It can be difficult to know where to start when planning a trip to Rome. Rome limousine services offer you the option to travel carefree around this bustling city from the moment you arrive. Read about the convenience and luxury of having a private driver to show you around one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Rome is one of the most magical – and historically important – cities in the world. It’s a buzzing modern world of locals and tourists coexisting among ancient ruins and centuries-old buildings, with a story to tell around every corner. The appeal for historians is obvious, but there’s plenty of amazing food, beautiful sights, and gorgeous fashion trends to enjoy if history isn’t your thing. Whatever the reason you’re coming to Rome, though, you have to do it right. Try to find a comfortable flight if you’re traveling from overseas and book a nice hotel, too. To be fully prepared, you should also contact a Rome limousine service. A Rome car service will help you navigate the busy streets with no stress. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and awe at the sights around you. Limo in Rome AssistAnt Here are some places you have to check out while in Rome.

Visit the Colosseum

In its glory days, the Roman Colosseum was the place to be. This is where royals, aristocrats, and many others would gather for all kinds of thrilling events. The most popular of which were gladiator combats. Gladiators were mostly men, although some women became gladiators and participated in Colosseum events as well. Other things that drew large crowds (of up to 50,000 people!) were wild animal fights, hunts, and even mock naval battles! The Colosseum floor would be filled with water for the latter, making it a truly special, impressive occasion. Today, it’s pretty much a must-do itinerary item to visit the Colosseum while in Rome. The building itself is incredible and being there makes it clear to see why it was such a centerpiece of Roman life for so long. You can tour the grounds or simply walk the exterior of this massive stadium, but do not pass up your chance to see it in person.

Take a Trip to Vatican City

In addition to seeing the Colosseum, you have to pay a visit to Vatican City while you’re in Rome. The Vatican is more than just a big, fancy church. Due to the separation of church and state, and the fact that this is the heart of a major world religion, the Vatican is its own city in the heart of Rome. Many Catholics and non-Catholics alike come to marvel at the art and literature stored within the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican church itself. The Sistine is home to Michaelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam painting, commonly known as the “Hand of God.” The museum has artifacts that have been collected throughout the ages, and regardless of religion, the interior of the church is something to appreciate. Many of the interior details are made with gold and precious stone, and if you’re lucky, you may even see the pope!

See the Countryside

If the decorations and historical artifacts of the Vatican don’t interest you, head to the countryside instead. Just outside the busy, highly-populated city, there are lush, rolling hills waiting to welcome you. Ask your private driver to show you around for an afternoon or book a stay for a day or two outside of the city. Here, you can enjoy Italy’s natural beauty. The countryside is quiet, peaceful, and absolutely breathtaking. If you care to do a bit of exploring, there are plenty of restaurants to try and a few noteworthy tourist stops – like medieval castles and ancient ruins.

Go Shopping by the Spanish Steps

Another benefit of having a car service in Rome, Italy is having a place to put all your shopping bags throughout the day! Seriously, some of the best shopping in the world can be found in Rome. Just a few strides from the Spanish Steps lands you among brands like Louis Vitton, Gucci, and Ferragamo shoes. There are also a handful of top Italian designers you may not have heard about yet, but their garments are sure to turn heads no matter where you are in the world. Shop your heart out or sit on the steps and people watch. The top of the Spanish Steps let you see most of Rome from a high ground. It’s a great place to take a trip photo as well as a nice opportunity to rest your legs and take a seat.

Make a Stop for Food

While there’s plenty of history to learn about, lovely sights, and, of course, some shopping to do on your trip to Rome, there’s one more thing you have to make a priority: eating! The food here is some of the best you’ll ever have, you just have to know where to go. Ask your Rome limousine driver for recommendations or do a little bit of research yourself. In Rome, there’s more than just pizza and pasta to eat (although these are absolutely divine). Explore the marine cuisine and the roasted vegetables of the countryside, eat as much risotto as your heart desires and try hearty soups and salads, too. But, be sure to save room for dessert!

Don’t Forget Dessert

In Italy, gelato is almost as easy to come across as bottles of water. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, someone is eating this delicious dessert. Admittedly, more tourists do this than locals but when in Rome, you’ve got to join in, right? In addition to gelato, try the tiramisu, a cannoli, some pannacotta, and of course, an affogato. Or, stick to a cappuccino instead, but you’re definitely going to need a little bit of coffee at some point! With so much to see and do, a sugar rush will come in handy during your Roman adventures.

Book Your Rome Limousine

Whether you come to Rome for the food, the history, or the shopping, when you leave, you’ll be going with memories of a little bit of everything. No matter what brings you here, every part of the city will amaze you once you arrive. To best enjoy the trip, book your Rome limousine service sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did once you realize what Roman driving and traffic can be like! Click here to contact us and reserve your private car and personal driver.

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