Welcome to O.R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa’s bustling travel hub named after the anti-apartheid politician Oliver Reginald Tambo. Catering to over 21 million passengers annually, this airport is the gateway to Africa’s most exhilarating adventures and luxurious experiences. But, if you’re a luxury vacationer, frequent business traveler, or a VIP guest, you know that navigating through airports can sometimes be less than glamorous. That’s where AssistAnt Global Travel Concierge steps in.

With AssistAnt’s bespoke VIP services, your journey through O.R. Tambo International Airport can transform from chaotic to serene, offering you unparalleled luxury, convenience, and exclusive access. Ready for a stress-free, memorable travel experience? Allow us to show you how.

VVVIP Services at O.R. Tambo International Airport


Imagine stepping off your plane and being greeted by a personal assistant who knows your name and caters to your every need. That’s just the beginning of the VVVIP service at O.R. Tambo International Airport. From the moment you land, you are whisked away to a private lounge, skipping the often time-consuming immigration and customs queues.

Services Include:

  • Personalized Welcome & Meet & Greet: As soon as you disembark, a friendly face awaits you, holding a sign with your name. No more searching for help or navigating crowded terminals alone.
  • Fast-Track Through Immigration and Customs: With VVVIP services, you breeze through all formalities, saving precious time and avoiding the hustle.


When it’s time to depart, the luxury continues. AssistAnt ensures that your last moments in Johannesburg are as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Services Include:

  • Exclusive Departure Lounges: Relax in opulent lounges equipped with premium amenities, gourmet snacks, and high-speed Wi-Fi while awaiting your flight.
  • Priority Security Screening and Boarding: Say goodbye to standing in serpentine security lines. With priority access, you are through in minutes and guided to your boarding gate without a hitch.
  • Personalized Assistance: From check-in to boarding, your assistant is with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience.

Comparison: Traditional airport experiences involve long lines, waiting, and occasional chaos. In contrast, VVVIP departures turn the airport into a luxurious pit stop.

Fast Track VIP Services

Not quite VVVIP but certainly not ordinary, Fast Track VIP services offer a perfect middle ground for those who wish to save time and stress while maintaining a touch of exclusivity.


  • Expedited Travel Experience: Fast track services ensure that your time at the airport is minimized, letting you focus more on your journey and less on logistics.


  • Fast Track VIP: Offers time-saving and moderate luxury, ideal for frequent travelers who want efficiency without compromising comfort.
  • VVVIP: The ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, perfect for those who desire the best of everything.

Luxury Transportation Options for Johannesburg

Once you’ve glided through the airport, your luxurious journey doesn’t end there. Johannesburg offers an array of transportation options to match your elite status.

Deluxe Car Rentals

Cruise through Johannesburg in style with our deluxe car rentals. Pick from our fleet of high-end rides packed with the latest tech and luxury features—because why should your drive be any less fabulous than your stay?

Services Include:

  • Personal Chauffeur: Opt for a chauffeured service for added convenience.
  • Custom Itineraries: Personalized routes and recommendations to make the most of your visit.

Private Jets

For the ultimate in convenience and speed, nothing beats chartering a private jet. Whether you’re hopping to another city or heading home, private jets offer a seamless, exclusive travel experience.

Amenities Include:

  • Luxury Seating: Plush, spacious seats that make you forget you’re in the air.
  • Custom Schedules: Fly when you want to, not when the airlines dictate.

Helicopter and Yacht Charters

Looking to add a touch of extravagance? Helicopter and yacht charters redefine luxury travel, offering breathtaking aerial views or a serene voyage over water.

Services Include:

  • Helicopter Tours: Get a bird’s-eye view of Johannesburg and beyond.
  • Yacht Charters: Perfect for an exclusive event or a relaxing day trip, sailing along South Africa’s stunning coastlines.

Personalized Concierge Services

Welcome to our world, where we turn your needs into delightful experiences! Let’s dive into what makes us stand out:

  • Tailored Insight into Client Preferences: Imagine this—Your personal assistant sends over your flight ticket with a note about needing a shower between two back-to-back meetings. We get it! We’re here to make your hectic schedule smooth sailing. If we spot a tight connection or an oversight, we’ll recommend extra services to ensure your journey is seamless.
  • Customized Solutions: Shower before the next meeting? No problem! We’ll coordinate a chauffeur and hotel for that refreshing break. Your chauffeur will take you to the hotel for a quick shower, then whisk you to your meeting on time, and will be on standby as needed. We are all about the details that make your day easier!
  • Deep Client Relationships: Our superpower? Building strong bonds with our regular clients. We truly get to know you, so much so that when you send us your flight details, we already know what you need. No more fussing with explanations—just effortless service!
  • Prompt and Personal Responses: Speedy and personal—that’s our game. Send us an email, and you’ll hear back from a real person in just 2-3 minutes. We’re always here, ready to help at a moment’s notice. We aim to give you that wow feeling every time!
  • Reliability and Up-to-date Information: Count on us for the latest and most accurate information. If a service isn’t available or doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll tell you upfront. Honesty is our policy, which helps build trust and keeps you coming back.
  • Personalized Service Commitment: We don’t just see you as a credit card number. We offer authentic VIP personal service that makes you feel truly valued. You’ll always interact with real people who understand your needs, enhancing your experience in ways major competitors can’t match.

Ready to experience the best in personalized concierge services? Let us make your life easier and more delightful, one detail at a time!

Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a luxury lover’s playground, offering some of the finest attractions and experiences.

