Want the best transportation options for a business trip to China? Be sure to pack our Guide to Transportation in China for Business & Corporate Travelers!

50% of businesspeople from around the world fly to and from China. Traveling in China can be nerve-wracking even to veteran explorers, though it’s one of the most rewarding and exciting countries in the world. Do you plan on visiting China anytime soon? A tour to the People’s Republic demands patience and extra preparation. Navigating all the entry requirements and getting your way around a state in a secure transport system — where there is little, or no English spoken requires a travel guide that will make your business tour a successful one. Want the best transportation options for a business trip to China? Be sure to pack our Guide to transportation in China for business & corporate travelers!

 1. Air Travel

Corporate Travel China Transportation - AssistAnt TravelAirplanes are the quickest and suitable means of transportation for business travel between many countries, including China. Did you know that The People’s Republic has over 200 airports linking all key cities? Air travel will save energy and precious time set aside to finish your business activities as planned. Airport VIP services have improved over the years since transport companies are offering the service at a fee. China Airlines have seen a rise in airport transportation over the past years because of the numerous business trips in China. To make your business more successful, you can book a private jet charter.

2. Transportation between the Airport to the Hotel

After long hours of flight, your only desire is to sleep on a cozy bed and have some ample rest before your next business meeting. Before arriving at your chosen China hotel that suits your needs, you will require an excellent chauffeur service to get you there. Nowadays, nearly everyone carries electronic gadgets, among other fragile equipment everywhere with them. Therefore, you need a service that will handle your luggage carefully to avoid any avoidable inconveniences.

3. Luxury Car Rentals

If you are traveling long distances for your business meeting, then a luxury car rental will be convenient for your needs. A luxury car service is a method of china transportation suited for visitors planning for a long-distance self-drive within the country. However, China’s public transportation has improved over the years with the invention of speed trains. Renting a vehicle for foreigners in China is discouraged by the law. You are required to have an international driver’s license while renting a car at the Shanghai and Beijing airports. The People’s Republic records the highest rate of deaths caused by car accidents in the world.

4. Cruise Ship

Do you know China has thousands of navigable lakes, rivers, and lakes more than any country globally? Business travelers would enjoy the cruise ships leisurely option in China. Cruising is one of the most china corporate transportation options in the country. Most cruise ships anchor at Tianjin for people heading to Beijing. VIP services are offered at cruise ports, where you can travel to a specified destination with all the luxuries at your disposal. VIP cruise services provide you privacy to create your reports and hold press-conferencing meetings with ease.

5. Booking and Reservations

Ahead of your airport transportation in China, you have to do some flight booking and reservations to avoid inconveniences. Early bookings will make your trip successful. A good reservation company will ensure you are all set for a memorable China tour. Everyone wants to have a smooth trip to a foreign country. It is annoying to reach a destination and meet that you have no place to sleep because you never made an early booking. You don’t have to make some last-minute reservations that may cause you an extra buck.

6. Private Transportation

Corporate travelers mostly prefer private transport and tours. Individual trips are hassle-free and flexible. The driver is patient enough to wait for you at your guesthouse to drive you anywhere around the country and city. Convenient private transport services ensure that clients are treated as they deserve. Every traveler loves to meet his/her transport system waiting at the parking lot. This could be the best form of transport.

7. Trains

China has the most extended HSR network connecting every region and city. The People’s Public has high-speed, safe trains that travel at an average speed of 250 km/h and higher. Trains are one of the central china transportation systems. China trains can get you anywhere within the shortest time possible. All you have to do is be on time to get your train.

8. Subways

Subway systems are found in the major cities of China. Metros have no traffic, hence the lack of adequate subway systems in many major cities is a crucial issue to the growth of the cities. As a business traveler, you should know that the towns with subways have no traffic issues. Nevertheless, many visitors don’t prefer using the subways —  because they may not be familiar with the tubes.

9. Yacht Charter

China’s waterways can allow you to use a yacht charter to get around the country on your trip. Business travelers may decide to see the country’s attractions via luxurious water channels. Ocean lovers can find Yacht charter as the best transportation since there are drinks and food aboard. You can view the world in the ocean’s view. It’s even a better way to clear your mind after a long meeting with other business travelers.

10. Specialty tours

Specialty tours are trips that business travelers can enjoy with fellow travelers. Specialty tours have something for everyone — from extreme nature hikes to sports. Here are a few examples of specialty tours.

  • Music Tours

Music tours present an opportunity to go to take a visit at the same time where a famous band is playing. Traveling with like-minded travelers tends to be an ideal platform to share views on the music genre. You can enjoy your favorite music all night long.

  • Wine Tours

After long hours of a business meeting, a glass of wine wouldn’t do any harm. There are numerous wineries you can visit on day tours or after business meetings. Different wineries will give you a different taste of a wine that you haven’t tasted before.

  • Food Tours

Who doesn’t love tasty food after hours of discussing business? It’s thrilling to eat different foods from different cultures. Every culture has its unique specialty. Therefore, you will be giving your taste buds a new experience every time.

  • Hiking Tours

Every business person wants to take a break after a long day in the conference room. China has excellent hiking places that can help you get in touch with the area. All you need is a pair of boots and like-minded friends to enjoy the hikes with you.

Bottom Line

Business Travel China Transportation - AssistAnt TravelIn today’s world, China has one of the most comprehensive transportation systems with highways, trains, waterways, and flights. Business travelers are advised to use the most convenient transportation method because of the large population of the country using public transport means. Here are the benefits of using the most convenient means of transport for your business trip.

1. Convenience

While on a business trip, you don’t want any challenges to hinder you from trying to get to your destination in China. Your business partners won’t hear of it when you tell them that you caught up in traffic. As the saying goes, “A stitch in time saves time.”

2. Flexibility

Business trips are meant to yield good results best for your company. A meeting may be rescheduled to a far destination at the last minute. You don’t want to miss the meeting for any reason. You can quickly get to the target with ease by avoiding the real traffic jams caused by bicycle riders in China.

3. Hassle-Free

Who doesn’t love a hassle-free transport system? Well, before embarking on any trip, you require a transport guide to avoid any difficulties, especially when you are on a business tour. When your transportation system is right, you have the confidence to travel to anywhere in the world.

4. Total Cost

The last thing that you want to experience is having an extra cost for transport. If reservations for hotels and transportation are included in one single charge, then your business trip is already a success.

5. Safety

Business travelers are usually prone to counterfeit money. Counterfeit money is a big issue in China. A good transport guide will help you avoid finding yourself in such situations. Safety is the main reason for finding a suitable transport mode.

Why You Should Choose Perfect Transportation in China

World travelers planning a trip to China can now fly to the country without the worry of how to get in between cities. The right transportation in China will ensure you are set to get to the designated place stress-free. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to the meeting the following morning. Don’t relax and wait for the travel day, yet you haven’t ensured that your passport and visas are up to date. Remember once you are in China, you are required to produce your passport and visa to the authorities. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law in a foreign country. Contact us today for a professional travel concierge to ensure your corporate travel is stress-free and a success.

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