Shortened VIP Airport Service

Airport VIP with Meet & Greet, Customs and Passport Control Assistance and Transportation

Shortened VIP Service - AssistAntWho is AssistAnt?

AssistAnt facilitates the highest standard of global concierge services internationally. For over a decade, we’ve been perfecting the art of coordinating effective and streamlined travel. Among the services we provide are deluxe transportation, travel arrangements, business services, restaurant reservations, and property care while you’re away.

There are a variety of ways that we can help strategize your trip. These services are convenient, time-saving, and most importantly, stress reducing! Make a wish, we’ll make it happen!

Why Choose AssistAnt?

Not only is our team of professional and friendly staff available around the clock for your travel needs, but we also help expedite the traveling process!

Shortened VIP Airport Service – Arrivals

Both arrivals and departures are covered under our shortened VIP airport service package. We are available to meet and greet incoming visitors before passport control, provide assistance at passport control, take care of your luggage at baggage claim, and assist you with customs. If you arrange to have one of our drivers pick you up from the airport, we will personally escort you to this driver.

Our Shortened VIP Airport Service* – Departures

We can get you from your hotel to passport control, making sure that security, check-in, and passport control are taken care of without any long queues so you don’t have to worry about missing that important flight. This service is offered up through passport control.

Additional Services by AssistAnt

Luxury Transportation

Our high-quality luxury transportation services ensure that you are never unsure as to how to reach any destination at a reasonable time. Whether you want to drive your own luxury vehicle or charter a yacht or private jet, we have the connections to make this possible. All of our drivers and transportation providers are presentable and professional.

Family or Personal Vacations

If you’re traveling with family, we understand how important effective scheduling is. A diversity of interests is taken into consideration when planning out these types of trips.

Give us a rough idea of what you’re looking to do, and we’ll plan out a family vacation according to your wishes! Take a tour around your dream destination and even arrange translation services if necessary.

*Shortened Airport VIP service is offered only in Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport.  VVVIP Airport Service is offered internationally at select airports.  Fast Track Airport VIP Service is offered at most airports around the world.  Contact us for more information.

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