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Have you ever wished that you had more than 24 hours in a day? Perhaps you say something like “How I wish I could divide or clone myself!”.


You say some of these words because you obviously have a lot of things to do or a lot of events to catch up with and 24 hours seems not to be enough for you anymore.


Over the course of an 80-year lifetime, you spend a whole 9 years doing the mundane tasks. Crazy, right?


As a result of this, people in the upper echelon of life are always looking for ways they can buy more time. 


Perhaps you need a concierge service that can help you manage some of your daily tasks.


The main purpose of a VIP concierge is to help you save time by doing some regular or special tasks for you.


What is Concierge Service?

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A concierge is a service that is offered by an individual or a company whose main work is to help you with your daily work/activities.


The range of these daily tasks or activities could be lifestyle management and running of the daily household tasks. It also includes planning your holidays, transportation, and other forms of assistance that you might be needing.


In time past, concierge service was mainly for house duties. They mainly kept candles and the lighting of the house of wealthy people living in a castle. 


They often kept the keys of each room with them and performed some cleaning and maintenance of the building. But as time went on, the scope of their services evolved.


At a point in time, their services became very popular and needed in hotels.


That was when VIP concierge services started coming up.  They were all over the hotel to help customers just arriving with their luggage.


In fact, they even helped and did work such as a touring guide for first-time visitors. 


The scope of their services is now extended beyond just helping and handling all the services above.


There are companies and individuals that offer a full concierge service, it is now an industry on its own. Individuals and companies that offer concierge services now require a high level of skill and must possess some skillset in order to add value to their clientele.


The clients want to be sure that the delegated tasks are completed correctly. The client can focus their time on other important activity without having to worry about the delegated work.


Concierge Business Model Services


Concierge service is an industry in its own right in this modern day. Below are some of the professional services that concierge companies offer their clients.    


Hotel Concierge


This is the oldest form of the service that companies and individuals offer. Their services are made available to highly-placed celebrities, CEOs, dignitaries and other high earning people.


Some of the services they provide include getting tickets for events and giving assistance to the hotel guest on a business trip. It also includes arranging and offering services at the spa, restaurant lounge, and other necessary services as needed by their client.


Travel Concierge


Now that the world is now a global village, the internet has helped to uncover new places and destinations around the world.


People want to visit these places, travel all over the world, meet new people, and see a different perspective on life.


This has made the services of a travel concierge very important to individuals, families, and groups very important. Travel concierges know the ins and out of what is required for a client travel need.


Travel concierges usually have an established term of agreements with different businesses. This includes hotels, tourist centers, transportation companies, and restaurants. With all these in place, they are able to successfully arrange all your traveling documents.


Personal Concierge/Lifestyle Management Services


A personal concierge is a service that is offered by a company or an individual to help you with your specialized personal daily tasks whether at home or at the place of work.


By delegating some of your personal activities to do them such as running errands, helping you with your events, and so on.


They work behind the scenes for and some people might be wondering how you get so much done within 24 hours.


Concierge Medicine


This is another concierge service that is also gaining more relevance in the concierge industry today. It is a service in which a patient/customer pays an agreed amount of money according to the terms of the contract. This enables the patient to get special and personalized care from the doctor. 


This helps the patient to get more additional care from the doctors in a timely manner. 


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Benefits of Using a Concierge Service


There are many benefits to using a concierge service.


Firstly, enjoy personalized tailor-made services.


To get a personalized VIP concierge just for you when you are planning to travel a person is directed to attend to you to help you with the whole process.


The concierge service provides ensures that he/she gets all your preferences right and document all the information so as to give you options that you would like based on your preferences.


Get Ready Made Guides


Perhaps it is summer, and you want to give your family a pleasant surprise of a choice destination to go.


Finding a suitable place to go may be your first hurdle which might seem easy to you. All the other arrangements like looking for the perfect place, transportation bookings and, hotel reservations are quite stressful.


With a travel concierge handling all these for you all you need is to let them know what you want. They present to you the different places you can go and you decide.


You Save Time


The time you would put into the planning the trip and all can definitely be used for another thing.


Once you employ the services of any travel concierge companies, you get to rest and use that time for other productive activities, while the travel concierge company do all the running, research and reservations for you.


Get to Know New Places


Chances are if you decide to plan the trip yourself you might only get to know familiar places that you see on the internet or places you have heard of.


But when you employ the professional services of a travel concierge individual or company you are presented with an array of new places you probably have never heard about which might you might also be interested to visit.


Access to Special Benefits and Privileges


Other services you get to enjoy our special benefits and privileges, an ideal travel concierge individual or company will have other company that they work with to help deliver those special privileges to you while on your trip.


Usually, they have a signed agreement with another third-party company to ensure that you enjoy those privileges and benefits.


Access to Their Expertise and Insider Knowledge


For example, you have decided that your chosen destination is Italy and you have just employed a concierge service to help you plan the trip.


Apart from saving your time from searching about where to go in Italy, you also get to enjoy have insider knowledge of the best hotels, restaurant, beaches and even companies that offer bespoke transportation services.


Go For It!


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You do not have to go through any form of stress because you are planning for that business or holiday trip. Even if you are going on a pilgrimage journey to the holy land, employing a professional concierge service is absolutely the right way to go about it.


Most people usually think that it is quite expensive to employ full concierge services, but you would be amazed at the amount you will be saving by opting for their services. Not just only in terms of money but also in time, energy and other valuable resources.


Plus, it also helps you to avoid waste and unnecessary spending.


Summer is around the corner, so when you are planning to have a nice vacation with your spouse, family, or with your friends, you consider making use of concierge services.


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