AssistAnt’s Private Jet Charter in St. Louis, Missouri

AssistAnt’s Private Jet Rental in St. Louis, Missouri

Chartered Private Jets in St. Louis, Missouri

AssistAnt is a luxury, recognized personal concierge providing VIPs with unrivaled, tailored rental private airplanes. For approximately a decade, our team has helped a number of VIPs worldwide in their goal to travel hassle-free in comfort and on time. Our slogan, “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” reveals our dedication to clients since they count on outstanding service that is a feature of our business.

How We Do It?

Leisure and corporate travelers alike will receive the best in luxury, safety, and discretion with our private aircraft for hire in St. Louis, Missouri. Our business has access to a number of medium-sized, large, and light jets for round trip, one-way, and also empty leg routes, supplying you with a sufficient amount of versatility for your travel preferences. Also, AssistAnt’s private aircraft charters cater not only to individuals but even to large parties traveling as a group.

Before boarding, we deal with everything from your baggage, paperwork, transportation, and customs ensuring 24/7 accessibility. For business travelers who need to address work on-board, we will make sure there is a team of legal professionals, security personnel, translators, and more so there will never be a kink in your schedule.

Advantages You Will Enjoy

To make your trip a lot more unforgettable, we provide outstanding catering service on-board the St. Louis private aircraft charter making certain to include gourmet treats. If you would like additional security and safety on-board, we offer the best bodyguards, each meeting the highest safety guidelines anywhere you fly. We make certain that security personnel will fulfill regional standards so you can move freely without interruptions.

Want To Bring Your Furry Friend Along?

We understand that for a lot of people, your pets are a member of your family so you do not want to take a trip without them. As our motto states “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” – it’s no trouble to bring your furry companions on the aircraft, however, make sure to research the laws in your destination city. AssistAnt is also able to do the research for you – let us know what you prefer. We even provide you with care for your pet at your travel destination. With our pet walkers, sitters, and groomers, your furry friend will experience AssistAnt’s VIP travel service too.

Our Staff

Working in co-ordination with a few of the top names in the industry for more than a decade, AssistAnt supplies customized, high-end concierge service for our clients. Rather than dealing with various middle men, you have your personal assistant to manage everything for you and suit your needs around the clock. These assistants are in consistent connection with a team of qualified specialists supervising the majority of corporate facets in the background. Our staff is continually at your disposal endeavoring to fulfill your wants and desires as requested. We know that your time is precious so we will look after all of the details so that you don’t need to.

AssistAnt’s VIP Travel Services On Arrival

On arrival, AssistAnt can even arrange for a rental luxury car – consider an Aston Martin or Rolls Royce – or we could arrange for a driver and limousine to meet you on the tarmac. We can also manage your accommodations for the full duration of your vacation, in addition to getting you into the best nightclubs and planning private tours for your party.

Private Jets for Rent in St. Louis

Make Your Wishes Come True

Whether you use our St. Louis private aircraft charter, or our airport VIP packages, our staff will ensure that all aspects are covered from beginning to end to ensure a seamless vacation. A few of our other luxury concierge services include taking care of your chalet, concierge services for corporate clients on business in St. Louis, Missouri, and helicopter charters around the globe. Our personal concierge is actively assisting global VIP clients in setting up business meetings, selecting holiday getaways, as well as helping them carry out simple household tasks. When you choose AssistAnt, all you need to do is make a wish…we’ll make it happen.


N.B. AssistAnt only sets up private airplane charters. We don’t operate or own private jets and we’re not affiliated with any commercial airlines. Our private aircraft charters are run by members of the Air Charter Association of North America or the overseas equivalent.

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