Believe it or not, private jet rental can sometimes work out cheaper than flying on a comparable commercial flight. Find out how this is possible as well as all the other ways booking private charter flights is the better option for luxury travel.

Headed to your next business meeting? Don’t buy a seat on a commercial flight. When it comes to business traveling, renting a private jet is a much better choice. Not only is it faster and easier, it can save you some money too. Take a look at this guide to find out why a private jet rental can be a much better way to travel for your business needs.

So What’s the Deal with Private Jets?

Private Jet for Business - AssistAntWell, they’re nice. They’re really, really nice. You don’t have to share a private jet with hundreds or sometimes obnoxious other fliers. You’re served food on every flight, regardless of the length, and the cabin isn’t just limited to seats. There are couches, tables, beds, desks, and more. But it comes down to more than just luxury flying. Private jets can actually be cheaper than commercial flights.

Private Jet Rental Costs

Yes, you heard that right. Private jets can be cheaper than commercial flights depending on your situation. But before we get into that, allow us to be completely upfront with you here. If you’re flying on your own, private charter flights are a lot more expensive than commercial flights. But wait, you just said… Hang on. We’ll get to that in a moment. On average, a private jet’s starting cost is somewhere around $2,800, and that’s for a small jet. Medium jets can be anywhere from $3,800 to $4,500, and large jets can get up to $6,500. But that’s not for the whole flight. A private jet costs this amount of money per hour, and you can easily stack another few thousand dollars onto each of those prices and still have a reasonable cost.

That Doesn’t Sound Cheaper Than a Commercial Flight

When you look at the basic costs, renting a private jet seems completely unreasonable. So let’s put it in perspective. A first class seat on a commercial flight can cost a few thousand dollars. Let’s put the price at $1,500 for the sake of this discussion (in reality, that price could be lower or higher depending on the type and length of the flight. A price as low as $1,500 is actually pretty generous). Say you had to take a group of employees, coworkers, business peers, etc. as a group to a business meeting. Your group consists of 10 people, and if you bought them each a first class ticket, you’d be spending around $15,000. A group of 10 people can usually fit on a medium jet. So renting a private jet for 10 people for a two-hour flight comes to about $9,000. Sticking to a commercial flight suddenly becomes a lot more expensive than renting a private jet. It comes down to this: On commercial flights, you pay for each seat individually. On private flights, you rent the entire plane. So private jets, depending on your circumstances, can actually save you money. And not only will it do that, it can also make your travels a lot easier.

Renting a Private Jet Saves You Hassle and Stress

Flying privately is just easier than flying commercially. To start with, you don’t have to go through any security lines. This can save you a lot of time, which is a valuable benefit if you’re a busy businessman. You don’t have to take the entire day off so you can wait at the airport to make it to a single meeting. You can also take anything you want with you onboard. That means no one has to dig through your bags. It’s an added convenience, but the true benefit of bringing whatever you want on the plane with you extends to large or bulky items. Do you have a presentation board to display during the meeting? Transporting it alone with you isn’t a problem for a private jet. Which is another thing…

You Don’t Have to Worry About Losing Bags

On a commercial flight, your bags may or may not be able to travel up front with you. That means there’s a risk the airport will misplace your bags. If you have important business documents, presentation supplies, etc. in those bags, losing them is not an option. You know where your bags are at all times on a private jet, and they have a 100% chance of making it to the meeting with you. This can take a lot of worry off your mind.

Return Flights Are Easier Too

If your meeting isn’t long, most private jets are happy to wait at the airport for you. That means you don’t have to schedule the meeting around when the next commercial flight takes off.

Private Jets Cut Down Travel Time

Charter a Jet - AssistAntIf your meeting destination is far away from commercial airports, you have to spend more time and pay more money for additional travel expenses. Private jets can get you a lot closer to your desired location. Because they can land in smaller airports, your additional travel time will be shorter and cheaper.

Avoid Commerical Flight Cancelations

When you fly commercially, you risk missing your meeting entirely because of a canceled flight. Now, keep in mind, private flights can be delayed. Weather is weather. If it’s not safe for a commercial plane to fly, it’s not safe for a private jet to fly either. But the chance of your private flight getting canceled is significantly smaller than a commercial plane. If the weather is good, your private jet will be in the air.

Private Jets Save You Time

This is probably one of the best benefits that come with flying privately. You don’t have to wait around in airports. You don’t have to go through endless security lines. You don’t have to schedule around flight times. Private jets fly on your schedule. And if you’re busy, you can actually take your work with you on the plane. In fact, you can hold entire business meetings on the way to your next business event.

A Private Jet Means Better Traveling

A private jet rental isn’t just easier, it can be less expensive than a normal, commercial flight. And it’s nicer than first class seats too. You can fly in comfort while you save time, get work done, and keep track of all your bags. Interested in securing a private jet for your next flight? Take a look at how we can help you.

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