If you plan to travel to Istanbul, the right airport VIP service can make traveling easy. Consider these factors when choosing a VIP service in Istanbul.

It’s hard to avoid falling in love with Istanbul. It is a city where history and culture merge with modern, cosmopolitan amenities to offer visitors an unparalleled experience. The local food, architecture, and attractions are sure to delight business and pleasure travelers alike. Navigating any unfamiliar place can feel overwhelming, and Istanbul is no different. In fact, some of the attributes that make it so interesting can also present challenges for visitors. Hiring a VIP service in Istanbul is one way to enjoy a seamless, stress-free trip. Not all VIP services are alike, so it’s smart to do some research before you entrust a company with your safety and happiness. Read on for a list of seven important factors to consider when choosing a VIP service in Istanbul.

1. The Menu of Services Offered

When selecting a VIP service in Istanbul, check the company’s list of VIP service options first. It’s best to go with a provider that offers all of the services you desire, rather than relying on multiple companies. As a VIP traveler, you might be looking for a hassle-free airport experience, luxury transportation, or bespoke tours. You will also need a guide for places to visit in Istanbul. Concierge services, event planning, and translation assistance are additional possibilities to consider. Look for a VIP service that is experienced enough to provide a tailor-made solution to any request you make – no matter how big or small.

2. The Company’s Communication Style

As a luxury traveler, the last thing you want to deal with is being unable to reach the company you hired to assist you in Istanbul. Always inquire about a VIP service’s communication style before you sign a contract with them. The best companies provide reliable, 24/7 support by email, phone, text message, or any other method you prefer. It is always easiest to work with someone who speaks your language. Clear, around-the-clock communication is key if you don’t want your vacation interrupted by inconveniences.

3. The VIP Service’s Definition of Luxury TransportationVIP services in Istanbul - Assistant Travel

Many companies advertise luxury transportation services, but their definition of luxury may not be aligned with yours. If you are accustomed to traveling in a Mercedes, Jaguar, or Rolls Royce, you won’t be happy when your driver pulls up to the curb in a Ford. When traveling for business in Istanbul, your transportation is an opportunity to make an impression. Ask for vehicle details in advance to eliminate the possibility of an embarrassing arrival at your next meeting. Also insist on a promise from your VIP service that their drivers will be on time, professional, and dressed presentably.

4. Your Sightseeing Desires

During your time in Istanbul, you will want to leave the comfort of your luxury accommodations at some point to see the city. Make a list of your top sightseeing desires and make sure the VIP service you hire can fulfill them. Maybe you want to shop for handmade items, enjoy a food tour along the Bosphorus, or learn about Byzantine architecture from an expert. Quality VIP service in Istanbul should be able to arrange any experience you can dream up. You should be able to sit back, relax, and soak up the sights and sounds of Turkey’s most vibrant, beautiful city.

5. The Service Fees

Every traveler has a different budget, but wasting money never makes sense. You don’t want to be surprised by service fees, so make sure all costs are agreed upon in advance. When comparing service fees, it can be helpful to request an itemized list of what’s included in your VIP package. This will remove the risk of unpleasant billing surprises. Remember that you get what you pay for – in some cases, spending a little more will improve the experience by leaps and bounds.

6. Your Safety and Security

Safety is a legitimate concern when traveling in Istanbul, especially if you are a high-net-worth individual, government official, or public figure. If you’re seeking personal security services, it’s important to work with professionals who are trained to react quickly to a variety of threats. Hiring a VIP security guard without proper training can actually make you less safe. Security personnel should be ready to assess any risk and react accordingly, whether that means engaging in hand-to-hand combat or whisking you away to an undisclosed location. Transportation safety should also be a consideration. All drivers should be fully licensed and trained, and they should always show up on time. VIP clients should not be left to wait alone in an unfamiliar, unsecured location.

7. The Company’s COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 is a serious concern for many travelers, but staying home isn’t always a desirable or practical option. A reputable VIP service in Istanbul will be able to update you on the current virus situation and help you prepare to travel safely. Arranging luxury services such as private transportation and concierge assistance can greatly reduce your chances of coming in contact with the coronavirus. But it is also smart to inquire about any extra precautions being taken by the company you hire. Staff members should be tested for COVID-19, and vehicles should be disinfected between clients. Ask your VIP service how they plan to provide the safest experience possible for you during these unprecedented times.

For Maximum Enjoyment, Hire a VIP Service in Istanbul

Hiring a VIP service in Istanbul can enhance your luxury travel experience, making it safer, easier, and infinitely more enjoyable. Be sure to select an experienced company with the knowledge and resources to meet your needs. Once you have identified a company that seems like a good fit, check their online reviews and ask them to provide a few references. The experiences of past clients are a useful indicator of what you can expect during your own trip. At AssistAnt Travel Concierge, you can just make a wish and we’ll make it happen. We specialize in handling any and every task our clients request. Contact us today to learn more about how we can fulfill your luxury travel desires.

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