Have you always wanted to learn how to ski? Make this year the one you finally do it. Check out these great ski resorts for beginners. The adventure is waiting.

Has it always been a dream of yours to hit the slopes, but you’re hesitant to commit to a trip because you don’t know how to ski? Snow skiing is intimidating the first time. You may feel self-conscious about being surrounded by seasoned skiers. But it turns out that learning is half the fun. Location plays an important part in your first skiing experience. There are some resorts you shouldn’t even think about trying until you’re more advanced. However, there are plenty of beautiful places in North America where a beginner will feel totally at ease. It’s just matter of finding the resort that perfectly fits your needs. To help you out, we’re running down five top ski resorts for beginners.

Let’s find your next winter vacation spot.

1. Steamboat Springs, CO

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that several of the resorts on this list are in Colorado. The entire state boasts some of the most beautiful natural terrain in the country. It’s a top skiing destination for people all over the world. Steamboat Springs is at the top of many seasoned skier’s lists. But as far as ski resorts for beginners, you’ll be pleased with the level of instructional programs taught by certified professional instructors. Even winter Olympians help comprise over 500 trainers on hand to help you get started. There are programs for all age groups and beginner ski areas that include magic carpets and subtle, easy slopes to help you ease into the sport. Steamboat Springs has taken measures to help beginners by utilizing “terrain shaping,” which tailors a slope to help with turning and speed control. Accommodations are ski-in, ski-out, which makes it easy to enter and exit the slopes. After you’re done, enjoy a walk around the quaint, Western-style downtown area.

2. Deer Valley Resort, UT

Beginners Ski ResortsAt Deer Valley Resort in the Wasatch Mountain Range, it’s all about personalized attention. The resort goes to immeasurable lengths to make you feel welcome and make your stay top-notch. They offer ski valet services, elegant lodges and amazing restaurants on the mountain. All these amenities make a visit to Deer Valley Resort unique. For first-time skiers, this treatment is extended to the slopes. Making newcomers to the sport comfortable while learning to ski is a top priority here. Approximately 30 percent of the slopes are green runs. By the way, green means easy. Deer Valley configures their slopes nicely and professionals care for them with precise attention to detail. They mark their green slopes with signs indicating that slow skiing is observed. They also limit the number of lift tickets available each day, so beginners don’t feel too crowded by other more seasoned skiers.

3. Copper Mountain, CO

Copper Mountain in Summit County is a great beginners mountain for both skiers and snowboarders. It offers designated slopes for beginners, a magic carpet, and even a special lift for first-timers. If you like a little more privacy while you learn, this is one of the top ski resorts for beginners. A private learning area lets you concentrate on getting the basics down away from the pack. The Copper Ski & Ride School offers either private or group instruction for all ages. There’s also Woodward, Copper Mountain’s indoor training facility. Here, you’ll get experienced instruction from professionals in a safe and fun environment. Once you’re ready to take on the slopes of the mountain, you’ll find that the green runs are sectioned off and separate from the more advanced runs. This creates a stress-free environment where beginners can practice what they learned. Special chairlifts give direct access to these green slopes and even beginners have the option of going as high as 12,000 feet and getting all the way to the bottom on green runs.

4. Big Sky Resort, MT

The breathtaking scenery combined with 870 acres specifically for the skiing novice make Big Sky Resort perfect for a beginner. One of the great things about this resort is there are typically never large crowds. Big Sky offers a Poma lift and magic carpets where you can practice basic fundamentals with certified instructors. Once you’re confident, take a special lift leading directly to the green runs. These runs are challenging enough to help you learn without pushing you too hard. A perfect environment to build your confidence. You even have the opportunity to make your way to the base of Lone Peak and take in its intense natural beauty up close. Big Sky boasts a huge number of ski-in, ski-out lodges and condos, which makes it extremely easy for beginners to get on and off the slopes. If you’re looking for ski resorts for beginners, Big Sky provides a relaxing environment where you can fully enjoy the learning process.

5. Beaver Creek, CO

If you’re looking for a beginners skiing experience for the entire family, Beaver Creek is a great choice. The resort’s ski and snowboard school is one of the top programs in the country. It includes video analysis and a designated learning area specifically for children. The instructors on hand to teach your children are selected based on their personality and patience. Beaver Creek even has special slopes to help beginners attain the correct body movement while skiing. Once you’re ready, hit the green runs and test out your training in an absolutely gorgeous setting. Beaver Creek was awarded the National Ski Area Association’s Best Overall Safety Award, so you know you and your family are being looked after.

Find the Best Ski Resorts for Beginners

With winter upon us, it’s time to start looking for the best place to enjoy your first ski adventure. Whether you’re going with a small group, your significant other, or the whole family, there’s a resort out there for you. These five ski resorts for beginners offer both spectacular scenery and an atmosphere that promotes quality learning and fun. Take your pick. You can’t go wrong. Let AssistAnt arrange your upcoming winter ski trip. We provide a wide range of concierge and VIP services, including transportation assistance and sight-seeing tours. Contact us today to learn more.

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