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Looking for the next place for your travel adventures? When people think about going abroad for a vacation, their minds often go to popular places like Paris or Venice. These are both beautiful cities, but that mindset produces a big problem—overcrowding. This means the best spots in these cities become hard to get into, if not impossible. If you want a stress-free trip, consider traveling to Turkey instead! There are many reasons to visit Turkey apart from it being a hidden gem. And if so, hiring a VIP concierge will guarantee you have the most luxurious experience in this beautiful country. The only reason for people to avoid going to Turkey is they don’t know where to go. We’re here to help you with that problem. Read on to know the best places to visit while you’re in Turkey!

1. Aya Sofya

Visit Turkey Aya Sofya - AssistAnt TravelKnown for being among the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Aya Sofya must be on your travel list no matter what. Also known as Hagia Sophia, the building is among the few remaining landmarks that preserve the spirit of the Byzantine empire. The building’s exterior hosts many minarets added after the conquest of the Ottoman empire in the area. You’ll see the differences in the architecture of each empire once you get a good look at them up close. This makes it feel as if you’re walking into a historic area when you visit this renowned museum. The only thing more beautiful than the building’s exterior is what’s inside. You’ll find your breath taken from you as you walk in to see the grand interior. The many historical items on display in the museum will intrigue anybody and have you leave the museum feeling as though you walked back in time.

2. Bodrum

Found along the Mediterranean coastline, the port city of Bodrum is a great place to settle in when you visit Turkey. This is because there are tons of points to go to. You can find them in the city and along the coastline nearby. The city also serves as a host to many of the yachts traveling along the coast. Taking a luxury cruise in one can serve for a memorable and relaxing experience. Getting a reservation may be difficult for a yacht may be difficult, though. Language barriers are prevalent here as it’s a hotspot for locals. Having a VIP concierge will make matters easier and your trip more enjoyable. The channels also open up to different white-sand beaches in Turkey. There’s also the famous “Blue Cruise”. This takes you along the coast from Fethiye South down to Olympus. This means Bodrum can serve as a resting place for you as you continue on your trip. The forested area also hosts a lot of historic ruins for you to visit. These make for great stopovers during your cruise.

3. Safranbolu

If you want to visit a small town that can rival that of Venice, Safranbolu is the place to go. The houses in the Ottoman town preserve many of its original designs from when they’re built. This places it among the best-preserved cities in the world. The area hosts many housings crammed together, only separated by winding alleyways. This makes taking a stroll in the city easy and safe. You will only encounter a few vehicles while you take a relaxing walk. This is also a great place to introduce teens to. The small city hosts many shops that sell sweets such as Turkish Delights. It’s the perfect place to unplug on an international vacation. The nights here are also cool and full of historic ambiance. Many unique shops sell the best souvenirs at night. Staying a night or 2 here ensures you make the most of your stay.

4. Ephesus

Ephesus is the place for you to go to if you’re a history enthusiast. This is because it hosts the most complete Roman Empire ruins in the region. Walking into the city will feel as if you walked back in time to the peak of the Roman Era. The best thing about Ephesus is that there are many ruins for you to check out. Exploring and taking in the best ones can take up at least half of the day. Seeing all of them may take another day for you to pick up where you left off. This makes it important that you don’t rush things when you visit Ephesus. Going at a great pace and taking it all in makes the trip worth the time you spend.

5. Cappadocia

The region of Cappadocia is the number 1 place for you to visit in Turkey. This is because there are a lot of notable sights and places to see and visit nearby. If you miss out on the City of Love, go to the Valley of Love instead. Walking into the valley makes it obvious how it got its name. The combination of the rock formations and the flora in the valley will give you a small chuckle when you visit. The peaceful location also has a lot of grassy areas for you to settle in. This makes the valley a great place for you to have a picnic in or to do anything relaxing. If you’re in the mood for some sightseeing, the region of Cappadocia itself is beautiful. The scenery is like a surreal photo filled with wave-like rocks. This makes it the perfect place to photograph and to have a photograph in. You can also take a picture of the region in all its beauty. This is thanks to the hot-air balloon rides available in the area. The moon-like landscape will be clear from the air, making for a beautiful photo.

6. Antalya

This city is a hotspot for 2 reasons. There are many activities in different areas to keep you busy during your stay. The other reason is that Antalya finds itself surrounded by 2 beaches, giving it a feeling similar to that of Cape Town in South Africa or the cities by the coast in Greece. This makes the city the perfect place for a summer vacation. You’ll find the temperature is ideal, too, as the cooling breeze from the beach hits you. The cobblestone alleyways also do a great job of giving off a cool vibe in the city. You’ll notice this when you go around exploring Antalya. You will also notice the mansions hailing from the Ottoman era during your stroll in Old Town.

