Are you excited about your trip to one of Spain’s most luxurious cities? Perhaps the experience you look forward to most is sampling authentic Spanish cuisine. Here are 7 of the best places to eat in Barcelona. From authentic Spanish food to exotic foreign finds.

Heading to Barcelona? You are in for a treat. The city is home to some incredible cultural sights. In fact, one visit won’t be enough. There are many reasons to fall in love with Barcelona, one of which is the food. The city is home to some of the most amazing Spanish cuisine. If you are a foodie then you are going to love your visit to this city. But where to start? It’s a good question. With so much choice, making a decision can sometimes be agonizing. You want to try it all, and who can blame you. Food in Catalonia - AssistAntCatalonia is famous for its triple cuisine, proudly serving fish, mountain, and interior dishes. It is no wonder that the first cookbook was printed here. Keep reading for a guide to the best places to eat in Barcelona.

1. Nou Celler

Nestled in the El Born neighborhood, every local knows that this is the place to go for a fair priced but delicious lunch. Weekends see a more expensive menu take center stage, but you haven’t experienced Barcelona until you have sat in Nou Celler and feasted on their braised pork cheeks or their roast chicken.

2. Maitea Taberna

No visit to Barcelona is complete without stopping at a classic pintxos restaurant. Famous in the region, these small, toothpick skewered snacks are a delicious experience. Available in hot and cold variants, be prepared to have your tastebuds astonished. The Morcilla de Burgos comes highly recommended should you make it for a bite.

3. Bar Canete

If you did your homework on Barcelona then this name will ring a bell. It is mentioned in pretty much every guidebook and foodie publication. If that doesn’t tell you of its excellence, then just pay it a visit around 10 pm. You will be surrounded by an authentic Catalonian atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy the tapas and a fine bottle of local wine.

4. Dos Palillos

Do you like fusion food? Are you willing to take a risk with what you eat? Are you willing to give yourself over to the chef and eat without question? This Michelin star restaurant blends Japanese and Spanish culture to create fabulous dishes that will dazzle the mind. Be brave and sample the rare-cooked chicken or perhaps the Szechuan jellyfish. The menu is an experience, but when you travel to Barcelona you have to open yourself up to new experiences. A relaxed atmosphere makes this a great place to book for any occasion.

5. 7 Portes

Where to eat in Barcelona - AssistAntOne of the older restaurants in Barcelona 7 Portes is rich in history and embraces it to this day. Inspired by nineteenth-century Paris, the restaurant began its life as a luxury cafe. It was around eighty years before it became a restaurant. A hot spot for locals and tourists alike, this stunning restaurant has been in the same family since the 1940s and in that time their passion for the craft of food has not waned one bit. As you could expect from a classic place such as this, their paella is the dish to try when you first visit.

6. Bar Ramon

If you like to rock and roll then this is the tent for you. Vibrant and energetic, this 1950’s style bistro has been swinging since the mid-1930’s and has remained the go-to place for many locals. Tapas is a great choice here, and the garlic shrimp, in particular, get high recommendations from those that try it. A decent price means you can enjoy a night out here with good food without breaking the bank. Even so, it is still advisable that you call or pop in earlier and make a reservation for your meal.

7. Can Pineda

A local restaurant, nestled in the middle of a residential area. Yet, people will travel across the city in order to have a meal at Can Pineda. That must tell you something about the quality of the food served here. Largely unchanged since it was established in 1904 the district of El Clot hides a true gem. A menu that plays to its established strengths, serving hearty stews and a sumptuous range of rich fish dishes, a visit here is certainly worth whatever travel you would need to do in order to get there.

The Best Places to Eat in Barcelona Offer a Varied Menu

Of course, when thinking of food in Barcelona, it is not just the restaurants that you need to bear in mind. With such a wide range of offerings and locations, you can be pretty sure that most places you find or have recommended to you will be excellent. You will see a wide range of dishes available on each menu and deciding what you want can be tricky, because it all sounds so good. However, given how much Catalonian cuisine differs from the other Spanish styles, there are a few dishes you simply must try.

  • Esqueixada de bacalla – A salted cod served with tomatoes, red pepper, onions and black olives.
  • Fideua – A paella-style dish made with noodles. Common ingredients are monkfish, squid, and prawns.
  • Mandonguilles amb sipia – A true Catalonian dish, it mixes meat and seafood, producing a surf and turf dish you will love. Meatballs and cuttlefish, a delicious combination.

Eating Out in Barcelona is an Experience Every Time

Barcelona is a foodie heaven. It has restaurants dotted all over the place, from fancy looking buildings to small run down cafes that the locals will tell you are the best places to eat in Barcelona. Whether you are interested in Catalan cuisine or something less local but equally exotic, the Barcelona food scene will have it in spades. Asian cuisine is a great find, as well as fusion food with both Asian and Mediterranean influences. Are you ready to take a trip to Catalonia? Get in touch and we can help organize your trip today.

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