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Luxury Private Jets for Hire from Moscow, Russia

AssistAnt is a premier VIP travel concierge assisting VIPs with unequaled, unique chartered private airplanes. For approximately a decade, our team has helped various VIPs from all over the world with their goal to have a stress-free, comfortable vacation. Our slogan, “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” displays our dedication to clients since they look forward to extraordinary global concierge service that is the hallmark of our business.

What Makes Us Unique?

Before boarding, we manage everything from transportation, paperwork, customs, and luggage with our ’round the clock availability. While on-board for a business trip, we have the expertise to provide services of legal professionals, technicians, account managers, and event planners carefully hand-picked because of their experience and global industry contacts.

Corporate and leisure travelers alike will receive the ultimate in luxury, safety, and discretion with our private aircraft charter from Moscow, Russia. Listed here are the kinds of private jets we’re able to hire for you: heavy, light, and medium-sized. We also provide you with a plethora of options for your travel requirements because we feature not only roundtrip flights but also empty leg and one-way flights. On top of that, AssistAnt’s private aircraft charters cater not only to individual travelers but even to large parties traveling as a group.

A Few Additional Features Of AssistAnt’s Private Jet Charter in Moscow

In order to make your trip even more memorable, we provide world-class food caterers on-board the Moscow private jet rental being certain to include gourmet delicacies. If you prefer extra safety and security on-board, we provide you with well-trained bodyguards, each meeting the highest safety standards anywhere you travel. We ensure that your security arrangements will satisfy regional standards so you’re able to move freely without disruptions.

Want To Bring Your Furry Companion Along?

We understand that for a lot of people, your pets are a family member and you do not want to travel without them. As our motto says “Make a wish, we’ll make it happen” – it is not an issue to bring your furry companions on the jet, but you’ll want to research the regulations of your destination city. AssistAnt is also able to do the research for you – let us know what you prefer. We even offer you care for your furry friend at your business or travel destination. With our pet walkers, sitters, and groomers, your pet will experience AssistAnt’s VIP travel service as well.

The AssistAnt Staff

Working in coordination with a number of of the top names in the industry for over 10 years, AssistAnt delivers exclusive, elite concierge services for our clients. As an alternative to going through various middlemen, you have a personal assistant to handle every little thing for you and meet your needs around the clock. Our assistants are in regular contact with a group of trained professionals managing the majority of corporate facets in the background. Our staff is always available looking to fulfill your wishes as requested. We understand that your time is valuable so let us take care of all of the minutia to ensure you don’t have to.

AssistAnt’s VIP Concierge Services On Arrival

When you reach your destination from Moscow, Russia, we provide a chauffeured limousine to take you wherever you choose or luxury cars to rent. We can also book your accommodations for the complete duration of your stay, along with getting you into the best clubs and planning private tours for your party.

Hire VIP Private Aircrafts from Moscow, Russia

Make A Wish, We’ll Make It Happen

Our managers will make certain that everything from catering service, customs clearance, and luxury transportation to your private jet charter in Moscow, Russia is handled. We will guarantee that everything runs flawlessly and seamlessly. A few of our other VIP travel services include attending to your chalet, concierge services for corporate clients on business in Moscow, Russia, and luxury yacht charters around the globe. Remember, there’s little that we cannot do. All you have to do is make a wish and we’ll make it happen.


Disclaimer: AssistAnt just arranges private airplane rentals. We don’t operate or own private jets and we are not affiliated with any commercial airlines. All of our private aircraft charters are run by ACANA-members or the overseas equivalent.

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