Morocco is a popular destination for those wishing to experience something other than Europe. Morocco is rich in culture, religion, and traditions that you’ll want to experience like a local. The assistant provides VIP Airport Services to Casablanca and Marrakech. Assistant offers two types of Airport Services to both airports. We provide VIP Services and Fast Track VIP Services. Our VVVIP arrangement for departing Marrakesh Menara Airport involves meet and greet and personally escorting you to a private, deluxe airport lounge with light snacks, fruit, and hot and cold drinks that you can enjoy right up until your flight is prepared to board. While you are relaxing at the lounge, one of our courteous staff members will attend to security, checking in for your flight, and immigration. When it’s time for boarding the airplane, one of our agents will drive you in a private vehicle to your flight’s gate. We provide this service to both airports in Morocco for your convenience. sunset in morocco If you want to get around and fit in like a local here’s what you should remember:

Brush up on your French:

Arabic is spoken mainly throughout all of Morocco but in many places, English is well known. If you plan on traveling without a guide to more rural areas, you will want a translation book with you. Brush up on your French to use a fallback. Morocco has so many places that are off the beaten path that many people miss. Check out these places that you must visit in Morocco.

Customs are important to follow:

There are probably two big things you should try to follow. The idea of using your left hand to do anything socially important, like eating or shaking hands is rude. Muslims, Moroccans among them, feel that it’s unclean. Especially in public, be aware of this important cultural distinction. If you are a woman- be sure to bring a scarf and dress modestly. Many folks from Westernized countries want to wear less when it’s hot so they wear short shorts and tank tops. Instead pack flowy longer skirts, light pants, and short sleeve shirts. Always have a scarf with you if you too. camel ride in morocco

Stay Open-Minded:

Remember that tolerance is the key to blending in. When you travel you’re going to experience another type of lifestyle than the one you’re accustomed to back home. Everything runs slower and customer service is different. Be patient, relaxed, and remind yourself you’re not in Kansas anymore. Morocco is an amazing place to visit and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to book your next travel destination with Assistant! We are your Global VIP Concierge and Travel Provider. Your wish is our command at AssistAnt and our goal is to make sure you get the vacation experience of your dreams! Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to spend your time in Morocco here! For more travel tips on what to see and do in Morocco, click here!

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