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Five Star Services

We currently provide top of the line automobiles from a great fleet of ours. Our large collection is proof regarding the pride we take throughout our commitment, image, plus track record to our customers. We have paid attention to our customers over the years to render them all the total service that they are expecting in a five star transportation service. We will offer the leading collection of professional and luxurious automobiles for company and private requirements among them events, seminars, plus get-togethers.

For instance, a extremely qualified personnel of trained executives runs our chopper charter. All of our chopper charters can easily be taken for a amusement trip, aerial photo consultation, or picturesque observation. We are now well-equipped plus well prepared to any demand for any duration and also you can easily ensure that it’ll occur.

On top of that we offers top rated professional plane charter, motor boat and top secret ship charter, five star transportation, as well as five star automotive rental solutions in just about every sole service. In most service we tend to provide, we’ll definitely arrive on time. We’ll always greet you and also take care of your respective baggage or valuables. We are going to always confirm that you may have a secure trip and drive the most economical course to your getaway. Lastly, we will take care of you and your friends with respect and self-respect that you have earned.

Why Opt for AssistAnt?

We are well known as well as established for becoming the leading luxury car provider as well as chauffeur service Chania, Greece. Our business’s high level overall performance is accredited to our over qualified staff plus trained professionals and very well kept fleet of automobiles. For instance, we have a wide array of vehicles for all of our luxurious automobile rental like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, plus much more.

Additionally, our ultimate worldwide concierge solutions offer elite service, leaving our consumers feeling satisfied and calm. No matter whether you have got business or private reasons, our very own intercontinental concierge is available for you. It is our mission to guarantee you do not have to be worrying about anything at all. If we say anything, we really mean anything! Irrespective if you have small or big issues we’ll set up every little thing from a babysitter, animal sitter, or significant matters including organized tours and hotel accommodations. We shall accommodate to your every wants and desires. We are the one stop shop for nearly all ones professional and personal needs and wants.

We have the top chauffeur services Chania, Greece, VIP concierge service, as well as deluxe automobile rental, and limo services and solutions that money can buy using quality service guaranteed every single occasion.

What is AssistAnt?

AssistAnt is an elite company that has determined elevated criteria inside our trade that delivers chauffeur service Chania, Greece. AssistAnt has been the number 1 option for over 10 years to provide VIP solutions for famous people, fortune 500 chief executive officers, government officials, big entrepreneurs/presidents, and other visiting guests from outside of town. Although based out Israel, we offer traveling and chauffeur services Chania offshore virtually worldwide. We ensure our clients serenity and we always go above and beyond average desires and that’s why we’re recognized as the greatest in the industry. Our Business slogan is “Make a Wish, We ll Make it Happen.” We follow that motto in all we do. We will take you to almost anywhere with the help of our 24 hour travel. We’re going to persistently as well as continuously provide an effective clientele experience by offering a variety of services such as but not confined to, personal limousine, luxurious auto service, global concierge services, VIP services, like VIP international airport vehicle service as well as VIP concierge services, and also 24 hour availability.

Our Chauffeur and Limo Services

We give top-notch high quality service which constantly exceeds the customers anticipations simply by guaranteeing a safe and secure as well as continuous service. For one’s chauffeured services wants, we’ll supply the most expert, practical, plus cost effective ways to travel. Assistant supplies secure and reliable chauffeur service Chania that’ll bring one to their supposed destination. Whether you require transport to the airport, a meeting, seminar, or celebration, we’ve got a fleet of automobiles as well as courteous staff prepared and looking to serve ones requirements. We can bring you wherever you’d like to go promptly allowing a person to experience a near worry free trip. “Make a wish and we’ll make it happen.” We will be anyplace you really want us, when you want a relaxed, mindful, and extremely trained professional at the rear of the steering wheel.

While also remaining the number 1 professional inside of Israel plus all around the globe, we are available 24 hours a day and also offer numerous services for a variety of needs. Our multi-lingual service professionals and our thorough VIP servicing that is continuously executed by registered and secure chauffeurs make us the best in the industry. We communicate in English, Russian, French, and Hebrew.

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