Are you looking for a vacation spot to unwind and have fun? The Bahamas is your destination. Here are the 7 best things to do in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas has something for just about everyone. Sunshine, shopping, wildlife, adventure, and of course, beaches. Did you know that the Bahamas is country made of a chain of about 700 islands? Yet only about 30 of those islands are inhabited. With so many islands, where do you start when planning what to do in the Bahamas? We’ve narrowed down some of the most popular things to do and see during your vacation. Here are the seven best things to do in the Bahamas.

1. Swim with Fishes

If you want adventure, The Bahamas has plenty of snorkeling and diving. Swimming among the fishes is only the beginning. The waters surrounding the Bahamas are full of deep caves or shallow reefs for exploring. Among the reefs, you’ll find many species of colorful fish, including Nassau grouper. You’ll also find sharks and sea turtles. Experienced dive guides help you navigate shallow pools for snorkeling. Or if you prefer, they’ll take you deeper with full dive gear. Choose from a variety of boat tours to take you to the island and dive destination of your choice. You’ll find many of the world’s most well-known dive sites in the Bahamas. Underwater life is one of the best Bahamas attractions. Take advantage of it during your stay.

2. Get Beached

If you know nothing else about the Bahamas, you know the islands have some of the best beaches in the world. Each beach is unique. Explore as many as you can during your visit to the islands. For a romantic setting, visit the beautiful Pink Sands Beach. Not only is the sand pink from the mix of sand with tiny mollusks, you’ll take in the scenic beach while riding horseback. Looking for a bit of alone time? Visit the Out Islands of Cat Island or Long Island. Because they are further away than the more popular beaches, these islands often have fewer visitors. You’ll feel like you have the beach to yourself.

3. Find Atlantis

You won’t have to look very hard to find one of the most popular Bahamas attractions. Atlantis Bahamas resort takes over most of Paradise Island. If you enjoy resort-style fun, this is the ultimate destination for the whole family. At Atlantis, you’ll find beaches, a golf course, many swimming pools and restaurants, and a casino. Take the kids to the resort aquariums to see a variety of marine life. Find more marine animals at the world’s largest open-air marine habitat. And of course, the 141-acre water park is a main attraction with slides and a lazy river.

4. Swim With Dolphins

The waters surrounding Nassau are full of wonderful sea creatures. Among the most popular are the dolphins at Dolphin Cay. Swimming with the dolphins is another family favorite activity when visiting the Bahamas. Dolphin handlers help kids navigate the shallow water and learn about the dolphins. But this activity isn’t just for kids. Create a selfie moment to remember your trip. Dolphins are sweet, entertaining creatures that aren’t afraid of selfies for your Instagram.

5. Look for Pirates and Treasure

We hope you don’t find any pirates today. But there is plenty of pirate lore to explore in the Bahamas. Pirates are a large part of the history of the Bahamas. During the 1600s into the 1700s, pirates visited the islands. It was a great place for pirates like Calico Jack and Blackbeard to hide treasure for other pirates to later loot. Today, some of the islands have museums about pirate history and the Bahamas. A visit to The Pirates of Nassau Museum includes learning about pirate weapons, notable pirates, and ships.

6. Rum With It

Bahamas Rum - AssistAntWhere there are pirates, there is rum. During the time of pirates on the islands, rum was their drink of choice. If you are of legal drinking age, don’t leave the Bahamas without trying the local liquor. Most of the world’s rum comes from the Caribbean. On New Providence Island, find John Watling’s Distillery–a famous Bahamas attraction–near downtown Nassau. Named after a pirate in the 17th century, stop in, take the tour, and sample the rum. If you don’t drink rum, there’s no need to miss out this island drink. Try rum cake from The Bahamian Rum Cake Factory–also located in downtown Nassau.

7. Take the Stairs

The Queen’s Staircase is one of the most well-known Bahamas things to do (and climb, if you’re able). And we recommend this activity before your rum tasting. Built in the 1700s, this is one of the most unique Nassau Bahamas points of interest. The 66 steps bridge downtown Nassau to the Bennet Hill’s Fort Fincastle at the top of the staircase. The steps are named for Queen Victoria. Carved from limestone, the staircase was built over a span of sixteen years. It’s steep and uneven, yet full of history. Take your time going up and be careful coming down. As you make your way up or down, listen to the history of the steps from one of the locals who sit at the near the bottom of the staircase.

Explore More Things to do in The Bahamas

These ideas are only the tip of the pirate sword when it comes to things to do in the Bahamas. With all the Bahamas offers, don’t settle for one island or experience. Make your trip to the Bahamas worthwhile by exploring the islands by boat or plane and experiencing the culture offered on each island. No matter your goals for travel, the best vacations require good planning. From adventure to relaxation, getting there and between the islands should be smooth flying and sailing. Make your vacation a luxury getaway that you’ll treasure forever–whether it’s pirate treasure or treasured memories. We provide global concierge services, handling everything from transportation to and from the airport, arranging local transportation, and chartering plane or boat excursions. We are available 24/7 during your trip for the perfect vacation. Our goal is a memorable, hassle-free, luxury travel experience for you and your family. Planning a corporate event? We also provide services for your business or clients.

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