Safe travel is important, especially in these stressful, tense times we live in. Learn all the ways you can travel safely and in style from the transport pros.

Thinking of traveling this summer? Experiencing the sights and sounds of a new destination can be an exhilarating experience, whether we’re celebrating a special event, attending a business trip, or going on vacation. But when you’re thinking of traveling during a pandemic, it’s important to focus on safe travel. One way to travel more safely is to stay away from the crowds. And this includes public transportation. But there are modes of transportation that make traveling safer. You don’t want to take public transportation. In this post, you’ll discover a variety of travel choices to relieve stress during these uncertain times. Without further delay, let’s travel safely and in style.

Take a Yacht Charter

Hiring a yacht charter provides a safer way to travel. Yacht charters travel to a variety of exciting destinations. And there’s nothing as unforgettable as sailing along the open water. You can hire a crewed yacht with a skipper or steer your own if you know how to drive a powerboat. The charter company can plan your itinerary in the destination you want to travel to. Taking a yacht charter makes your vacation feel personalized to your party’s tastes and preferences. Yacht charter staff can arrange to prepare your meals or provide you with food to cook up yourself. They can also arrange your activities when they dock your boat.

Captain Your Own Yacht

If you’d like to be the captain of your own yacht, you can rent a yacht with little boating experience on a powerboat. Feel the ocean breeze on your shoulders as you speed along the water and leave the wake in your path. The other option is to rent a sailboat like a catamaran. But if you’re doing this on your own, the passengers on board need to have some sailing skills under their belt. There’s nothing like sailing a bareboat in the open wind. So this might just be the vacation experience you’re after. Whether you’re taking a private yacht charter by sail or by power, it will be an idyllic vacation experience away from all the crowds.

Take a Private Jet Charter

Safe Travel Alternatives - AssistAnt TravelOne of the fastest ways to get to your vacation destination is by private jet. It’s a popular and preferred choice for VIP travel. You’ll fly in style and you can usually write it off as a business expense. Whether you’re flying for business, for leisure, or for both, a private jet gets you to your destination in ultimate luxury and style. Another benefit is this method of safe travel also lets you book your flight at a time that’s convenient for you. You won’t be stuck at the airport with hundreds of passengers in masks wondering if you’re risking your health. Private jets offer the most comfortable seating and accommodations. First-class on a commercial plane doesn’t even compare. You’ll know that the purpose of the pilot and stewards on your aircraft is to attend to only you in refined style. While private jet charters cost between $1,000 to $3,000 per hour, the convenience, safety, and luxury may be well worth it. And it’s much less expensive than purchasing a private plane which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Empty Leg Flights Provide Luxury and Savings

Another option for safe travel is to take an empty leg flight. Empty leg flights provide a discount of up to 75% off the typical fare to passengers who wish to fly on a jet without paying the higher prices of a jet charter. How is this possible? The answer is in the name. An empty leg flight is vacant or empty for one leg of the trip. For example, if a family hires a private jet charter for a one-way trip, the pilot will need to get the plane back to its original location. The downside of empty leg flights is you won’t be able to book a round trip ticket on the same plane. But you may find the savings worthwhile.

Hire a Chauffeur Service

Are you taking a vacation close to home and don’t want to be the driver of your road trip. Why not hire a chauffeur? A chauffeur service is an ideal option of safe travel when you traveling close to home. Who wants to take a bus or a train during these times? Say you live in city and want to get away from the sweltering heat and take a trip to the crisp mountain air, hiring a chauffeur service will get you there in style. And you won’t have to deal with the stresses of getting stuck in traffic. Take a private limo and enjoy a glass of bubbly or your preferred cocktail. And let someone else do the driving.

Safe Travel Tips and Advice

After you arrive at your destination, here are some safe travel tips to ensure a relaxing, stress-free, and safe vacation for your party:

  • Stay out of crowded areas and events as much as possible
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Practice social distancing by standing six feet away in a public place
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you get near a sink

Follow these tips and advice to stay safer on vacation. Even though you’ve heard them before, they improve your chances of staying healthy.

Safe Travel Summer 2020 Revisited: Get To and From Your Destination in Style

When you’re traveling in Summer 2020, these safe travel options and advice will keep you safer. You don’t need to forfeit a dream vacation this summer after all! Looking for a concierge to take care of all the details? Whether you need a professional to stock the refrigerator in your vacation rental or arrange your travel plans, contact us today for an effortless vacation experience

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