Are you traveling to Venice with your partner? If so, read on to learn about the top romantic things to do in Venice.

Venice is a widely popular tourist location and is one of the most incredible places to visit in all of Europe. The city is situated on 118 small islands which are connected via canals and bridges, creating a beautiful, fairytale-like destination. The city’s beginnings date back to the Middle Ages when it became a major maritime port for merchants. As a result, the architecture through the ages and waterways are now a beautiful and romantic destination for any traveler. Are you traveling to Venice with your partner? If so, read on to learn about the top romantic things to do in Venice.

1. Take a Gondola Ride

Things to do in Venice Italy - AssistAntNothing screams romance more than a gondola ride along the canals of Venice. The gondola is a flat-bottomed boat and was originated to navigate through the shallow muddy canals of Venice. These boats were once seen as a symbol of the wealth of the city of Venice. Gondolas were used to transport the wealthy through the city and at one point there were roughly 10,000 of them navigating the waterways. The openness of the gondola allowed wealthy travelers to sit openly so they could be admired and the wealthiest would decorate their privately owned boats lavishly to flaunt their wealth. These days the gondolas are used to ferry sightseers around the city. These rides are the perfect opportunity to cuddle up with your sweetheart and listen to a gondolier serenade you as you slowly meander along the waterways. For the maximum romantic experience, take a ride at sunset and watch the city slip away in beautiful hues of color.

2. Watching the Opera at the Teatro La Fenice is One of the Best Things to do in Venice

Teatro La Fenice is an ancient opera house and is one of the most famous opera houses in Europe. The Teatro La Fenice has been burnt down a few times and the most recent theatre was reconstructed in 2001. Using still photographs from an old movie, the architects were able to recreate the details from the original design and bring the theatre back to its original glory. The architecture and gold balconies make the theatre a grand sight both inside and out and it’s hard not to swoon over every detail. This is a wonderful place to watch either a ballet or traditional opera with your date. Be sure to schedule a tour of Teatro La Fenice so you can see all aspects and learn the stories of love, art and culture that it has to offer.

3. Go Shopping in Murano

In the late 1200s, the government ordered all the glassmakers to relocate to the island of Murano for fear of their fires causing destruction of the city, which at the time mainly consisted of wooden buildings. The glassmakers quickly became Murano’s most prominent citizens and the glassmakers developed unique technologies for creating clear glass, multicolored glass, milk glass, and pieces that mimicked real gemstones. These techniques were passed down from generation to generation and the residents of Murano are still some of the most skilled glassmakers. Take a quick boat ride to the island of Murano and tour the streets full of shops where you can see some of these beautiful glass works of art. If you would like to learn more about the history of the island and the glassmakers, visit the Murano Glass Museum, you can also see some of the skilled artisans creating colored glass pieces. You can also purchase a specialized souvenir created for you to remember your time together at this beautiful location.

4. Flirt at the Cantina do Spade

This 600-year-old trattoria is located behind the Rialto Fish Market and is off the beaten path. It is rumored that Casanova used to bring dates here to eat a good meal, drink wine and supposedly fall in love. If you are looking for a quiet spot to rest and look deeply into each other’s eyes, this is a great little hideaway. The Cantina do Spade serves traditional Italian dishes such as savory small Italian dishes and the prices are also traditional so you won’t break the bank trying each item on the menu.

5. Enjoy Some Gelato

If you and your sweetheart are looking for a sweet treat, then you have to take a minute and enjoy one of the cities gelato spots. There are plenty of gelaterias to choose from, so you will have your pick while out exploring the city. Enjoy your gelato together on a bench near the canal or tucked away so you can have a quiet break together. Or if you are on the go, you can take it with you to enjoy some of the city sights. If you are looking for something a little different, head to Gelateria Alaska, a tiny little gelato shop that has some of the most unique flavors in town. Flavors are based on seasonal ingredients, so you never know what you might get!

6. See St. Marks Square

Piazza San Marco, known as St. Marks Square to English speakers, is the main public square in the city of Venice. There are many beautiful structures built along this area and is truly a sight to see. At one end of the square, you will see the west facade of St. Marks Basilica, near that the Piazzetta dei Leoncini which is famous for its lion statues. Then beyond that is the Clock Tower, which was finished being built in 1499, and leads you to the shopping streets of Rialto. Other sites to see here are the Campanile of St. Marks Basilica and the Correr Museum. The architecture in St. Marks Square is absolutely stunning and you will find it hard not to be swept off your feet here by the beauty of it all. Take time with each other walking to each site and enjoy taking it all in.

7. Dine at the Terrazza Danieli

Located on the rooftop of Hotel Danieli, the Terrazza Danieli is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner date with your special someone. The restaurant offers cuisine where west meets east, celebrating the heritage of Venice as an established port of call with the Orient. The elegant dining will take you on a tour of indigenous and fresh ingredients in line with the season creating a truly unique and special experience. Enjoy your dinner while wonderful rooftop view of the Serenissima and spend a night together you likely won’t forget.

8. Stroll the Zattere

The Zattere was originally built in 1519 as a landing dock for the delivery of timber. The timber was used to construct buildings and ships which is how the area got its name Zattere, which in Italian means raft. With the timber now gone, the Zattere is a promenade that stretches from the southern shore of Venice all the way to Punta della Dogana. Take a stroll on the Zattere and you will find various different buildings and monuments to explore and gaze upon. This is a great place to bring your camera as there are many wonderful places you will want to capture. The Zattere is absolutely stunning at night, the softened lighting and cool night air offers a different perspective and is often not as crowded. The perfect opportunity to take a romantic stroll.

9. Hit the Nightlife

If you are looking to get out and have some fun dancing or maybe having a cocktail or two, there are some options in this quiet city. For some live music and dancing, check out the Bacaro Jazz Bar or the Venice Jazz Club. Afterward, for something a little different, wind down and cozy up at the Devil’s Forest Pub, an Irish themed bar where locals gather to play backgammon or have fun playing trivia together over a glass of beer. If an Irish Pub in Italy isn’t quite what you are looking for, check out Harry’s Bar, one of the most famous bars in Venice. Harry’s Bar is famous for inventing carpaccio, which is an appetizer popular all over Italy. Venice’s signature cocktail, the Bellini, was also created here. This bar is also known for being a popular spot for celebrities such as Woody Allen and Ernest Hemingway.

10. Tour the Museums and Churches

Venice Italy Things to do - AssistAntVenice has so many churches and museums to visit that it’s the perfect destination for couples who love culture and history. One of the best ways to see them all is to get the St. Mark’s City Pass, which will allow you admission to the Doge’s Palace, three churches and three museums of your choice, and the Teatro La Fenice. This is a great way to tour these hot spots together, where you can learn and grow with each other. Before heading out, take some time to decide which churches and museums you plan on seeing so you can map out your route to save time and energy.

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