VIP Transportation and Cruise Port Excursion Service for The Port of Astoria, Astoria

Is Your Cruise Ship Pulling Into The Port of Astoria?

High End Services For Cruise Port Excursions - The Port of AstoriaMaximize your cruise journey with elite VIP arrangements in the The Port of Astoria, Astoria, Oregon region!

We’re an international concierge service, AssistAnt. Our custom services enable you to relax and enjoy your holiday or business trip.

AssistAnt has the associations and the expertise to make sure your cruise getaway is exquisite and first-class. We provide our valued clients concierge service, airport VIP service, transportation, car service, and custom tour services.

We have achieved a distinction of offering expert, trusted, and reliable service for a distinctive experience in luxury travel having been in the VIP travel industry for well over a decade.

Why Turn To An Established Concierge Service At The Port of Astoria?

Two very good reasons include worry-free traveling and an extra special experience.

Generally, the cruise harbor can sometimes be a confusing place. We offer luxury transportation services to The Port of Astoria so you do not have to fret about being late for your departure.

But there is more to the story!

Instead of going on land excursions prepared by the cruise liner, we offer a personalized adventure that will help you in navigating through densely inhabited places and make your stay perfect.

AssistAnt’s Exclusive VIP Services At The Port of Astoria

Indulge in a personal adventure before, during, and after your cruise with our services:

Portland International Airport VIP Services

Permit us to take you around the airport to make the tiresome routines of traveling quicker and more convenient for you.

We provide a variety of degrees of VIP services for Portland International Airport*. You will have a faster flight terminal experience with our support to and through passport control. We can arrange to have one of our friendly agents meet and greet you, give you a hand with luggage pick up, passport control, and escort you to your luxury transportation. We can also make precisely the same arrangements for your departure from Astoria as well. We will take good care of you for a complete stress-free airport experience from passport control and beyond. We speed up your check in, take care of checking your baggage, and offer help up until the gate of your flight.

VIP Car Services

We supply our clients with extraordinary car services both to and from The Port of Astoria as well as during your stay in the region. Just imagine, while people from your cruise are crowding and waiting in line for their land excursions, all you have to do is meet your friendly AssistAnt chauffeur.

We provide other luxury travel services and private car services that the cruise companies usually do not provide. You’ll have a private transfer back and forth from The Port of Astoria, and more. Our vehicle transportation services may include:

  • Rides to the airport from home.
  • Rides from the airport to The Port of Astoria (and if needed, to and from a hotel before the boat departs).
  • Travel services for coast visits while the ship is in harbor at each of the points throughout the cruise.
  • After the ending of the cruise, from the boat to the airport (and to and from a resort if necessary).
  • A return ride from the airport home.

Choose Our Transportation Services To Arrive In Style

It really is very important to hire high-end transport services in Astoria for a worry-free experience. With your team at AssistAnt, you can leave the details to us and just sit back and take pleasure in the drive.

We offer several alternative modes of transport services in Astoria, including:

Choice Concierge Service To Accommodate Your Needs

The process of traveling is often quite exhausting, a lot of people feel like they need a vacation from their vacation. However, what if all you needed to accomplish throughout your excursion was relax?

Consider AssistAnt to manage the components that may wear you down, comprising:

Planning a trip can get somewhat overwhelming, particularly when it’s necessary to travel often for business or if you’re traveling with your entire family. Through our exclusive concierge programs, we lessen any burden. Perhaps you are celebrating an anniversary during your voyage with no vision of what you can do, we can set up a charming night for you. Our staff can coordinate a business dinner for you, should you not have enough time or could use those hours elsewhere. Simply call us. Our sphere has various specialists that accommodate your business and/or personal desires to make sure that your travel situation is running as effortlessly as imaginable.

Astoria, Oregon Area Tours

The area near Astoria is filled with worthwhile experiences around every turn. But it may be challenging to truly take pleasure in your time on shore when you are surrounded by numerous other tourists from your boat.

Rather than relying on a basic tour provided by your cruise liner, request our private touring services to ensure a fun and special stay.

To Summarize It All…

Make full use of your team at AssistAnt for every aspect from VIP personalized tour services to high class vehicle transport to and from the port. Any time you are looking for a remarkable and stress-free experience from your next cruise journey, let us arrange everything that your luxury cruise will not. Call us today to find out more about our VIP travel services and ways to take advantage of our private vehicle services in The Port of Astoria, Astoria.

*Please understand that certain services might not be available at each place. Call us to make sure your desired service can be found at your requested place.

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