Cruise Port Travel and VIP Transportation Services for The Port of Newport

When your cruise ship is docking at The Port of Newport and you require added travel options…

Luxury Services For Cruise Port Excursions - The Port of NewportMake the most out of your travel experience with high-end VIP services in the Newport, Rhode Island region!

We’re AssistAnt, a worldwide concierge service. Our private services enable you to relax and relish your vacation or business trip.

We have the associations as well as the expertise to make sure your cruise getaway is exceptional and exquisite. We offer our clientele airport VIP service, car service, transportation, concierge service, and custom tour services.

We’ve been in the VIP travel business for over 10 years and have established a track record of delivering expert, trustworthy, and reliable service for a distinctive experience in luxury travel.

Professional Concierge Service For The Port of Newport

Some very good reasons include anxiety-free vacationing and a more individual experience.

Simply speaking, the cruise harbor might be a confusing place. We offer luxury transportation services to The Port of Newport so you do not have to worry about missing your departure.

But that is not all!

Rather than taking land trips organized by the cruise liner, we provide a more personalized encounter that will help you in navigating through thickly populated places and make your stay perfect.

Our Exclusive VIP Solutions At The Port of Newport

Indulge in an exclusive adventure before, during, and following your cruise with our services:

Airport VIP Services

We will accompany you through the airport to make the cumbersome processes of traveling quicker and more convenient for you.

We offer a variety of degrees of Newport State Airport VIP services*. You may benefit from a shorter flight terminal experience with our assistance to and through passport control. We will arrange to have one of our affable representatives connect with you, help you with your luggage claim, passport control, and escort you to your luxury transportation. Let us take good care of you for a complete stress-free airport experience from passport control and beyond. We hasten your check-in, look after checking your luggage, and offer help until the gate of your flight.

VIP Transportation Service

We supply our clients with exceptional car services both to and from The Port of Newport and additionally all through your stay in the area.

We provide other high-end travel services and private car services that the cruise companies usually do not deliver. You will have a personal transfer back and forth from The Port of Newport, and much more. Our car transportation services consist of:

  • Getting from home to the airport.
  • Rides from the airport to The Port of Newport (and if necessary, to and from a hotel before the boat departs).
  • Traveling services for coast visits while the ship is in harbor at different places throughout the cruise.
  • After the ending of the cruise, from the ship to the airport (and to and from a resort if required).
  • A return trip from the airport to your home.

Opt For Our Transportation Services To Get There In Style

It really is significant to hire luxury transportation services in Newport for stress-free travel. With AssistAnt, you can leave all of it to us and simply sit back and savor your trip.

We provide several alternative methods of transportation in Newport, such as:

Concierge Services

The hassle of travel is oftentimes very tedious, a lot of individuals feel as though they require a holiday from their holiday. However, what if all you had to accomplish during your getaway was take it easy?

Rely on us to take care of the steps which may wear you down, including:

Planning a trip may get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are traveling with all the whole family or if it’s necessary to travel often for work. We are able to arrange a charming night for you if you are celebrating an anniversary through the course of your trip without a clue of how you can celebrate. When you are required to put a business lunch together and you have run out of time, give us a call. Available to you are a variety of specialists which satisfy your work or personal wishes to ensure that your travel situation is going as smoothly as possible.

Specialized Tours For Your Entire Party

The region surrounding Newport is full of worthwhile experiences. Although it might be difficult to genuinely take pleasure in your time on land when you’re in the middle of countless other people from your boat.

Rather than counting on a universal tour supplied by your cruise liner, arrange for one of our personal touring services to ensure a favorable and unforgettable stay.

*Please note that various services might not be available at each location. Call us to make sure that your desired service can be found at your requested place.

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