Private jets aren’t reserved for the rich and famous. Flying privately is a privilege all travelers have. Here are reasons to consider a private jet charter.


Flying is one of the top stressors people feel when traveling. Planning the vacation and being in new environments take second and third.


Why put yourself through the stress of busy airports and delays? Not to mention handsy security checks and poor dining options in-flight.


There must be a less stressful way to get to your destination. Enter private charter planes. Spend a little more for privacy, speed, and comfort.


Flying privately removes all the stress from your itinerary. Keep reading to find out the biggest benefits of hiring a private jet charter.


1. Skip the Stops


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One of the best parts of flying privately is the convenience. Many international trips make you stop for layovers in cities en-route. This adds more stress to your travel plans and drains your energy.


With a private jet charter, you can skip the layovers.


In the United States alone, there are thousands of private airports for chartered jets. This means you have way more options for landing. If there are no direct flights to the main airport, land in one of the many private ones.


Not only does this decrease your stress, but you waste less time in layover-cities. Most layovers aren’t long enough to leave the airport and explore, anyway. Skip the hassle by using the thousands of private airports.


2. VIP Privacy


If you’ve ever sat in the middle seat of a commercial plane, you know how valuable privacy is. Being surrounded by strangers limits what you feel comfortable doing.


For example, millions of Americans travel with their families each year. The moment your baby starts crying, a wash of guilt covers your body. You know that your little ones can be irritating to the strangers around you.


In a private jet, you have all the privacy you need. You can change your baby’s diaper, get changed, and sometimes even shower. The bathroom is all yours, so you don’t have to worry about other people’s hygiene.


Feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your private plane. It’s a luxury that commercial flights don’t offer.


3. Less Waiting, More Time


Airport lineups are the cause of boredom, stress, and annoyance for most travelers. It can seem like ages before you step foot in your gate. Then, you wait even longer to start boarding.


With a private charter, you skip the lineups.


Customs are faster for private planes because they only have to get through the guests you’re with. Once you get through security, you can walk directly onto the plane.


If you and your guests are early, you may even be able to take off earlier. These benefits all save you time.


Use the time you’ve gained to relax with your family. Or, get ahead on your work from the comfort of your private jet seat.   


4. Ready at the Drop of a Hat


You don’t always have to book your flight months in advance. In fact, you can book some private jets only hours before you want to leave.


This gives you lots of flexibility for your schedule. If you’re running late, don’t worry. If you need to push back the take-off time, it’s not a problem.


Flying privately gives you the luxury of traveling when you want to. You aren’t constrained to the given flight times of the commercial lines. Fly when it makes the most sense for you.


5. Be Productive in Flight


When was the last commercial flight you took that had enough space for a board meeting? You and your colleagues may have sat first-class. But, that seating isn’t cohesive to getting work done.


On a private plane, you can have productive work meetings facing your colleagues. The hours you fly to your destination are precious. You can get a lot done in those hours.


If you fly privately, you can use the flight time any way you like. Continue working with your colleagues. Or, ensure your kids do their homework.


Whatever your priority is that day, you can do it from your private jet charter.


6. Higher Quality Services


There’s nothing basic about the interior design of a private jet. Every aspect of your flight is more luxurious than a commercial plane.


For example, the seats, carpets, and upholstery are all top of the line. You’re guaranteed exceptional comfort. Plus, you get tons of space for whatever activities you want to do.


Then, there’s there 5-star staff that works on charter jets. Not only do you get one-on-one attention, but the service is amazing. Since many private jets get rented by celebrities, they have the best of the best.


Expect gourmet meals, clean facilities, and your favorite beverages. Some flyers even arrange the food and drinks they want in advance. It’s all possible when flying privately.


7. Professional Reputation


Flying Private Jet - AssistAnt Travel


Flying privately says something about your reputation. It screams luxury and wealth, even though it isn’t always insanely expensive.


If you’re building a career in a wealthy industry, you should consider flying privately. It reinforces your professionalism and status. Clients will want to work with you when they see how you travel.


It also shows that your business values time and efficiency. You don’t have the time to wait around for a commercial flight. Time is money, and you’re not about to waste yours in an airport.


Plus, treating potential clients to a private jet charter is a smart business move. Offering them this gift of luxury shows your reputation and professionalism.


Are You Interested in Flying Privately?


Chartering a private jet is the smartest way to travel. Not only do you save time, but you feel more comfortable. For those who get stressed when traveling, flying privately is the best option.


Many flyers rave about the lack of lineups, stellar in-flight service, and the privacy. Whether you’re flying for business or with your family, you have everything you need.


You don’t have to be a celebrity to charter a plane. Learn more about private jet charter services and get in touch to book yours. Your dream destination is a short and stress-free flight away.

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