7. Ölüdeniz

Known for having the bluest waters in the world, Ölüdeniz is the best place to go for a swim. The water surrounds a white-sand beach, making the experience even more unique. The most famous beach in Turkey will deliver its promise of comfort and luxury when you visit. Lush green forests also surround the beach area. This makes the area more relaxing with the air the trees give. Ölüdeniz also hosts many activities for you like para-gliding, ensuring that you don’t become bored. What’s great about Ölüdeniz is that you can get an aerial view of everything. You can jump from the summit of the nearby Babadag Mountain and glide down in a parachute to take the scenery in. This will be an exhilarating and relaxing activity for you.

8. Topkapi Palace

Visiting the seat of the Sultans of the Ottoman era is easy. All you need to do is to book a trip to Topkapi Palace. The palace guarantees that you feel the history behind the country once you visit it. The gardens surrounding the palace are a great way to ease yourself into the trip. The bushes in the garden give off an air of simplicity only offset by the flowers growing in them. It also features a well that, although dried up, can become a subject of many great photos. The gardens then lead to the interior of the palace. You’ll feel the power the sultans once held when you enter the Royal Court. The brilliant colors inside the palace remind us of the luxury the sultans once lived in.

9. Pamukkale

This natural wonder is something you must see for yourself while you’re in Turkey. The Pamukkale terraces are a wonderful formation made of travertine. They form a slope going down, and each of the terraces is deep enough to accommodate a good amount of water. Some terraces become filled with water as it rains. When this happens, it forms beautiful turquoise pools that contrast the travertine formations. This means that you can be lucky or not on your visit. The ideal visit will have the terraces filled with water. This can give you amazing photos to take during your trip.

10. Pergamum

Another ruin that Turkey hosts, Pergamum is the ruins of an important library of the old days. What’s great about the Pergamum is the scenery. The area exudes a haunting beauty for the ruins. It also helps that the ruins sit at the edge of a hill. This adds to the atmosphere of the place. The notable ruins only add to the chilling beauty of the place. The area also hosts an Acropolis-like area complete with a theater. These make the place a great place to snap a panoramic photo.

11. Tortum Waterfall

If you want to take a trip to see some natural beauty, check out the Tortum waterfalls. They’re the largest waterfalls in Turkey and are among the most beautiful, too. The surrounding areas of light shrubbery make exploring the place calming and peaceful. The Tortum waterfall is a seasonal hotspot, though. This is because it becomes dry during certain months of the year. Visit during May and June to get the best experience for your trip.

12. Sumela Monastery

Another sight to behold this stunning piece of the ancient Byzantine era. This is the star attraction of the Black Sea Coast. This is because the religious ruins have a beautiful exterior. The walls outside are full of paintings depicting different religious scenarios. This alone makes the monastery a beautiful piece of history. Adding to the beauty is its location. As you travel to the Sumela Monastery, you’ll notice fewer people along the way. This is because of the secluded position of the abandoned monastery. This gives it a silent beauty that you can only get from being alone.

13. Mount Nemrut

If Northern Turkey has the Sumela Monastery, Eastern Turkey has Mount Nemrut. The area hosts the ruins of once-magnificent statues. These were once statues of great mammoths that guarded the funerary before them. Mount Nemrut also hosts the remains of the statues of gods of old religions. The heads are often the only ones left from these statues. These give Mount Nemrut a strange and eerie atmosphere. This is a place you must go to if you want to witness the old religions of the ancient civilizations. Their influences are strong and you will feel it when you visit Mount Nemrut.

14. Göreme

Goreme Turkey Vacation - AssistAnt TravelStaying in a regular hotel is boring and repetitive. You can pick a luxurious hotel to make it interesting, or you can sleep in a cave. That’s the gimmick that causes many people to flock to Göreme. Cave hotels are a popular fad today because of how unique the experience is. Tourists lose their minds over the cave-aesthetic these hotels have. This isn’t all for looks, though. The rock walls and floors ensure you have a cool night. This helps tourists escape the heat of the day if they visit during the summer.

15. Patara

There’s nothing that can beat the beaches on the Mediterranean coastline. There are plenty of them present, and each of them has a defining trait. The most famous one, though, is the Patara beach. This is because it stretches for 18 kilometers and it doesn’t run out of sand in any area. This means you will find a quiet spot to relax in no matter what. Beyond the beach also hosts the ruins of Ancient Patara. The scenery makes it so this beach can rival even the most beautiful beaches.

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