Get your towel, suncream, and sunglasses ready as we share with you the most beautiful and sought-after Cagliari beaches on the island of Sardinia.

Did you know that the region of Sardinia received well over one million foreign tourists in 2016 alone? The number has increased ever since. This merely confirms that Italy’s second largest island has become one of the most sort-after tourist destination in the world, something that was unthinkable a decade ago. If anything, the region’s isolated location is largely responsible for the Island’s change of fortunes. Why? First, it has ensured that Sardinia maintains its ancient traditions, linguistic peculiarities, as well as indigenous animals and plants. Second, the isolation has helped preserve the now world-famous Cagliari beaches- movie-set paradises that feature unique and inviting landscapes. Simply put, these beaches are places for indelible memories. And since they’re quite many, here’s a list of the best ones to visit:

1. Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach Cagliari Italy - AssistAnt TravelPeotto, the main beach in Cagliari (Sardinia’s capital city), is accessible from the city center either by bus, auto-rickshaw, or even luxury cars, depending on the level of privacy you want. It stretches from Quartu Sant’Elena’s coastline up to Sella del Diavolo, which is a distance of about eight kilometers. Since it attracts both foreigners and locals, Peotto beach can be quite crowded during the summer months and on most weekends. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best places to relax while sampling the best of what Sardinia has to offer. It features numerous restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and bars offering cheap services. Also, accessing the beach is free of charge, and there are numerous designated areas along its entire length where you can hire beach beds, pedal boats, sun-umbrellas, deck chairs, have showers, etc. Other elements of pleasure and pride in Peotto beach are the ever-open kiosks. In as much as every kiosk is different, they all serve soft drinks, beers, sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. Peotto is also a popular spot for sports lovers, especially those who fancy kite- and wind-surfing, swimming, sailing, cycling, and running.

2. Cala Regina Beach

Compared to other Sardinia beaches, Cala Regina is quite unique. It’s a rocky clove located in Terramala, a village that’s approximately 27 kilometers on Cagliari’s east side. This beach is best known as a diver’s paradise and features iridescent blue sea waters, as well as a Spanish watchtower. Some of its other striking elements include:

  • Huge rocks surrounding the entire bay protect it from Mistral winds
  • The beach is covered by differently sized peddles until you reach the see, after which you find medium amber and grain sand
  • The entire headland and rocky dune has thick Mediterranean vegetation covering dominated by eucalyptus and pine trees

Since this area is totally devoid of amenities, it doesn’t overcrowd during the summer. Still, it’s an excellent spot for camping, underwater fishing, and snorkeling. Take note camping isn’t allowed on the beach. Instead, guys set up tents in the yard and car parking area located at the entrance of the beach.

3. La Pelosa Beach

In Sardinia’s extreme northwestern part, around the Gulf of Asinara, lies one of the most stunning tropical beaches in Europe- the La Pelosa. Pure, fine white sands, turquoise and blue sea colors, ankle-deep waters (for tens of meters), and a transparent seabed, are some of the characteristics that make this beach a hot spot for tourist from all over the world. And because La Pelosa is near Capo Falcone sea stacks, the natural barrier keeps the waters calm even when the wind is blowing hard. Also, this beach is close to the easily-accessible Aragonese tower that dates back to 1578, and from where you can view the majestic Asinara cliffs. In terms of accommodation and restaurants, many tourists set up base in facilities along the road, from the beach to Stintino- a village approximately five kilometers from La Pelosa. Here, you can sample local cuisines such as tuna and lobster, as well as relive ancient local traditions. If you don’t fancy traveling to La Pelosa using the bus shuttle service, consider taking up the VIP packages at Cagliari International Airport. La Pelosa will simply take your breath away.

4. Porto Guinco Beach

You’ll find this sublime strip of the tranquil sea and fine sand approximately forty-five kilometers from Cagliari. Enclosed within a lagoon, Porto Guinco is a central Mediterranean tropical beach characterized by a number of shades that include the pink hues from granite fragment and the sea’s soft blue hues. Furthermore, the beach features several dunes covered with junipers, Mediterranean scrub, and lentisks that perfume the air. All these characteristics effortlessly come together to create quite an enchanting scenery and a perfect atmosphere for relaxing swims. This Sardinia beach also has a sandy and shallow seabed that’s excellent for children, while there are many nightclubs and kiosks lining up the entire stretch. Right behind the beach, you’ll find the glimmering Stagno di Notteri Lake – a well-known habitat for migratory birds like flamingos.

