Are you going on vacation, and flying in or out of Hewanorra International Airport? Here’s what travelers love most about this Saint Lucia airport.

The Hewanorra International Airport is the largest airport in St. Lucia.

Its vision is to become the gateway to the Caribbean to the rest of the world.

Traveling to the Hewanorra International Airport?

Here’s what you need to know about this emerging airport.

Hewanorra International Airport - AssistAnt TravelGetting Around Hewanorra International Airport

There are dozens of different options when it comes to navigating from the Hewanorra International Airport around St. Lucia. From affordable to luxury, there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular transportation services include ferries, cars for hire, business, helicopters, and taxis.

Unsurprisingly buses are the most affordable option for getting from the airport around the island. Bus rides anywhere can cost less than $10. But, the bus scheduled is “flexible” to say the least. If you choose to take the bus, allow yourself extra time.

Taxis and cars for hire are other popular transportation options. Everything from standard sedans to limousines, luxury sedans, and even more VIP services are available.

Travelers who aren’t into planning can find taxis and cars for hire services at the airport when they land. But, planners who aren’t into waiting around can also coordinate taxis and cars for hire beforehand.

Ferries and helicopters offer travelers airport VIP services. These services are available at the airport, so no complicated coordination is required.

So Many Airlines!

Nearly every major airline flies to the Hewanorra International Airport. There are also a handful of international cities that fly directly to St. Lucia. Here are some of the airlines that currently fly to the Hewanorra International Airport.

  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • US Airways
  • British Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Jet Blue
  • Air Caraibe
  • United Airlines

In addition to the range of airlines that fly to the airport, there are direct flights from multiple cities in Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Canadians can fly direct from Montreal or Toronto. In the United Kingdom, there are direct flights from London and Manchester. There are also many cities scattered all over the Caribbean that fly direct to the airport.

Hewanorra International Airport Location

Wherever your destination is in St. Lucia, you can get there from the Hewanorra International Airport. This airport is a longstanding gateway to VIP cruises throughout the Caribbean.

The airport is located within minutes from dozens of destinations. Sandy and Anse Des Sables Beaches are nearby. Along with Coconut Bay Resort and Spa, St. James Club Morgan Bay, Rendezvous, and Sandals’ Halcyon Beach. The airport is also near Rodney Bay, Gros Isle and Pigeon Island.

Travel services from the airport will take you to Soufriere. This destination city is just over an hour away. Hummingbird Beach, Diamond Falls, and Sugar Beach are all located in Soufriere.

Food Options

The Hewanorra International Airport isn’t s food destination by any means. But, compared to some of the other island airports in the Caribbean, it’s got some options.

The Tarmac Lounge and Island Deli both offer quick eats like burgers, fries, other fast food items, beverages, and snacks. Tangees is a small kiosk know for ice cream and other sweet treats. Rituals Coffee House is known as the “Caribbean’s premier coffee house.” It serves all your favorite coffee specialties in addition to small sandwiches and small bites.

A Fresh Design

Beautiful airports are long overdue in the Caribbean. The Hewanorra International Airport is undergoing a $175 million upgrade. This means more space and upgraded technology like check-in, passport control, and security.

The airport aims to offer a more extensive range of concierge services. Expect to see changes like more efficient check-in, passport control, and security. Most importantly, expect to feel an increased level of comfort in a customer-friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The goal is that soon the Hewanorra International Airport will be the Caribbean’s leading air transportation hub. The “HIA Project” is a 30-year master plan to innovate the airport. The growth of this airport is aimed to create more opportunities with airlines for direct flights to more places.

St Lucia Airport Calabash Tree - AssistAnt TravelAside from functionality, the design of the airport will be modern yet beautiful. The architecture of the airport was inspired by the Calabash plant, the Saint Lucia national plant.

A Colorful History

Hewanorra or “Iouanalao”  is Carib for “Island of the Iguanas.”

The indigenous people of St. Lucia were the Arawak. But, they were overrun by the Caribs near 800AD. The island didn’t become “St. Lucia” until the late 16th century.

The discovery of St. Lucia by westerners is uncertain. But, the first Europeans to frequently visit the island were pirates. Peg Leg and Blackbeard were just some of the infamous pirates that used the island as a base for 100 years.

In the 1600s Dutch, British and French settlements started to form on the island. Eventually taking the island from the native Caribs. Europeans fought for dominance over the island throughout the next couple of centuries.

European rule brought slavery and industry to the island. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s, after slavery was abolished, that St. Lucia began to organize a government.

The Hewanorra International Airport was originally the Beane Army Airfield. It was an active United States military airfield during World War II. The former military base was simply repurposed for commercial use in the 1960s.

The Gateway to Adventure

The Hewanorra International Airport is the world’s gateway to the Caribbean now and in the future. All travelers will be welcomed by an array of services and options that fit their travel needs.

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