Be the envy of the island when you check into one of these glamorous hotels in Mykonos. We’ve found the best pool, best room, and best restaurants right here.


Mykonos has come a long way over the years. What started out as a quaint fishing village is now one of the most popular, charming, and vibrant hotspots in Greece. 


Located in the Cyclades archipelago, Mykonos is well-known for its non-stop party culture. But amongst the buzz of nightlife, it’s still a romantic destination for a luxurious break from city life. 


If you plan on spending time in this ever-popular Greek destination, here are some of the best boutique hotels in Mykonos to blow your socks off.


Find Luxury With These Boutique Hotels in Mykonos 


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Whether you’re looking for a spot of relaxation and luxury to completely unwind or a little more buzz, Mykonos has a good mixture of both.


You’ll find plenty of gorgeous boutique hotels which dot the island, as well as quaint tavernas, galleries, and boutiques lining the streets. 


With its iconic crisp white and blue architecture, beautiful beaches, and sparkling seas- Mykonos is everything you’d expect it to be, and more. 


For the discerning traveler, here are 9 luxury boutique hotels to enjoy your stay in Mykonos… 


1. San Giorgio, Mykonos 


When you visit San Giorgio in Mykonos you’ll feel more like a lifelong friend than a guest. This laid back boutique hotel is all about simplicity, freedom, and fun and was styled by interior design expert, Annabell Kutucu.


With its eclectic mix of 60’s bohemian charm and simple Mediterranean style, San Giorgio is hailed as one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the region. 


Additionally, you can enjoy VIP access to the famous Paradise Club and one of Mykonos’ most popular beach bars, Scorpios.


Found near Paraga Beach, this boutique hotel is host to a stunning onsite restaurant and private villas. It would suit the laidback, creative type!


2. Bill & Coo Mykonos Suites 


Bill & Coo is well-known for its spectacular sunsets, serene atmosphere and minimalist approach to its coastal-inspired decor. 


This boutique hotel is the epitome of Mediterranean chic and is ideal for couples for a blissful Greek getaway. Recently, the hotel expanded to combine coast suites, creating all-the-more space for their guests. 


Guests can enjoy spacious suites, each with a private terrace and sunbathing area. The deluxe suites offer a hot tub overlooking the Aegean Sea.


You can also enjoy private beach access from the coast suites, located 3km away from the main hotel. Access to the hotel is available 24/7 with a private shuttle service.


Most notably, Bill & Coo is host to an incredible infinity pool where guests can marvel at the Cycladean sunsets.


3. Nissaki Boutique Hotel


Nissaki Boutique Hotel is known as a five-star paradise overlooking the popular Psarou Beach. With its expansive views, it’s also considered one of the most picturesque hotels in all of Mykonos. 


Guests can choose to stay in a room, suite, or private villa – all beautifully furnished and inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean coast. 


The Nissaki complex offers all the amenities you need for a luxury vacation. This includes private beach access, an onsite spa, restaurant, and highly popular bar. 


4. Belvedere, Mykonos 


If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s both central and luxurious, then Belvedere is the spot for you. Situated in the heart of town, Belvedere is just 5-minutes from the most bustling street in Mykonos – Matoyanni. 


This boutique hotel overlooks Mykonos harbor and is host to an excellent restaurant and bar. There have even been a few celebrity appearances! 


The hotel itself is elegant, charming, and stylish. It offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of central Mykonos. Choose to unwind on one of the many terraces, alcoves or airy spaces dotted around the hotel. 


5. Rocabella, Mykonos 


Rocabella is often likened to the stuff of Grecian vacation dreams with its soothing coastal design, gorgeous pool, onsite spa, and terraced suites. 


Overlooking the expansive Aegean coastline, Rocabella is a serene stopover for trendy travelers or couples. The spacious sea view rooms are fully equipped for a luxurious stay, complete with terraces and sunbathing facilities. 