5. Porto Tramatzu Beach

This tropical paradise is in the extreme southwestern area of Sardinia. It features ultra-shallow waters coupled with white, fine sand. What’s more, Porto Tramatzuy beach comes equipped with all the services you may need: ample parking, a bar-kiosk, a campsite, boat rentals, beach equipment, etc. And since it’s windswept, this beach is perfect for underwater fishing and windsurfing enthusiasts. In the sea water, opposite the beach, you’ll see the Isola Rossa (Red Island), which is a rocky outcrop covered with scrub. You can reach this tiny island and the neighboring cloves on tour guides. In fact, you and your friends can easily simulate a pirate attack on Isola Rossa, thanks to the shallow waters. All in all, don’t hesitate to visit Porto Tramatzu to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes as well as spellbinding colors.

6. Su Giudeu Beach

One fascinating fact about this beach is that it borrows a name from the octopuses living in its waters. Additionally, it’s spacious and wide, making it quite ideal for family outings, considering that it also has a shallow seabed as well as a long sandy shore. Some of the amenities at your disposal on this beach include a hotel, bar, campsite, restaurant, parking area, and a diving center. After sunset, Su Giudeu comes to life with music and young people, and you can freely sit in the sand while enjoying an aperitif. Other than the beach, you can trek to a nearby lighthouse and admire the dreamlike landscape from its summit. Also, you can visit Bithia, which is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Sardinia. To get to Su Giudeu beach, you’ll first need to drive along the panoramic main road from Cagliari to Su Guideu town. From there, you can use the signposts to locate the beach.

7. Mari Pintau Beach

If you’re gay and wondering where to go in Sardinia, then you’ll love Mari Pintau. This gay beach borders Moru and Kala, in the Gulf of Angles, 20 kilometers from the city of Cagliari. Mari Pintau has an astounding sea characterized fine pebbles and splendidly colored sea. Surprisingly, the colors of the water change at different times throughout the day. And is as much as Mari Pintau is synonymous with gay people, all kinds of people come to enjoy themselves here, meaning you can’t miss to also see families and children. Take note that this beach doesn’t have any particular facilities, and so ensure to carry your own beach umbrellas, sun beds, etc.

8. Teurredda Beach

According to many past visitors, this is arguably the best snorkeling beach near Cagliari. Placed within a splendid inlet between Capo Spartivento and Capo Malfatano, Teurredda beach features a Carrebian-like landscape, full extremely light-colored sand and transparent sea waters. Out in front of the beach, you’ll find an islet that is reachable after several minutes of swimming, while a verdant Mediterranean brush surrounds the area. Also, the half a kilometer-long beach faces the southeast and, thus, offers breathtaking views of the Isola di Teurradda. Some of the amenities available in this beach include paid parking, a restaurant, umbrellas, and beach chairs. Additionally, Tuerradda beach suitable for children and families, as well as a perfect destination for kayaking.

9. Calamosca Beach

Calamosca Beach Cagliari Italy - AssistAnt TravelThis beach lies a few kilometers from Cagliari city. It’s set in a magnificent bay sheltered and overlooked by two impressive promontories: Sella del Diavilo to the west and Capo Sant’Elia to the east. Calamosca beach has transparent waters that gleam with azure and emerald tones, with its smooth pebbles and sandy shoreline gently sloping the sea. Pointedly, this beach is ideal for underwater diving and fishing enthusiast as well as children. Here, you’ll find many bar-kiosks, beach equipment to hire, and parking space, in addition to nightclubs, open-air bars, as well as restaurants specializing in seafoods. What’s more, there’s a small path leading from the beach to the Calamosca watchtower where you can enjoy lovely views of the Golfo degli Angeli. On top having massive summer fun on the beach, you can visit the close by Cagliari historical center to see dozens of monuments as well as cultural attractions.

Visit Cagliari Beaches on Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking for an exquisite destination for the summer, don’t hesitate to visit any of the above Cagliari beaches. You won’t regret it! For luxury transportation, private tours, or personal security while traveling, contact us for top-notch concierge services.

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