VIP Services for Canberra International Airport in Canberra, Australia

VIP Services for Canberra International Airport Provided by AssistAnt

VIP Departures Canberra International Airport

AssistAnt is a global lifestyle management service located in Israel with close to ten years of experience supplying lifestyle management services in Canberra, Australia to many of the best names in the industry. Just make a wish and we’ll make it happen since our resources and knowledge are the most sought after in the business.

International traveling is often chaotic for many people. Arriving in a new state, collecting suitcases, passing customs and immigration, and maybe locating connecting flights can be a complicated problem for perhaps even the most experienced traveler. At AssistAnt, our objective is to make your next getaway seamless, effortless, and hassle-free. Having been in the business of delivering top-notch personal assistance and VIP services for Canberra International Airport, Australia for more than a decade, the experts at AssistAnt live up to the tagline of “Make A Wish, We’ll Make It Happen” every day with all clients.

We provide two types of VIP services for CBR in Australia.* Just let AssistAnt make your subsequent holiday hassle-free. We’ll take care of everything to help you simply relax.

CBR Airport VIP Fast Track

VVVIP Package – Exclusive VIP Services for Canberra International Airport – Arrivals**

AssistAnt’s premium VVVIP service makes it possible to relax in an exclusive, luxurious lounge while we manage all arrival particulars into Canberra International Airport. AssistAnt’s VVVIP package for arrivals comes along with meet and greet and personal transport from the airplane to a luxurious lounge. Upon arriving to the exclusive lounge, it is possible to avail yourself of hot and cold drinks, fruit, and light snacks. While you unwind in the lounge, we’ll look after immigration, suitcase pick-up and collecting your duty-free products, and customs. AssistAnt will then escort you from the lounge to your driver who’ll get you anyplace you’ll want to go in Canberra, .

VVVIP Package – Exclusive VIP Services for Canberra International Airport – Departures**

AssistAnt’s VVVIP service for departing CBR features meet and greet and personally escorting you to a private, high end airport lounge with fruit, light snacks, and cold and hot beverages which you can enjoy right until your airline is going to begin boarding. Whilst you’re relaxing at the lounge, one of our helpful agents will look after security, checking in for your flight, and immigration. As soon as it is time to board the aircraft, one of our courteous agents will take you in a private car to the gate of your flight.

Fast Track VIP Services for Canberra International Airport in Canberra, Australia – Departures

AssistAnt can organize your drive to Canberra International Airport, and assist you with all of the processes up to the gate of your airline through priority counters. With the assistance of our dedicated staff, you don’t have to worry about lengthy lines at check-in or immigration simply because our quick and efficient service speeds you through security, flight check-in, and passport control. Our assistants are also able to escort those with business- and first-class seat tickets to the lounge and/or to the flight’s gate.

Fast Track VIP Services for Canberra International Airport in Canberra, Australia – Arrivals

To enjoy a smooth and stress-free Canberra International Airport arrival, you’ll want to sign up for our fast track airport VIP service in Canberra, Australia. The Fast Track VIP package is our most well known offer as it’s accommodated by almost all airports throughout the world.

After landing, your AssistAnt will greet you at the gate. He/she then will transport you in a private vehicle to passport control. There, we will move through all procedures for arrival using a VIP counter. We’ll assist you with passport control, collect your baggage, and assist you with customs. If you’ve asked for a driver to pick you up from the airport, we can take you to your driver who is going to take you from CBR to anywhere you need to go in Canberra and neighboring areas.

Luxury Transportation Options In Canberra, Australia Provided by AssistAnt

AssistAnt’s superb fleet of cars, yachts, planes, and helicopters will certainly surpass your expectations for deluxe transportation solutions. AssistAnt’s deluxe car rentals will certainly make sure that you show up to your destination in style. Looking for a quicker approach to traveling? We can easily plan a helicopter or private jet charter to help you get wherever you want to go.

Elite Lifestyle Management Services

AssistAnt accomplishes all of these seemingly impossible objectives by simply choosing high-end providers. The trick for our impressive service is that we think that your personal tasks must only be taken care of by top notch professionals in their fields that have several years’ experience accomplishing the things they do best. You can easily depend on our company for superior quality worldwide concierge services and superior VIP services for Canberra International Airport in Canberra, Australia. Do not anticipate anything ordinary; make a wish, we will make you believe in the extraordinary…

*Please make note that even though our staff tries to provide all 3 VIP airport services, they may be different according to the airport. Whenever we simply cannot provide you with aid specifically to/from the aircraft, we’ll proceed as far as we are permitted to according to Canberra International Airport’s guidelines.

**Please bear in mind that AssistAnt’s VVVIP package is available at select international airports. Make sure you contact us to find out if the airport you’re departing from or arriving to will permit the VVVIP package.


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