Are you headed to Athens soon? Wondering where to eat? Read on to learn about the best restaurants in Athens, Greece.

Are you taking a trip to Greece to go on the hunt for Kofta Kebabs or you’re looking to delve on an authentic Gyro, Athens has something for everyone. With its rich history and stunning architecture, Athens is one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean not only for its scenery but for the food. While you might run into a lot of shops that sell kebabs and seafood, nestled along the cobblestone alleyways you will find modern fare with a twist of traditional old-world classics. Have you eaten Cuttlefish Moussaka or took a bite of Pastitsio that melts in your mouth? Eat like a Greek god and check out the best restaurants in Athens, Greece that will make the pickiest of foodies scream Opa!

Who Made the List?

Not everyone is on a high-end budget, so we looked for eateries that not only brought out the best in Greek cuisine but is affordable for everyone. We also looked for restaurants in Athens that have friendly staff, who know how to make vacationers feel welcome, as well as a great atmosphere.  These are the top ten restaurants in Athens, Greece that made the list of best places to grab a meal.

1.  Lukumades

loukoumades in Athens Greek Food - AssistAntWhile you can find several varieties of doughnuts throughout Europe, the Greek loukoumades are hands-down the best breakfast treat in the entire continent. Think of doughnut holes that come with delicious Greek honey and topped with cinnamon, as well as several other sinful toppings. Sometimes, they come with several scoops of creamy ice cream, which is made with mastiha and served as a dessert. Beware, that you might run into long lines of locals waiting for their delicious loukoumades, whether it’s for a quick breakfast for an out of this world dessert. Despite the wait, we ranked this as the number one restaurant in Athens.

2. Aspro Alogo

If you’re in search of Gyros, Dolmades, or Moussaka that will blow your mind without spending your entire vacation budget, then Aspro Alogo is the place for you. The family ran eatery has a vast menu of traditional Greek fare that ranges from grilled seafood to kebabs and a great view of the city center. Are you expecting only a little food for the price? Think again. Your meal will be enough to feed an entire army, while the price is just right for the frugal traveler. It is a restaurant that you don’t want to miss while exploring all that Athens has to offer. Visitors can also find a wide range of vegetarian fare.

3. Falafellas

Vegans and Vegetarians rejoice, as Falafellas has a ton of meatless delights such as tabbouleh, hummus, falafel and a variety of salads. Only a stone’s throw away from Monastiraki, they offer great prices, outdoor seating to experience the astonishing views of Athens city center, and free wi-fi for guests so that you can show off your experiences on social media. Carnivores can also enjoy the dishes as Falafellas serves a variety of delicious meatballs, including Kofta at reasonable prices. Their super-friendly staff has made them on our list of best Athens restaurants.

4. Avocado

Nestled between Athens University and History Museum and Syntagma Square, Avocado is another eatery that focuses on Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. While slightly pricier than some of the other restaurants around Athens, vacationers will experience a large assortment of unique Greek fare that is certain to delight their taste buds. They offer a variety of sandwiches, smoothies, entrees and many more, and their cuisine leans a bit more towards international tastes. Their friendly staff will not only make the weary traveler feel at home, but you can find the enormous line of locals who want to get away from the meat-heavy traditional Greek dishes. It’s a ten-minute walk from two different metro stations, and visitors can also see the gorgeous views of central Athens. Their most popular dishes are Rumi’s Dream, Koula Panini, and Maha Porchini.

5. The Traditional

Located in the heart of Plaka and a hop, skip and jump away from some of Athens most historical destinations, is Paradosiako, or The Traditional. Specializing in home-cooked Greek dishes, you will find recipes such as Feta Psiti and traditional Moussaka to Soutzoukakia meatballs at a price that cannot be beaten. While you may not find desserts at the Traditional, all customers receive free watermelon to feat upon towards the end of their meal. The delicious dishes and excellent staff make this traditional Greek restaurant a part of our list.

6. Arcadia

Located only 20 meters from the Acropolis Museum, sits Arcadia a renowned taverna serving some of the best traditional Greek cuisines around. They specialize in Arcadian cuisine, which uses a lot of fresh ingredients, such as local olive oil and focuses on dishes using lamb, pork, and other meats. Vegetarians can also enjoy a variety of dishes that bring out the best in Greek food, without paying a super hefty price tag. Guests can enjoy outdoor dining under the Acropolis, or they can check out the gorgeous setting inside the eatery. The staff at Arcadia is very welcoming, which is why they’re popular with locals and tourists alike, and their food is fantastic. The combination has put them on our list of top restaurants in Athens.

7. Pantheon

Awaken your senses with one of Athens top bakeries, where they specialize in dishes like Baklava, and several Greek delicacies, as well as several other dishes such as pies, custom cakes, as well as several entrees to delight your palate. Their friendly staff will make travelers feel right at home, with outstanding service and their vast menu has something for everyone at an affordable price. Enjoy outdoor dining, while checking out some of Athens most amazing attractions, including the Acropolis and a relaxing atmosphere that is second to none. You can see why Pantheon is one of the best places to dine in Athens.

8. Diporto Taverna

What makes this eatery a bit different from other restaurants around Athens, is that their menu always changes, depending on what’s available. Located about a block from the central food market in Athens, its vague location can make it easy to miss, but once you get the proper directions, you will see the two doors that will lead to a cellar. You won’t find a menu at Diporto, because they only serve a handful of dishes and they change it up daily. But, visitors and locals alike will walk out feeling that they’re going to be full for weeks because when Diporto opened, they catered to the working class. You will see ceiling-high stacks of wine barrels all at an affordable price. You will never find another dining that comes close to Diporo, which is why they made it to the top ten list.

9. The Black Sheep or Mavro Provato

Greek Fook Athens Restaurants - AssistAnt TravelWhile The Black Sheep hasn’t been around for as long as some of our favorites, it has become a top-rated destination for both locals and visitors alike. Located in Pagrati, this one of a kind experience specializes in Mezedepoleio, which is similar to the Spaniard Tapas plate and is served with ouzo or Tsipouro to wash down the delicious flavors of each meal. The prices are very reasonable for what you get, and the staff is lovely. Some of their most popular dishes include Kleftiko and their steamed mussels. It’s no wonder why they’ve become one of the best restaurants in Athens and have earned a place on our list. The combination of great food and atmosphere will keep customers coming back again and again.

10. Tis Theatrou to Steki

Known by the locals as a place where you will find the different vendor owners from the local farmer’s markets, this taverna is the place to go for fresh, dishes that come on shared plates. Customers can see the current selection of food daily, displayed in their front window, and they can choose what they want from there. Some of the favorite dishes of locals and visitors include Fava, fried anchovies or whitebait that come with some of Greece’s most excellent beers or you can try Tsipouro with your meal. Just beware that you will find long lines from both visitors and locals alike and they’re only open during lunch hours.

Enjoy Some of the Best Restaurants in Athens

From the Acropolis to the Coliseum, Athens has a rich history that millions of people visit each year. While touring the city, kick back and enjoy some of the best restaurants in Athens, where you can get a taste of authentic Greek cuisine, without paying a hefty price tag. But, let our experts at AssistAnt help you plan your next trip to Greece, so you can spend time focusing on more important things. We have been providing concierge services for more than ten years and have helped thousands of people worldwide find the best places to see that are typically enjoyed by the locals. If you’re ready to take some time away from it all, don’t hesitate to visit us and let our concierge’s work out the details.

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