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Airport VIP Services - AssistAntTraveling can be hectic for anyone. Arriving in a foreign country, collecting luggage, getting through customs and passport control, and possibly catching connecting flights can be a daunting task for even the most experienced traveler.

However, we can make traveling easier and more convenient. Having been in the business of providing elite personal assistance and VIP concierge service for over 10 years, the professionals at AssistAnt live up to the slogan of “Make a Wish, We’ll Make It Happen” every day with every client.

Our airport VIP services have three different levels of commitment that are dependent on your needs. Each of them cascading upon each other and with our additional services available upon request, we can make all your wishes for easy and stress-free travel come true.

Shortened Airport VIP Service

Arranging for this service means that you will have the luxury of having us escort and expedite procedures at the airport up to and including passport control. On arrival, we will provide meet and greet services before passport control, help you with passport control and luggage pick-up, and personally escort you to your driver.

On departure, we can arrange for a driver to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport. One of our friendly agents will then escort you through all airport procedures via VIP counters until after passport control.

Fast Track Airport VIP Service

Arriving and transiting through airports has never been easier with VIP Fast Track. By upgrading to this service, we will ensure that you get to your next flight with as minimal interference and time as possible. On arrivals, we will meet you at the aircraft gate, accompany you to passport control and assist you with all subsequent procedures.

On departure, our staff will provide meet and greet services, expedite your check-in, take care of checking your baggage, and provide assistance up until the gate of your flight.

VVVIP Service at International Airports

Within this service, you and your group will have all the benefits of the previous two airport VIP services with the addition of receiving personalized service in our VIP lounge and more.

In some locations around the globe, these services can be completed from the convenience of luxury, private VIP lounges with hot and cold beverages, light snacks, and fruit. Should further assistance be needed, we also can provide transportation to and from the airport itself.

AssistAnt Is There For You

We understand that there are other airport VIP services you could choose to provide you with your personal assistance needs. However, when you are traveling to and from Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, or other locations including JFK, Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle/Roissy, and Sheremetyevo, we will tailor our service around your individual needs. Regardless of what time you arrive or depart, we have 24/7 availability to make your travels a true VIP experience. Should you choose to retain our global concierge services when traveling within or outside of Israel, you can be assured that the same level of personalized commitment will remain with you throughout your travels.

We know you are busy and that your time is valuable, especially when traveling. We are here to provide you the service that you need with the luxury that you deserve. So leave all the hard work to AssistAnt while you relax as we make your wishes come true. *Shortened Airport VIP service is offered only in Israel.  VVVIP Airport Service is offered internationally at select airports.  Fast Track Airport VIP Service is offered at most airports around the world.  Contact us for more information.

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