Vacation Home Services in Israel

Luxurious Vacation Home Services by AssistAnt

Vacation Home Services - AssistAntOur dedicated team at AssistAnt is here to provide all of your vacation home services in Israel. With over 10 years in the VIP concierge service business, we have the knowledge and experience you desire.

You need professionals to take care of your vacation home while you are away and prep it for you when you are staying in it. We are the team that offers the array of vacation home services that you are looking for.


Our Vacation Home Services

  • Furnishing your home. You are a busy person. This is why you have the resources to own a vacation home in the first place. If you would rather leave the details of furnishing and décor to others, we will handle it for you. We will provide your home with the tasteful and high-quality furnishings that will be both comfortable and visually inspired.
  • Being there for contractors or maintenance crews. You don’t have the time to hang around for the landscaper, plumber, or other contractors. We will handle it for you. We will be here while they complete their work so you can have peace of mind while going about your business.
  • Collecting your mail, handling package delivery, and watering your plants. There are numerous small tasks that you need someone that you can trust to handle while you are away.
  • Prepping the vacation home for your arrival. Let us know when you will be coming and we will have a fully stocked refrigerator waiting for you. We will also wash the car and put fresh flowers in the vase, and lay out new linens and towels for your party.
  • Arranging cleaning services after you leave. Our dedicated staff will hire house cleaners and carpet cleaners if needed to make sure your vacation home is back in pristine condition for your next stay.

Why Choose AssistAnt?

If you are planning a trip to your vacation home in Israel, there is really only one choice for all your VIP home concierge services. There is a reason AssistAnt has the slogan “Make A Wish, We’ll Make It Happen.”

With our 24/7 availability, we see to all the needs for the proper maintenance, cleanliness, and servicing of your vacation home. Our services are available in just about any language with the most popular being Russian, French, Hebrew, and English.

While you are enjoying our impeccable home services, you may wish to keep us in mind for any other needs you may have. We also offer 3 luxury VIP airport packages. We help expedite your arrivals and departures and provide first class transportation in between.

Whether you need wedding planners, business services, or our signature service for your vacation home in Israel, you are in good hands with our professional, honest, and experienced team of devoted assistants.

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