Now Is The Perfect Time To Go On A Luxury Alaskan Cruise – Here’s Why

When you think of popular cruise vacations you may think of cruising the Caribbean or indulging along the stops at all of the cruise ports in France. But we here at AssistAnt Global Concierge Services are here to tell you why you should consider a luxury Alaskan cruise.

The truth is a cruise is a perfect way to see everything!

The peak season for Alaskan cruises is May through September, and for good reason. The summer months provide more hours of sunlight and more opportunities to see wildlife.

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Just don’t forget, your ideal cruise itinerary may depend on which exact time you choose to go. We can help you pick the perfect option for your individual travel goals. After all, our motto is; “Make a wish and we’ll make it happen.”

If you have been following our luxury travel blog, you may remember that we have already discussed the many reasons why your cruise liner may not be able to provide you with all of your luxury travel needs while on shore.

That’s why we are here!

Whether you are interested in adventure or relaxation, we will make sure you receive the personal VIP treatment you deserve.

Now, onto our favorite things about going on an Alaskan cruise.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love An Alaskan Cruise Luxury Holiday

# 1. You Can’t Image More Beautiful Scenery

While we absolutely love the scenery of a river cruise in Europe, there is nothing quite like the stunning scenery of an Alaskan cruise.

You’ll never forget a cruise of The Inside Passage, a tremendous assortment of Islands, fjords, and bays between northern Vancouver Island and Skagway. You can enjoy the leisure of our VIP services at the Port of Vancouver as you depart on an unforgettable journey where you will view some of the most stunning sights known to man.

Popular stops include Glacier Bay National Park and the beautiful town of Sitka.

Alaskan cruise wildlife - AssistAnt luxury travel# 2. Unparalleled Wildlife Viewing

For those of you that enjoy whale watching, you will love Icy Strait Point. Keep in mind that if you hope to get a glimpse of the famous gathering of thousands of bald eagles in the area, you will need to wait to after the main cruise season and go in November.

And for something a little more daring, we suggest a cruise that includes the Katmai National Park, where you will view active volcanoes as well as unbeatable wildlife watching including bears.

#3. Adventure Around Every Corner

If it’s an adventurous Alaskan cruise you are seeking, we suggest the Ketchikan zipline through the rainforest canopy. Another option is the world’s longest zip line at Icy Strait Point, 5,330 feet to be exact.

For hiking lovers, you won’t want to miss the rainforest hike at Mendenhall Glacier in Juno, where you can also enjoy the thrill of helicopter tours and fishing adventures. Floatplane tours are another popular option and a great way to see a whole lot of beauty when you have limited time.

Now, we have only scratched the surface here or viewed the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) but let’s be honest, what are you waiting for!

Let us help you plan a luxury Alaskan cruise vacation today. And with most Alaskan cruises departing from either the Port of Seattle or the Port of San Francisco, be sure to take advantage of our cruise port VIP services at either location.

Contact AssistAnt to learn more about our cruise port VIP services for Alaskan cruises and all of our other luxury travel services around the world.

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