Whether you live in NYC or traveling through, hiring a private concierge will help make life more enjoyable. Learn more about concierge services NYC here


Did you know that NYC has over 630 hotels and averages about 60.7 million visitors a year?


That’s a lot of hotel rooms to ponder and even more people competing over the best places to stay. Why not make it easier on yourself?


Concierge services in NYC make decisions like this one for you, along with an array of other services to make your trip to the Big Apple stress-free.


Here’s how to utilize a concierge service whether it’s your first time to NYC, you come here often, or you are a native.


Ditch the Digital Digging


Concierge Services in NYC - AssistAnt Travel


The internet seems convenient as it provides infinite information in the palm of your hand, but it can also be cumbersome. Concierges remove this burden of too much information and fulfill your wishes without the frustration of searching online.   


Looking online for the best travel deals and local events takes time. Americans already spend an average of 6 and 1/2 hours online a day. Save yourself the screen time by letting a concierge do the work.


An NYC concierge is an old-fashion idea made for today’s busy lifestyle. it’s like having your own personal Siri without the impersonal effect of artificial intelligence. 


Plus, a phone can’t pick up your laundry, and an online reservation can’t double check the view in your room. 


A real person can think ahead of your every need, anticipating that you require a car service in the morning before you even realize it. 


Ask a Concierge Service in NYC and You Shall Receive


Consider concierges as a modern superhero, making the impossible seem possible. 


Personal experiences of what a concierge does for their clients shows the great lengths these professionals go to in order to be exceptional.


On one occasion, they had to fill empty bean bag chairs with little balls of Styrofoam at a client’s apartment. Another concierge admitted to being a matchmaker for two clients.


A concierge service in New York can also be there for you in emergency situations, like if your babysitter cancels at the last moment, or you desperately need a document notarized.


Here are just a handful of other lifestyle management tasks concierges can perform for you:


  • Set up a dog walker or take pleasure in doing it themselves
  • Reserve a restaurant at the most popular hot spot in town
  • Arrange a luxury car rental or a spectacular limousine service
  • Plan a party or an event
  • Fill your kitchen with your favorite goodies
  • Maintain and monitor your home while you’re away
  • Book a massage or other stress relief service
  • Be an international translator


Plan for Pleasure or Pressure


Planning a vacation or a business trip comes with a lot of little details, and if forgotten, can lead to a big headache right in the middle of your trip.


Let a concierge in NYC set your plans beforehand, making sure nothing gets left behind. If something does come up, they will take the pressure out of your hands. 


And unlike conventional services, a concierge is available 24/7 to resolve your most complex issues even in the middle of the night. This is especially helpful in NYC where night-owls thrive.


Narrow Down Decision-Making


Sometimes making the plans (even without the tiny details) can be a hassle, from reading reviews to executing an itinerary. 


New York city intimidates even the locals with its range of available options that change daily. A new restaurant, a low key concert, or short cut through traffic might only be known to someone who is truly looking.


An NYC concierge service trains its staff to be more familiar than a local and more helpful than a tourism guide.


So, take the burden off your shoulders of finding the best when you can simply defer to your concierge’s plethora of knowledge. 


Getting to Know You


An NYC concierge service gets to know you personally unlike other hospitality amenity workers.


They discover your meal preferences, favorite parts of the city, and how you like your laundry folded. Unlike a hotel concierge, a private concierge service in NYC is entirely devoted to you. There is no more searching or waiting for assistance.


The more you use the same concierge, the more personalized service you will receive. 


Need VIP Security?


In addition to exceptional personal assistance with your travels and plans, a concierge in NYC can provide top-notch VIP security and bodyguard services for government officials, celebrities, and CEOs.


Add this service to your travels to offer peace of mind and added safety. This protection is in addition to the personal care you will receive from a concierge service in New York. 


Security personnel can assist with airport transport, guard hotel rooms, and escort you to meetings. As an internationally-trained guard, they are familiar with a variety of cultures and global laws. 


Trained in combat and weaponry, special agent concierges protect you, your family, and co-workers from common threats and crimes especially in large cities like New York. 


Find Hidden Gems


New York city treasures its ability to host and house a diverse population as the largest city in the USA with a population of over 8.5 million.


With this intricate variety of residents and visitors comes a vestibule of hidden gems ripe for discovery. An NYC concierge assists you in finding the best-kept secret.


They offer insider information before it becomes popular. Whether you live in town or you are traveling through, use their advice to be ahead of the game.


Travel in Style


One of the biggest advantages of hiring a concierge in NYC is the ease and class of travel that is available. 


NYC concierge services provide private transportation services in the form of:


  • Private jets
  • Luxury car service and rental
  • Business and first class accommodations
  • Private, special interests, and VIP tours
  • Helicopter sightseeing and charters
  • Yacht and boat charters
  • VIP cruise service
  • Chauffeur assistance
  • Limousine rental 


Skip the busy and crowded NYC public transportation as it is inconvenient and unpredictable. You can be sure to make it to your meetings, activities, and flights on time when you use a concierge to plan your travel needs. 


Business Made Easy



Another bonus when choosing a private concierge is that you can use them for your entire staff and business. 


Corporate concierges remove the need for personal assistants. As professionals, they know the importance of business and go above and beyond to make a business deal successful. 


They have been known to search for unique business gifts and arrange delivery to please government officials and potential business partners. Replicating the performance of a corporate concierge by an hourly staff member is impossible.


With their NYC connections, they can also find the best places to hold meetings and corporate events, getting you amazing deals. You will be able to impress your colleagues and improve staff morale when all the work in done for you.


Use them as a larger entity to handle big picture items or lend them out to VPs for personalized care. 


Whether a large corporation or a small startup, this type of service should never be bypassed in order to improve the efficiency of your business.


How to Choose the Right Concierge Services in NYC?


Word spreads fast on the streets of NYC, but people keep the best to themselves. Each borrow holds its secrets dear, and a quality concierge is no different. A trusted friend or colleague serves as your gateway to premium service.


Once you hear of a prospect, look for these qualities to ensure this concierge won’t let you down:


  • They offer an array of services mentioned in this article.
  • The company has been around a while (10 years is a good amount of time to establish a superior operation).
  • Make sure they are bilingual and multinational to help with any destination and any problem.
  • Their service should include 24/7 assistance.
  • Packages should be inclusive and require no additional charges or tips.


You can work backward by searching online for a concierge, then ask around and read reviews to make sure you found a quality company. 


Sit Back and Relax 


Now that you know how to find and utilize private concierge services in NYC, your work is basically finished. All you need to do is contact the company directly and set up an appointment to get your service started.


A concierge will get to know you and your needs to create a personalized service plan. You can start now by contacting this concierge in NYC

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