Luxurious Hotels, Resorts, and Retreats

Johannesburg is brimming with opulent accommodations that redefine extravagance and comfort. Here are some of our top picks:

Where Mandela wrote his memoirs! Imagine recounting your day’s adventures from a tranquil poolside cabana in the same place a legend once rested.

Enjoy panoramic views of the Johannesburg Zoo and a deep-tissue massage at their world-class spa. It’s like having a VIP zoo pass and spa day rolled into one!

Contemporary elegance meets exceptional service. With its signature golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, you might just find your swing while you unwind.

An urban sanctuary with a touch of whimsy. Each suite is uniquely decorated, so every stay is a delightful surprise.

Nestled in Legacy Corner Mall, this stylish hotel puts shopping and gourmet dining right at your doorstep—because why not have it all?

Staying at any of these luxurious spots ensures your visit to Johannesburg will be unforgettable, pampered, and perfectly suited to your high standards.

Gourmet Dining Experiences

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds at Johannesburg’s premier dining establishments. These venues not only serve exquisite cuisine but also provide an unforgettable ambiance:

Where every dish is a masterpiece cooked over a live fire. Enjoy the stunning views of Johannesburg’s skyline while savoring perfectly seared steaks. It’s a fiery spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Elegance and sophistication come together in this chic spot. Known for its world-class wine collection and impeccable service, dining here is an experience that exudes luxury.

An icon in Johannesburg, famous for its melt-in-your-mouth steaks and warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a casual yet classy dining experience.

A hidden gem where innovative cuisine meets impeccable service. The ever-changing menu ensures each visit feels like a new culinary discovery. Your taste buds will thank you!

Each of these culinary hotspots guarantees a dining experience that’s as memorable as it is delicious. From intimate dinners to grand celebrations, Johannesburg’s gourmet scene has something extraordinary for everyone. Bon appétit!

Unique Attractions and Hidden Gems

Luxurious Exclusive Art Galleries

Discover a haven for art aficionados where creativity meets exclusivity:

Since 1913, this gallery has been a beacon for contemporary South African artists. Imagine exploring rooms filled with groundbreaking art and then boasting to friends about your latest find!

Step into a world of visionary art curated with precision. Whether it’s thought-provoking exhibitions or iconic pieces, this gallery offers more than mere decoration—it’s an experience.

Known for showcasing cutting-edge, avant-garde artists, this gallery lets you story-tell your way through modern masterpieces. Perfect for those who love to be on the frontier of the art scene!

Private Wildlife Reserves

Experience nature’s grandeur away from the crowds:

Rub elbows with the Big Five without skimping on luxury. Think personal game drives and lavish lodges—it’s like camping, but way better!

Picture this: you, a private villa, and the soothing sounds of the wild. With exclusive viewing decks and expert guides, an intimate wildlife encounter is guaranteed.

Where opulence meets the untamed. With top-notch service and breathtaking safaris, it’s like your very own wild adventure with a dash of glamour.

Hidden Boutiques

Indulge in retail therapy at these chic, under-the-radar spots:

Think of an eclectic mix of shops and eateries nestled in a repurposed industrial complex. Each store tells its own story, offering unique finds that scream style and individuality.

Exquisite hand-crafted ceramics and furniture that scream taste and sophistication. It’s like a treasure hunt, but far more stylish.

Dive into a world of African artifacts with a boutique twist. Perfect for finding that one-of-a-kind piece to jazz up your abode, while supporting local artisans.

Let these hidden gems and exclusive spots sprinkle a bit of magic and sophistication into your Johannesburg adventure.

Johannesburg 2024 Events Schedule

Mark your calendar! Johannesburg is bustling with events that offer a glimpse into its rich culture and vibrant scene.

Must-Attend Cultural Festivals and Events

  • Cullinan Winter Wine Festival 2024: June 1
  • The Linden Market Winter Edition 2024: June 1-2
  • The Tequila & Mexican Food Festival 2024: June 1
  • Knysna Oyster Festival – Knysna Oyster Festival: June 21-30
  • National Arts Festival: June 20-30
  • Vrystaat Arts Festival: July 2-6
  • South African Cheese Festival: September 23-25
  • Standard Bank Joy of Jazz: September 27-29
  • Rocking The Daisies: October 3-6
  • Cape Town International Kite Festival: October 26-27

Exclusive Access to High-Profile Gatherings

Gain VIP access to top-tier events such as:

With so many exciting events lined up, Johannesburg is set to be a hub of vibrant activity and cultural exploration in 2024. Whether you’re a gourmet, an art enthusiast, or a festival-goer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Why Johannesburg Should Be Your Next Adventure!

Still on the fence? Let’s spill the beans: Johannesburg is not merely a place on the map—it’s an adventure, a vibrant narrative longing to be part of your story. Imagine indulging in exquisite culinary delights, diving into a pulsating art scene, and marveling at breathtaking natural vistas—all within a city that feels like your own little secret haven. Craving the adrenaline of a safari, the lively buzz of local markets, or the serene charm of boutique hideaways? Jo’burg effortlessly combines it all into one exhilarating package.

With AssistAnt Global Travel Concierge services at O.R. Tambo International Airport, we’ll ensure your trip is as thrilling as the city itself. Yearning to feel like royalty? Pack your suitcase, unleash your curiosity, and gear up for a journey as remarkable as you are. Explore our premium VIP services and start planning your seamless, unforgettable adventure to Johannesburg today. See you in Jozi!

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