AssistAnt’s Private Jet Charter in Calgary, Alberta

AssistAnt’s Private Jet Rental in Calgary, Alberta

Luxury Private Jets for Hire from Calgary, Alberta

AssistAnt is a luxury, leading personal concierge serving VIPs with unequaled, customized chartered private airplanes. For almost ten years, our team has helped several clients around the world in their quest to have a hassle-free, comfortable trip. Our motto, “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” displays our commitment to clients since they count on first class VIP travel service that is a feature of our company.

How We Do It?

Using our Calgary, Alberta private jet rentals, both leisure and business travelers can expect flexibility, comfort, and security personnel from our professional crew. Our business has access to a variety of medium-sized, heavy, and light jets for round-trip, one-way, as well as empty leg routes, giving you the maximum level of versatility for your travel preferences. Also, AssistAnt’s private jet charters cater not only to individuals but even to large parties traveling as a group.

Before boarding, we deal with everything from your baggage, paperwork, transportation, and customs ensuring 24/7 availability. While on-board for a business trip, we have the expertise to make available services of event planners, account managers, technicians, and legal professionals mindfully hand-picked for their experience and global industry contacts.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

In order to make your journey a lot more luxurious, we offer world-class food caterers on-board the Calgary private jet rental making sure to include gourmet treats. If you’d like additional security and safety on-board, we provide the most skilled security staff, each meeting the highest safety standards wherever you travel. We make certain that your security arrangements will meet regional benchmarks so you can fly easily without interruptions.

Pet Policy

As our slogan states “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” – it’s no trouble to bring your pets on the aircraft, however, make sure you research the regulations in your destination city. Don’t have the time to research? Let AssistAnt do it for you! We also provide you with care for your furry friend at your travel destination. We will get the best pet groomers and walkers in the area so your pet will be cared for just like a VIP too.

Our Devoted Assistants

Doing work in co-ordination with some of the best names in the field for over 10 years, AssistAnt provides unique, global concierge services for our clientele. As an alternative to going through several middle men, with our services, you’ll get a personal assistant to deal with every little thing for you and meet your needs 24 hours a day, every day. Our assistants are in regular connection with a team of qualified professionals monitoring most corporate elements in the background. We are continually available looking to fulfill your wishes as requested. We know that your time is valuable so let us deal with all of the details to ensure you don’t have to.

AssistAnt’s Luxury Concierge Services On Arrival

Once you get to your destination from Calgary, Alberta, we can provide you with luxury cars to rent or a personal limo to take you wherever you want. We can also arrange your accommodations for the complete duration of your trip, together with getting you access to the best clubs and arranging private tours for your party.

Small to Large Private Airplanes for Hire from Calgary, Alberta

Nothing Is Impossible With AssistAnt

Our team will make sure that everything from ticket bookings, customs clearance, and luxury transportation to your private jet charter in Calgary, Alberta is taken care of. The AssistAnt team will make certain that everything runs seamlessly and flawlessly. A few of our other luxury concierge services include looking after your cottage/cabin getaway, concierge service for corporate clients on business in Calgary, Alberta, and helicopter charters around the globe. Our personal concierge is actively assisting international VIP clients in planning business meetings, choosing holiday spots, and even helping them carry out simple household chores. When you choose AssistAnt, all you need to do is make a wish…we’ll make it happen.


Important note: AssistAnt only sets up private jet charters. We do not operate or own private aircrafts nor are we affiliated with any airline carriers. Each of our private aircraft rentals are operated by ACANA-members or the international equivalent.

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