Are you dreading your long layover? Most of the time, it’s unbearable to be stuck in an airport during layovers that last for hours. Here are 8 ways to make the most of your time. whether you’re an adventurer or someone who likes to stay put at the gate, there are ways to ensure your time isn’t completely wasted.

Thirty percent of American travelers admit they opt for a long layover so they can tour the city. For those who dread flights with layovers, waiting at the airport can be unbearable. Luckily, there are ways to keep busy during these periods. Global revenue from travel and tourism amounts to 8.27 trillion dollars. Even so, travel can be ruined by flight delays and poor services. That’s why some people are looking for VIP services. While domestic layovers are straightforward, international ones can be difficult to manage. You may need to check your luggage and deal with customs agents from the other country. If you plan, you’ll be able to leave the airport for some time. Many people ask themselves, “What do I do if I have an airport layover?” Well, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn what you can do as you wait for your next flight.

How to Keep Busy During a Long Layover

The Global Travel Forecast predicts travel expenses will rise in 2018. Yet, people who travel a lot care more about getting value for their money. They want great food, great services, and stress-free transportation. Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll have no choice but to experience a long layover. Here are eight ways to keep busy and enjoy yourself during this time:

1. Go to the Spa

Airport Layovers - AssistAntNowadays, it is common to find massage parlors and spas inside airports. Thus, when you arrive at the airport, you can book a spot. These areas are used to catering to many travelers. As such, you’ll be in good hands. You can get a manicure, pedicure, facial, and a massage. Massages can be foot, seated, or table massages. If you are not interested in a full body treatment, you can opt for the airport seat massagers. As you know, massages rejuvenate you and loosen up your muscles. They boost your blood flow, which is good when flying.

2. Tour the City

Some airports provide free guided tours. You can also pay a travel agency to prepare a tour for when you land. If you are familiar with the country, you can hire a luxury car. It will be a comfortable, reliable, and luxurious ride around town. VIP services can ensure you have a chauffeur-driven ride around town. Go to the museum, visit the zoo, and take photos of the great architecture in the city. Also, go to historic sites and famous parks and gardens. If you prefer something physical, go swimming or try activities like bungee jumping.

3. Eat Better Food

Since people complain about airplane food, consider eating at a fancy airport restaurant. You can enjoy special meals that suit your lifestyle and expectations. Moreover, some places allow you to carry their meals into your flight. This ensures you don’t have to suffer through the in-flight food.

4. Book a Hotel Room

Once in a while, you’ll have an overnight layover. Instead of hanging out at the airport, consider booking a hotel room. This will allow you to sleep in a comfortable bed and have the chance to freshen up. You’ll also discover that various hotels offer day rooms. These give you the chance to leave the airport and relax in private as you wait for your flight. You can watch TV or even go to the swimming pool. Some airports, such as Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, offer private suites. Others – in Japan – provide Nap Cabs. You can sleep and unwind in these areas at the airport. Those who are on business trips can use their rooms as an office. They can write reports and get feedback from their co-workers.

5. Exercise

Anyone who likes exercising doesn’t have to worry about missing a day. Most airports now have areas where people can exercise. These include yoga rooms or studios, gyms, and athletic clubs. Thus, travelers can work out and stretch sore muscles. Exercise will help with blood flow and with reducing stress. Yoga enthusiasts can also interact with fellow practitioners and learn new skills.

6. Hiking Trails

Airports, such as Baltimore-Washington International Airport, encourage travelers to go hiking. Those on long layovers get to stretch their legs while taking in the views at the airport. Health groups partner with the airports to create programs for tourists and employees. Some of these programs offer free and quick check-ups for passengers. Others encourage walking so people can burn calories and boost their cardio health.

7. Relax at Airport

Airport Layovers - AssistAntThe improvements made to airports in recent years make them ideal for relaxing. You can sit by the gardens or at the eating spots. You can find a corner and read a book or listen to a podcast. Moreover, you can go shopping, learn about the airport, and listen to live music. You can also drink coffee and plug into the Wi-Fi to browse the internet. If you like people watching, you can get a good spot where there’s a lot of human traffic. Find a quiet place to do your job on your laptop or tablet. Visit the cool spots in some airports, which have a movie theater or a museum. Or, you could simply play board or mobile phone games. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as you might miss your flight.

8. Make Friends with Other Travelers

The beauty of traveling is not only the experience but also the people you meet. Don’t be shy about saying “Hello” and starting a conversation. Other people are probably looking to make new friends as well. Keep the stories about positive stuff and avoid controversial topics. Be polite when starting conversations as other passengers may prefer to be alone. If possible, make friends with a local and learn about the city you are in. If you are on a business trip, you can establish new and profitable contacts. Many business people are in transit like you and may appreciate networking. Stay professional and remember to exchange contact information.

Learn More About VIP Travel

The points above show your long layover doesn’t have to be unbearable. You can benefit from the numerous options available to you. Tour the city, go to a spa or find a place to exercise. If you prefer someone to handle your transport and other needs, consider hiring a VIP service. Visit our website to learn more about VIP travel.

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