Not Sure Where To Go? Don’t Plan Your Ski Vacation Until You Read These Details About Courchevel!

Are you are a winter sports enthusiast and trying to decide where to plan your next ski holiday? plan-ski-vacation-courchevel-franceIf so, then you probably already know some interesting facts about Courchevel, France. For example, it’s surely no surprise that as part of Les Trois Vallees (Three Valleys) in the French Alps, Courchevel is one of the largest ski areas in the world. And, we probably don’t have to tell you that the Courchevel resort is world-renowned for line-free lifts. To make a point: The elegant and most infamous village of Courchevel 1850 is a popular destination for Prince William and Kate Middleton, George Clooney and many others. Courchevel is also known for unbelievable luxury hotels, fine dining, exclusive shopping boutiques and of course, has one of the largest collections of quality ski instructors in the world. All of this makes Courchevel the perfect place for your next winter ski vacation. But if you’re not sold yet, there are a few rather fascinating facts about Courchevel that will without a doubt, convince you to add this area to your ski vacation bucket list.

Fascinating Info About Courchevel That Will Help Narrow Down Your Choices And Decide Where To Plan Your Ski Vacation

Game Changes In Architecture

The Courchevel school (1945 – 1955) revolutionized the art of mountain construction. According to legendary architect and one of the main planners for the resort, Laurent Chappis;

“Courchevel should be a current Holiday resort and not a copy of a traditional country village.”

There are six buildings listed as Monuments Historiques or Historical Monuments. Out of these six, five of them are considered to be among the most profound buildings in 20th-century mountain architecture. Not only that, it was the first resort in France to be constructed from scratch, instead of based around an existing village.

1992 Winter Olympic Games

skiing-in-courchevel-franceAlthough the official host of the 1992 Olympic games was Albertville, France, many events took place in other villages. Courchevel had the honor of hosting some of the nordic combined events.

Famous Airport

According to the History Channel’s program on Most Extreme Airports, Courchevel Airport ranks as the 7th most dangerous airport in the world. Not to worry, you have other options! Thanks to our personalized concierge services, you can breeze through the Geneva International Airport and easily get to Courchevel from there. Or, you can always book a private helicopter charter to get to the resort.

We hope this post helped you determine where you want to go for your next ski trip. But if you’re still not sure, don’t worry! Wherever you decide to go, AssistAnt Global VIP Travel and Concierge Services is here to make any trip you take the best one ever! Don’t forget that in addition to luxurious ski vacations, France is also home to some of the most luxurious beach resorts in the world.  If you have any questions about any of our VIP Travel Services To Courchevel, please contact us at anytime.

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