The master suite offers a private plunge pool, sun loungers, and some of the best views you could wish for. Find an onsite fitness center, sauna, library, and white-canopied day beds beside the hotel pool. 


The hotel is also host to a modern restaurant overlooking the pool area and a world-class spa. 


6. Myconian Villa Collection 


Whether you’re traveling as a large group of friends or as a couple, the Myconian Villa collection offers luxury no matter the size of your party. 


Offering a truly unique vacation experience, the Myconican includes two-bedroom villas or a 33-bedroom estate of your own (including a private chef). 


And no matter the size of your room, you can enjoy wonderful views over the city from nearly every direction. 


With a selection of gourmet onsite restaurants, bars, pool area, and spa, the Myconican Villa Collection offers a true slice of Greek paradise. 


7. Grace, Mykonos 


This beautiful beachside oasis is well-known as one of the most cosmopolitan hotels in all of Mykonos. Despite its size, this intimate boutique hotel delivers on experience and luxury. 


Boasting expansive views over the coastline, guests are spoiled-for-choice when it comes to onsite amenities. Just some of these include a private art gallery, spa, fitness center, free WiFi, and valet parking. 


All suites at the Grace hotel offer private day beds and sea facing balconies. But the VIP suite includes its very own elevator, fully furnished veranda, and private jacuzzi. 


Guests can lounge around the sparkling pool on king-size sun beds, complete with umbrellas and personalized waiting service. You may even receive an unexpected treat such as an iced towel or frozen fruit shot! 


8. Casa Del Mar 


Casa Del Mar Seaside Resort is located just 4km from the center of Mykonos and has its own private access to the stunning Aleomandra beach. 


The resort also overlooks Glyfadi Bay and is comprised of a set of luxury villas decorated in chic, minimalistic Greek style. These luxury villas are the ultimate retreat for couples looking for a relaxing seaside vacation. 


Casa Del Mar is well-sheltered from the wind that often beats around the Greek islands. It also has plenty of privacy.


Each one of the nine elegant villas has its own sea view, private jacuzzi, or private swimming pool. The villas themselves are large and spacious with a terrace and unobstructed ocean views.


Guests have access to a wellness center and spa on the hotel’s premises.


9. Mykonos Theoxenia 


Greece Mykonos Windmills - AssistAnt Travel


Finally, Mykonos Theoxenia boasts one of the best locations in Mykonos, right beside the island’s iconic windmills.


Just across the bay, you’ll find popular art galleries, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as the ”Little Venice” waterfront. 


This once out-dated hotel has undergone an incredible makeover in recent years, transforming it into a modern, minimalistic boutique hotel. With touches of wood, wicker, exposed stone, and bold accents of color, this hotel is truly striking.


If you’re looking for a fresh and modern boutique hotel experience, then Mykonos Theoxenia is your go-to!  


Getting to Mykonos 


Keep in mind that Mykonos is an island. Despite this, there are a number of ways to access this slice of Greek paradise. 


1. By Plane


A number of U.S. airlines fly into Athens, the Greek capital, where you’ll need to catch a short 25-minute flight to the island of Mykonos. 


From the airport, it’s a sweet and short 3km taxi ride to the center of town which can be pre-arranged with your boutique hotel. 


2. Hydrofoil 


Also known as a fast boat, you can choose to catch a hydrofoil or boat to Mykonos from Athens. A hydrofoil can take up to 1 hour and 45 minutes, while a boat can take up to 6 hours to reach the island.  


However, if you prefer to avoid the crush of crowds on a hydrofoil or boat, catching a flight to the island is your best bet. 


3. Car Hire and Taxis 


Car hire in Mykonos is prevalent and rather popular. It is a great way to explore the island and its plethora of stunning beaches. There is an Avis Car Hire branch located at the Old Port of Mykonos. 


Alternatively, you can choose to catch a taxi which uses fixed, reasonable rates. This can be pre-arranged by your hotel reception staff. 


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