Want to travel Singapore in comfort and style? Use this guide to transportation in Singapore to determine the best option for you.

Singapore is a unique country. It’s the 19th smallest but has the 2nd highest population density after Monaco! It’s also made up of 63 beautiful islands. All these amazing facts mean one thing: transportation in Singapore has to be outstanding to cope. When you travel to Singapore, you’ll be met with tropical weather, delicious food, and beautiful sights. Tourism is increasing and there’s so much to see and do in the country that it can be overwhelming. Singapore public transport is built to accommodate everyone, though. With a fantastic rail network, as well as buses and ferries, getting around is simple no matter where you’re going. Easy transport is always a relief when you’re visiting a new country! The transport options are so vast in Singapore that it’s wise to read up on them before you go. We’ve created this simple guide to show you how to get around the country with no stress.

1. Airport Transport Options

Singapore Airport Transportation - AssistAnt TravelThe first thing you’ll need to know is how to get from the airport to a destination. Singapore transportation is easy to use right off the plane and there are options for any budget.

Before You Leave the Airport

You can pay individually for transport, but if you want to use the rail and bus systems, pre-paid cards can work out well. You only need to buy one and use it on the majority of Singapore’s transport system. Easy!

EZ-Link Card

The EZ-Link card is a Singapore transport contactless card. You can buy it at the airport, 7-Elevens, and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) stations easily. Top up your card and use it across the rail, bus, and even taxi networks. Don’t worry about running low — you can keep adding money to it wherever it’s sold, including MRT stations, so you’ll never be stuck.

Singapore Tourist Card

If you’re in town for a few days and want to see as much as possible, a Singapore Tourist Card will be ideal. You can buy it at the airport, too, and it gives unlimited travel across the trains (MRT and LRT) and buses. Choose a one-day, two-day, or three-day pass and explore the city without having to top off as you go.

Getting into the City

Now that you know about the smart cards, how do you get into the city?

Hop on the Train

The MRT is a rail system that covers the city. It can be found in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport and is well signposted from whichever terminal you arrive at. To get into the city, hop on the MRT to Tanah Merah station and change to the green line for stations all over the city. If you’re running out of phone battery, you can even use the free charging points at Ang Mo Kio, Orchard, Kent Ridge, Tanjong Pagar, and City Hall stations! WiFi is also available at many stations and being rolled out across the whole MRT network.

Take the Bus

The 36/36A bus from the airport to the city is good for the wallet but not so good for speed. It’s the slowest way to get into the city. You can pick it up at terminals 1, 2, and 3.

Ride in a Taxi

Taxis can be found in the arrivals area of each terminal and are a quick way to get into the city. You don’t need to haggle, but ask the driver for an estimation of the price to your hotel.

Get a Private Car

The most comfortable way to get from the airport into the city is by private car. With friendly and helpful VIP services, booking a private car means you don’t have to worry about anything after your flight. If you have a lot of luggage, your driver can assist and you don’t have to experience the stress of carrying bags on the MRT.

2. Transportation in Singapore

Now you’ve made it to this incredible, modern city, how do you get around? Singapore has a very affordable public transport system and no matter where you’re going, you’ll have multiple options.

Take the MRT

The MRT network is huge and many top spots are within walking distance of an MRT station. Use your EZ-Link card or your Singapore Tourist Pass and experience the efficient trains that cross the city.

Ride on the LRT

The LRT (Light Rapid Transport) is a smaller rail network that feeds off the MRT. You won’t notice that much difference between the two. And if you have the EZ-Link or Tourist Pass cards, then you can use them on the LRT, too.

Bus Travel

With air-conditioning and cheap prices, plenty of tourists enjoy taking the bus around Singapore. It’s a slow way of getting from place to place, but if you love to take your time and watch the streets go by, it’s a lovely way to explore.


Taxi stands can be found throughout the city and are great if you want to go somewhere that’s not near an MRT station. Taxis are on meters but there are sometimes surcharges, so always check with the driver.

Walking Around

With art trails, the iconic Supertrees, and plenty of shopping, walking is a fun way to get around small sections of Singapore. Because it’s such a safe place, you’ll find walking around relaxing even at night. The climate in Singapore is hot and humid, though, so for anything longer than a stroll, a mode of transportation with air-conditioning is a must!

Explore in Style with a Private Car

There’s so much to see and do in Singapore that booking a private car will make your whole day perfect. It’s an incredible destination for escaping winter back home and with a chauffeur, you can see everything you want. If you’re traveling for business, booking a private car is undoubtedly the most relaxing way to get to your appointments. You’ll always arrive feeling cool and refreshed. Exploring the city with a chauffeur means you never have to think about nearby stations, how to get somewhere, or fiddling with tickets. Simply choose where you want to go and travel this stunning city in style.


To encourage locals to enjoy bicycle travel, Singapore started the Car-Free Sunday initiative. With lots of bicycle hire companies around the city, renting a bike and following the trails is a brilliant way to get around.

3. Travel to the Islands

Are you in town for a real adventure? Singapore is an incredible city, but its islands are magical experiences, too. Getting to them isn’t a problem and there are a few options.

Take a Ferry Ride

For beaches and hiking, take the ferry to St John’s Island. Catch it at Marina South Pier and look back to see the city from the sea. For a peek into traditional Singapore, take the ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal next to the airport and head to Pulau Ubin. Kusu Island is home to Singapore’s wonderful turtle sanctuary. Reach this tropical paradise by ferry from Marina South Pier and don’t forget your camera.

Private Car

With a private car, you can travel over the bridge to Coney Island away from the busy city. Hiking and bird-watching are amazing here and it’s the perfect quick break from your busy city exploring. Sentosa is another popular island to drive to with its beaches, theme parks, and nature attractions. With a private car, you can go wherever you like without worrying about transport timetables.

Ride the Cable Car

Cablecar Singapore Transportation - AssistAnt TravelFor a unique way to get to Sentosa, you can ride the cable car from Mount Faber on the main island. It’s a 12-minute journey with some of the best views over the harbor and forest.

Fall in Love with Singapore

This is a unique island nation and since transportation in Singapore is so easy to use, any trip you make will be easy. If you’re a business traveler or simply want to explore Singapore in style, taking a private car is the most comfortable way to get around. It guarantees your journeys will be cool, straightforward, and totally stress-free. For a taste of the local life, hop on to the MRT and enjoy the efficient public transport that Singapore is so proud of. When you want to get back to nature, exploring the parks on foot is a wonderful experience. Hiring a bike in the city or on one of the islands is another fun way to get about. However you choose to use the Singapore transport system, you’ll fall in love with this amazing city. For more information on VIP transport in Singapore, get in touch with us and we’ll ensure your trip is perfect.

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