Milan may be formally known as the fashion capital, but it also has great food. Read on to learn about the top restaurants in Milan.

Milan, Italy’s capital of fashion and finance, have many things for travelers to see and do, as well as some of the best restaurants in the country. Whether you want to try some authentic risotto or polenta, you will find it as enjoyable as the rich history of the Lombardy region. While you might run into a pizzeria or two nestled in the valleys and foothills of the Italian Alps, you’re going to find some hidden gems along the way. In this piece, we are going to talk about the best restaurants in Milan, which will not only tempt your tastebuds but also have excellent customer service to make sure that every visitor feels welcomed.

Best Restaurants in Milan — Who Made the List?

Milan Restaurants - AssistAnt TravelThere were a lot of things that we considered when we came up with our list to share with our readers. First, we wanted to make sure that the food was impeccable, because who doesn’t love good food? Secondly, the staff has to make every customer feel welcomed, has a great atmosphere, and that their service is out-of-this-world. Last but least, you want the price to be just right because not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on their vacation expenses. While Milan can get expensive, vacationers want to save some costs during their trip. Below are the top 10 restaurants in the region.

1.  Pescaria

Listed as one of the most popular restaurants in Milan, Pescaria has huge lines of locals and the most fashionable visitors who are waiting to get their hands on their famous fish sandwiches. Their chefs combine the freshest seafood with an array of great toppings to make their dishes unforgettable. Locals suggested that we try the signature octopus sandwich, which combines the lightly fried delicacy with creamy ricotta cheese. They also advised that while you’re waiting for your meal to ask for some seafood bites that are in the display case. They’re an impressive appetizer, and hungry foodies can get a serving right away.

2. Un Posto a Milano

When you’re looking for something that is seasonal and uses locally sourced ingredients in your meals, look no further than Un Posto a Milano. They offer delicious handmade pasta topped with a variety of sauces made with local produce and meats. Try their grilled fish with stracciatella cheese and tomatoes and enjoy their outdoor patio while enjoying your meal with a glass of wine. In the winter, customers can also dine in the back room where there is a fireplace that makes the atmosphere feel cozy. The owners and staff know how to make their customers feel right at home, and the friendly vibes keep locals and travelers coming back again and again. If you’re looking for unique dishes, with great people, you cannot go wrong with Un Posto a Milano.

3. Dongio

Walk into this traditional trattoria, and you will find tons of locals and vacationers packed in and waiting for a table. They specialize in southern style Italian cuisine, and your tastebuds will explode in delight with your very first bite. They are also vegetarian-friendly and serve a variety of treats, such as the parmigiana di melanzane or the original eggplant parmesan to excite your palate. Others will recommend the spaghettoni alla tamarro, which combines n’ nduja sausage, a fresh tomato sauce, and homemade pasta. They’re family-friendly and affordable for the amount and quality of the food, which placed Dongio on our top 10 list.

4. Langosteria

If you’re in the mood for seafood, but without the stuffiness, then drop into Langosteria. You will find several Catalan-inspired dishes that are perfect for every taste. Locals and visitors alike suggest the Catalan-style king crab and red shrimp that come from the coast of Sicily. Visitors can also dine on fresh oysters or raw fish platters if they want something a bit different from what they’re accustomed to eating. Though it’s a bit pricier than the others so far on our list, the customer service and quality of food are hard to beat.

5. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Though a stone’s throw away from the Duomo, we have put this pizzeria on our list because of its prices, the quality of its ingredients and the fact is pizza is delicious. You can find a dozen types on the menu, and each pizza is hand-crafted with only the best ingredients to bring out an excellent flavor. A fan favorite is their Pesto di Basilico, which is a pie that is slathered in bright green pesto sauce and toppings of your choice. Guests should expect a long wait in line. It’s the case during lunchtime when you will find lines that stretch far from the doors of this legendary eatery. Also, bring a friend or three because their pizzas are quite large and you want to share them with lots of people.

6. Ratana

If traditional Milanese food is what you’re seeking, then Ratana is the restaurant that will curb your cravings. Owned by renowned chef Cesare Battisti, they offer a unique fusion of classic risotto alla Milanese con ossobuco, which is their signature dish and bursting with smoothness and flavor. They use Lodigiano rather than Parmesan to give the traditional recipe a richer taste. You will find that compared to southern cuisines, the Lombardy region creates heartier dishes and use a lot of meat and rice. Ratana is popular with both locals and visitors alike for its contemporary take on the traditional Milano restaurant and has made each dish more unique than the previous. They also use fresh, locally sourced ingredients for an excellent meal that is sure to keep you full.

7. Casa Ramen

Casa Ramen is not your typical Japanese noodle house and in our standards a wait that is worth it. Owner Luca Catalfamo decided to infuse the flavors of Italy with the traditional Japanese noodle dish. Locals and tourists alike can attest that the combination is the best they’ve ever had, especially when sushi spots are more prominent throughout Milan. Favorites like Miso on Fire have a bit of a kick while other dishes, such as Noodles Doppio Peperoncino and the King Tonkotsu Ramen, are just as delicious. What also makes this little gem of a restaurant stand out from the rest is that they make the noodles from durum wheat, which gives a different texture of each bite rather than the traditional Japanese version. While their prices aren’t the most wallet-friendly, the taste and quality of the food are top notch.

8. Erba Brusca

Known as a favorite place to eat for locals and tourists, Erba Brusca is the place to go when you’re ready to escape the Italian countryside. While their menu isn’t the biggest, their recipes change regularly, which depends on what they have on hand, but the food is rich with flavor. The chefs base their menus off of what is available through the garden that’s adjoined to their property, with their signature dish being its namesake, which includes truffles, clams, pasta, and wild sorrel. Visitors like to pair the meal with a variety of different wines for a relaxing dining experience. While the restaurant is a little more expensive than the others, the breathtaking scenery and local ingredients make it well worth the cost.

9. Ravioleria Sarpi

Food in Milan Italy - AssistAnt TravelWhile you might not find a lot of street food vendors around Milan, there is a hidden gem down the pedestrian streets called Ravioleria Sarpi that will excite your tastebuds with Italian fused Chinese dumplings. Made with high-end pork, beef, and locally sourced vegetables, they’re made every day by home cooks, but a favorite among visitors and locals alike are their large crepes. These delicacies are stuffed with Piedmontese beef and pork, and they also offer a vegetarian version made with local veggies and topped with a spicy sauce. They are also affordable, and you will see pedestrians eating them as they head to their destination.

10. Trippa

Trippa is one of the more popular restaurants in Milan, and chef Diego Rossi creates simple renditions of dishes, such as tripe, sweetbreads, and other specialties using organ meat. These change often depending what’s available at the butcher. Some meals lean towards vegetarian and the more traditional tastes of Lombardy and Milan. This place is quite popular with tourists and locals, especially on the weekends when you’re waiting for quite a while to get a seat. The staff, which is run by Pietro Caroli, makes every guest feel welcome and gives the trattoria a warm atmosphere that is second to none.

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