Are you intent on traveling to Miami and visiting the best beaches there? To help you navigate the area, here are the 7 beaches in Miami every traveler should experience.

Miami has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not just the country. It receives around 16 million visitors each year, most of those visiting beaches in Miami. These beaches provide something new for everyone. You’ll find plenty of sun, sand, and surf, but also tons of watersports, events, and festivities. The best beaches in Miami are fun year around. You don’t need to wait until Spring or Summer to get your tan on or ride the waves. The days when the beaches are the least busy are the best ways the experience Miami. Pack your sunscreen and get your camera settings ready, natural beauty awaits. Your next trip to Miami needs to include these beaches!


Surfside Beach Miami - AssistAntThis humble little oasis may be little, but it can make a lot of noise. Surfside is smaller than Miami Beach’s island community, but it isn’t exclusive. This is a very accessible beach with a nice authentic neighborhood vibe. Whether you stay in a luxury condo or a small BnB, Surfside is the place to go. There’s a big waterpark in the local community center and lifeguards are plentiful. Surfside is an ideal beach destination for families, providing plenty of things to do for all ages. Also, unlike many beachside communities, the people are welcoming, diverse, and unbothered by tourists.

Haulover Beach

There are many words you can use to describe Haulover Beach: majestic, exotic, refreshing, and even sexy. This beach sits right between the luxurious Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour. The beach is divided into to sections: the ‘clothing optional’ side and the normal side. The nudist part of the beach is 100% family-oriented, this isn’t for adult shenanigans. It’s not a very large portion of the beach, either, so expect it to be crowded. Besides that, the entire beach is well-maintained and lively. Surfers come to Haulover for its consistent waves. Thanks to it being an inlet and rolling currents, waves are strong from June to November.

Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park Beach Miami Florida - AssistAnt TravelThe legendary South Beach is filled with plenty of tourist traps, celeb hangouts, and luxurious waterfront condos. Lummus Park Beach is the crown jewel of South Beach, in our opinion. This is one of the best Miami beaches in terms of eye-candy. We mean that in every definition of the noun, by the way. From Art Deco architecture, cruise ships, bikini babes, and exquisite cafes lining the beach, it’s a delight of the senses. Don’t be put off by the reputation of being a party beach, Lummus Park Beach is too gorgeous for anyone to be shy and miss out. Rich or poor, luxurious tourism or family visits, everyone has fun in South Beach.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

This isn’t your average beach spot, but Bill Baggs is a unique experience. Visitors come for the sand, but they come back for the lighthouse. This old retired lighthouse is the oldest building in Miami. Built in 1825, it now provides an excellent view of the city. Climb up the 109 steps on the free tours given on weekdays. Don’t worry, you can do it, it goes at a slow pace. Once at the top, you’ll be able to overlook the bay and the city in the distance. It’s just something you need to experience if you’ve never been in a lighthouse before.

Crandon Park

If you want a slice of real Miami food and culture, come to Crandon Park. There’s always cookouts happening at this park. Tourists can get away with being offered free plates if you’re friendly and show interest. Hospitality here is what Miami is really all about. After you’ve let that barbeque settle, you can rent a cabana, play tennis, golf, go kayaking, or just chill and get your tan. Everything is conveniently located close together in the Crandon Park area. This is not a bad place to spend an entire trip in Miami if you want the most authentic experience.

Oleta River State Park

Beaches Miami Oleta River - AssistAnt TravelAnother great beach in North Miami is conveniently located next to a river. You can get the best of both worlds: relaxing beach lounging and exhilarating outdoor adventures on the river. The park has plenty of bike and hiking trails, camping grounds, and rental services. The beach is just a few minutes from about any spot in the park. This provides a unique experience of being close to nature, while also allowing you to get out and meditate on the beach.

South Pointe Park

While it isn’t a huge beach by any means, South Pointe is literally the last beach in South Miami. This makes it a great place to boat-watch and cruise-watch. The park is perfect for a family picnic–open, well-maintained, grassy fields. There’s a playground, a dog park, art sculptures, and a pier to explore. Despite its fantastic location and serene atmosphere, not many people pass through here. If you love to fish, the 450-foot-long pier offers spots for cutting bait and washing catches. Great place to watch fisherman and boats go about their day.

When to Go to Beaches in Miami

Those are our picks for the best beaches in Miami. I’m sure some were surprises, while some are just essentials. Wherever you go in Miami, there are chances that you’ll find a “bad” beach. The key is planning ahead. You should be aware of the “Snowbird season”, which peaks during the holidays and runs into Spring. Summer is going to be the hottest and busiest times, of course. So, ideally, you should plan for early Spring or late-Fall if you want to avoid crowds. If that doesn’t concern you, then just avoid Hurricane Season, which peaks in August into October.  Read our article for how to enjoy the perfect week of luxury travel in Miami. If you are looking for more help planning your dream vacation on the beaches of Miami, contact us about our Miami VIP Airport Service and our Miami Luxury Transportation services. We can guarantee that you’ll have a stress-free and enjoyable vacation, no matter when or where it is.

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