Your Guide To Autumn In Germany – Discover Where To Go And Why

The luxury travel experts at AssistAnt Global Concierge Services have often shared details about many amazing and memorable vacations in Germany. And now, we will reveal why autumn in Germany may be the best time of year to visit this beautiful European country. Our top 5 places to visit in Germany in the fall:

  1. Munich
  2. Bad Dürkheim
  3. Ludwigsburg
  4. Münsterland
  5. Berlin

Keep in mind that AssistAnt is here for all of your luxury travel needs from personal chauffeurs, private jets, event planning, and more. That means you can enjoy our Airport VIP services throughout the country, including VIP services for Berlin Schönefeld Airport. So, now you were to go in Germany this fall. Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes these destinations perfect for an unforgettable fall vacation.

Why Everyone Should Visit Munich In The Fall At Least Once

It’s no secret that Munich is the place to be for the famous Oktoberfest. Rather than bore you with details about the festival that most people already know, we are going to focus on where to say. Our favorite luxury hotels in Munich:

  • The Mandarin Oriental Munich is an award winning hotel that was previously the Munich Opera House and today, combines traditional elegance with modern Asian designs.
  • The Bayerischer Hof combines traditional charm with modern convenience, plus six bars and five restaurants on-site.
  • The Palace Hotel Munich is a family run establishment providing unique comfort and charm along with an ideal location near the Old Town.

If You Prefer Wine Over Beer, You Will Love Bad Dürkheim In Autumn

Autumn in Germany - Wine Festivles - AssistAnt Luxury TravelThis lovely resort town is a wonderful base to explore nearby historic sites and castles including Castle Frankenstein (perfect for anyone traveling around Halloween). But the main reason we chose this area as one of our favorite places to visit in the fall, is because it is the location of Germany’s most decadent wine fest, called the Wurstmarkt. According to CNN Travel;

“The heart of the festival is a grid with 36 historic local wineries going back centuries and an adjoining wine village for more than 100 young pretenders. With people sitting in tents at long tables, it resembles Oktoberfest — except that instead of vast mugs of beer, they’re knocking back glasses of Riesling, Pinot and Gewurztraminer.”

Why You Should Bring Your Entire Family To Ludwigsburg This Fall

In keeping with tradition, Germany is also home to the world’s largest pumpkin festival. And you and your family can take part in all of the exciting activities each fall from September to early November in Ludwigsburg. The kids will love the boat races where the canoes are made from hollowed out pumpkins. Then you can watch as the largest pumpkin of the year is announced. There is fun to be had for adults too thanks to all the pumpkin-flavored food and wine available throughout the festival. But that’s just the beginning! Even if the idea of a pumpkin festival doesn’t excite you, Ludwigsburg is a beautiful modern city nicknamed, the City of Palaces. So, with great shopping and breathtaking gardens throughout the city, it won’t be hard to find things to do if you need a break from the festive activities. And if you are looking for a wonderful food vacation this fall, Ludwigsburg is the destination for you.

Autumn In Münsterland: A Nature Lovers Dream

It will be hard to find anything more beautiful than Münsterland during the fall season. If you are looking for a more active fall vacation, we suggest you cycle the famous 100 Castles Route. There are trails are easy enough for families to explore and there are plenty of options for anyone looking to a challenge as well.

What You Don’t Know About Visiting Berlin In The Fall

Autumn in Germany - Visit Berlin - AssistAnt Luxury Travel If you have an opportunity to visit Germany in autumn, you will want to be in Berlin in the beginning of October. The reason is: On October 3rd, you will be able to join in the celebration to commemorate the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Partygoers come together at the Brandenberg gate and it is an event to remember. And this is not the only celebration during the month. Additional parties include Berlin Leuchtet and the Festival of Lights. Learn more about festivals in Berlin in the fall! To sum up: Autumn in Germany provides endless options for parties, adventures, and scenery straight out of a fairytale. The winter weather hasn’t taken over yet and there is excitement to be had for all. Contact AssistAnt to find out more about all of our luxury travel services throughout Germany and let us help you enjoy the perfect fall vacation. Bonus tip: If you are considering exploring the Rhine River, we suggest a luxury river cruise in Europe! And for more luxury travel destination ideas, consider Colombo, Sri Lanka!

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