Visit Portugal And Discover Paradise

If you’re like many travelers out there, you’ve probably been to a lot of places in Europe already but never stopped to think about a why you should visit Portugal. Don’t forget about the little country facing the Atlantic Ocean. Here is what you may be missing: Portugal has a lot to offer! We’ll give you enough reasons to make you pack your bags and get going to Portugal right now. But first, the only way to arrive at Faro Airport or Lisbon Airport is with Assistant’s Global VIP Concierge and Travel Services. We offer one of a kind, custom, luxury airport services to get you to and from your hotel, airport, or even a night out! We offer chauffeur services too. The truth is, Portugal is an amazing luxury vacation destination whether you are traveling with your entire family or if you are looking for your next honeymoon destination. Everyone will love Portugal!

The Top 6 Reasons To Visit Portugal

# 1. The Extraordinary Beauty Of  The Sunsets

Portugal has the majority of its awe-inspiring coastline and beaches facing west. You’ll see some amazing sunrises and sunsets while here. And for more beautiful vacation options in Europe, we also suggest a vacation to one of the top beach resorts in France. 

# 2. Riding In Cool Hip Trams Makes Everyone Happy

Life in Portugal’s major cities has been beautified by historical trams running all over the downtown in the past century.

Visit Portugal - fun in Lisbon - AssistAnt Luxury Travel# 3. The Coffee Is Amazing

Portugal colonized Brazil, Angola, and East Timor – producers of some of the finest coffee in the word. You’ll never find a better value-for-money relation for coffee in Europe. Trust us, you won’t want to leave Lisbon without stopping at Fabrica Coffee Roasters.

# 4. The Fish Is Super Fresh

With more than 800km of coastline, Portugal boasts the biggest fishing zone in Europe and laughable prices make of Portugal one of the most fish-friendly places you’ve ever been. We suggest taking advantage of our booking and reservation services to secure a table at one of Portugal’s fine dining establishments such as the Oliver Restaurante. 

# 5. Portugal Possibly Has Europe’s Greatest Climate

In the winter, the temperature rarely drops below 5ºC along the coast. In hot summers you’re refreshed by the Atlantic breeze. Don’t forget to visit Ilha de Tavira where you’ll find amazing water sports. And if you have some extra time, why not visit Portugal’s neighbor and enjoy all the fun things to do in Spain as well.

# 6. Lisboa Will Keep You Busy

Lisboa is the second oldest city in Europe. With its hip, cool, and alternative hotspot you won’t be bored. With inspiring architecture, a bustling nightlife and stunning beach day-trips around, Lisbon is the new European obsession. And you’re in luck because we have personal chauffeur services in Lisbon to ensure you get to all your destination in style. Assistant’s Global VIP Concierge and Travel Services will take you anywhere you need to go. Whether you need VIP private jet charter, airport services, or a luxury car rental, Assistant has you covered! And if you are planning a cruise vacation in the area, be sure to book our VIP services at the Port of Lisbon. This will ensure that you get the most out of your shore excursion and can enjoy a stress-free trip without having to worry about navigating through the busy cruise port terminal. To sum up, it’s time to starting planning your next luxury vacation to Portugal! Contact AssistAnt to learn more about exclusive VIP travel services throughout Portugal.

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