Did you know traveling by helicopter can be a very quick and convenient option? Keep reading for 5 reasons to use a helicopter charter.

Have you ever sat in traffic, on your way to work, and thought, “What I wouldn’t give just to fly there and put all of this behind me?” Haven’t we all? Luckily for you, this isn’t just a daydream. Helicopter charter services allow anyone to reserve a spot in a private helicopter for tours, transport, or fun. Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a holiday, a helicopter is a direct line to where you need to be. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at five of the best reasons for making use of a chartered service.

Five Reasons a Helicopter Charter Is the Right Choice

Taking a helicopter may sound like the kind of traveling only the rich and famous do. This isn’t necessarily true, anymore. More and more people are using local chartering services. This allows them to explore the skies and reach their destination fast. Discounts, promotions, and frequent flyer miles help them keep the costs low. With so much to be gained from private helicopter transport, it’s easy to understand why this service is gaining momentum.

It’s Just Quicker

This might sound obvious, but it’s one of the most practical and inviting reasons for taking a helicopter charter anywhere. It’s extremely fast. While most helicopters are built for hovering and not speed, they still outstrip sitting in traffic any day of the week. As most helicopters clock in at anywhere from 95 to 145 mph, you’ll already be overshooting any speeds you could hope to reach out on a US road. Reaching speeds of over 180 mph, it’s not only their speed that makes helicopters a faster option. There’s also the fact they can fly right between two points. This helps cut out any traffic concerns as well as the limitations of the street grid itself. In terms of transport, you won’t get from point A to point B quicker than in a helicopter charter.

Feel Like a VIP

If we may, for a moment, let’s all stop pretending and say what we’re all thinking. Booking a helicopter charter can make you feel like the most important person in the city. Helicopter-Charter-AssistAnt-VIP-TravelThe VIP treatment can’t be understated. It should appear on any list of reasons to fly anywhere by private chopper. And it makes sense. This is transport that revolves (excuse the pun) around you. Cut through long lines of people waiting for commercial airlines. Pass over traffic and pedestrians, literally rising above it all to take to the skies. When you charter a private helicopter, your luggage is stowed away by private handlers. You’ll take off from your own FBO (fixed base operator), isolated from the main commercial airline terminal. Amenities are also first class, with everything from complimentary bars and snacks to a personal concierge.

Make an Impression

Going hand in hand with the vanity benefits of VIP treatment is the effect your arrival in a chartered helicopter will have on others. You know what they say: first impressions last. This has big potential benefits for people in industries where impressing clients or partners leads to more business. Don’t be too quick to brush it off – arriving by helicopter at your business event sends a clear message that you’re willing to invest money to get the job done. What’s interesting is the shift towards cheaper chartering that is putting more people in choppers than ever before. And not everybody knows about it. More and more, helicopter operators are opening up spare seats on flights to passengers who might not otherwise be able to afford them. And the rates are great because the spaces would otherwise go unused. Look into local charters, even if you think the flight would cost too much. Many of them run sales throughout the year and will be willing to discuss rates with you, at the very least. Then go out and make a statement.

More Maneuverability

There are uses for chartered helicopters that have nothing to do with our egos, as well. One of the biggest ones is being able to take off in adverse weather conditions, and land with little space in which to do it. A lot of this has to do with the way these aircraft take off. Without the need for a long runway or to gather much speed, a helicopter has less to fear from heavy winds, rain or snow. They might not always be able to take off, but they can get more done than an airplane in an emergency. They’re also excellent for maneuvering around a tall city. For those living in high rise cities who need to get around to high-rise locations, helicopters are a no-brainer.

Better Sightseeing

Our final point, today, is focused on the fun of a chartered helicopter service. There is, quite simply, no better way to see your city than hovering over it in a helicopter. Large windows and the ability to stay in one place mean your pilot can take you to where you want to be, stay in place and let you take as many pictures as you want. Because you’re in such close proximity to your pilot, chartered services include headsets, allowing them to talk to you. This is invaluable in allowing them room to explain where you are, how they’re flying, and what they’re doing.

Chartered Helicopters: It Just Makes Sense

A helicopter ride is, quite simply, the fastest, most fun, most convenient way to get from where you are to where you need to be. And with so many different ways to secure a seat in one, there’s really no reason to not be flying high above it all, right now. Are you someone with a keen interest in luxury travel? Check out some of our articles on VIP travel, or get in touch with us for comprehensive concierge, airport priority, and charter services.

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