at play, or a little mixture of both. Our friendly staff of experts are second-to-none at providing for anything to might want or need, and our masterful insight of global concierge service make us an authority in facilitating the fulfillment of your personal objectives. Hebrew, English, Russian and French are among our near infinite language services, so communication is free flowing and can never act as a barrier to your desires. We focus on you, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Why choose AssistAnt?

Culturally savvy, a staff with a genuinely dedicated interest in providing a superior corporate experience. We are the ideal choice for everything from helicopter charter to Airport VVVIP services coupled our ability to deliver on peripheral services such as dry cleaning and prescription pickups to grocery shopping. All of your total needs are addressed in one central service with 24/7 availability. It is our pleasure and with the utmost thanks we that we would be able to fulfill any corporate desire that might enter your mind, whether foreseeable or unpredictable. Our flexible and dedicated staff look forward to serving you as a client. Always remember “make a wish and we’ll make it happen”!

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