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Elevate Your Travel Experience

At AssistAnt, we redefine your travel experiences, whether for business or leisure, by offering unparalleled luxury transportation and concierge services globally. Our commitment is to provide an effortless, detail-oriented, and exceptional customer service experience around the clock. Imagine making a wish, and we work tirelessly to turn it into reality for you.

Your travel from the moment you disembark your plane, step into a luxurious vehicle, or board an exquisite yacht is meticulously planned and executed by our team. We aim to ensure you can immerse yourself fully in the joy of your vacation without a single worry. Our extensive range of global concierge services covers everything from minor details to the most grandiose endeavors.

Our expertise is not limited to facilitating your travels within Israel but extends to offering memorable and hassle-free experiences worldwide. From the majestic landscapes of Israel to any global destination, we promise to make every trip unforgettable and free from any stress.

Business and Leisure Transportation Services

Our offerings go beyond just enhancing your holiday experiences. We provide sophisticated and efficient transportation services for business travelers as well. Opt for our luxury car rentals and arrive at your meetings exuding style and professionalism.

Seeking a quicker travel option? We are at your service to charter private jets or helicopters, ensuring timely and stylish arrivals or departures. Our elite fleet includes a range of high-end vehicles, from cars and yachts to airplanes and helicopters, tailored to meet your every need for luxurious travel. Whether you prefer being chauffeured in limousines or driving a premium vehicle yourself, our fleet is at your disposal.

Choose from our top-tier selection, which includes:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Maserati
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Lotus
  • Bentley
  • Aston Martin
  • Porsche
  • And many more!

We aim to provide a seamless, top-notch travel experience, ensuring every moment of your trip is luxurious, enjoyable, and stress-free.

transportation services

Your Premier Choice for Luxury Transportation Services

Welcome to AssistAnt, where unparalleled luxury transport in Israel meets your discerning tastes. With over a decade of experience, we take pride in our sophisticated fleet of vehicles and the exceptional professionalism of our drivers, ensuring safety, reliability, and comfort. Our mission is to fulfill your wishes with our comprehensive global concierge services, specializing in everything from ground to air transportation.

At the heart of what we do lies a deep understanding of your unique needs. Our dedicated team is here for you around the clock, ready to elevate your travel experience in Israel and beyond to new heights. We cater to a diverse clientele with services available in Hebrew, French, Russian, Italian, and English. Imagine breezing through airports with our VIP “Meet and Greet” or exploring new horizons with tailor-made travel itineraries. We’re all about transforming your travel dreams into reality.

Wave goodbye to the stress of travel planning. With AssistAnt, peace of mind is part of the package. Every detail of your journey is in expert hands because here, your wish doesn’t just come true; it’s our top priority.

Why AssistAnt Stands Out

Our Service Pillars

  • Bespoke Attention Just for You

We’re all about getting to know exactly what you need, down to the last detail. Picture this: your calendar’s jam-packed with meetings and flights, and you barely have a moment to breathe. We’re here to dive into your schedule, picking apart every bit to make sure what we offer fits like a glove. Got a super tight flight connection that slipped through the cracks? No worries, we’re already on it, suggesting extra touches to make your experience smooth and utterly enjoyable.

  • Customized Solutions

Get ready to step into your meetings refreshed and invigorated! We’ve got you covered with our personalized service that not only arranges for a chauffeur but also takes care of your hotel accommodations. Imagine being whisked away by our professional chauffeur, right to your hotel where you can take a rejuvenating shower and freshen up before your big meeting. And it doesn’t stop there – our chauffeur will make sure you arrive on time and will be on standby for anything else you might need. This bespoke service is our way of showing you how much we care, ensuring you’re always at your best when it matters the most.

  • Deep Client Insight

Our secret to success? It’s all about building deep, meaningful connections with our regulars. We dive into what makes you tick – your habits, your likes, and what you’re not so fond of. And with just your flight ticket in hand, we magically know exactly what you need, no extra questions asked. This isn’t just service; it’s our way of showing how much we’re dedicated to crafting experiences that feel like they’re made just for you.

  • Prompt and Personalized Communication

What makes us stand out? Our dedication to lightning-fast, personalized replies! We pride ourselves on our hands-on email approach, ensuring you’re always chatting with a real human who’s ready to respond quickly. Got a question? We’ve got you covered with answers in just 2-3 minutes, tops. Plus, our round-the-clock support means we’re here for you 24/7, making sure you feel constantly valued and supported.

  • Trust and Transparency

At the core of what we do is our rock-solid promise of reliability, always-on updates, and laser-sharp accuracy. We’ve faced it all – requests for services that are either figments of the imagination or just don’t cut it with our high standards. But here’s where we stand out: our commitment to crystal-clear transparency and straight talk.

We’re your inside scoop on airports and hotspots, ensuring the info we dish out is both fresh and spot on. If something’s amiss or not up to scratch, we’re the first to tell you, steering you clear of the less-than-best. It’s this honesty that cements our bond of trust and reliability with you, making us your first port of call, time and again. Our integrity isn’t just our badge of honor—it’s the reason our clients never think of going anywhere else.

  • Genuine VIP Experience

We’re not just about transactions; we’re about treating you like the VIP you truly are! Every interaction with us is a celebration of your uniqueness, way beyond just credit card numbers. With us, you get to stand out, enjoying direct access to real people ready to enhance your experience. You’re not just another customer; you’re an individual with distinct needs, and we’re here to understand and meet those needs in the most personalized way possible.

transportation services

Why Our Clients Trust Us

We’re all about getting to know you, crafting experiences you’ll never forget, offering instant help when you need it, and sticking to our values. And that’s exactly why our clients can’t get enough of us. They’re not just after services; they want a reliable partner who makes every travel adventure better than the last.

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