Which is better for the ultimate VIP/luxury experience: Milan or Rome? Learn about the Italian cities and get our opinion of the two in this comparison guide.

With so many places in Italy to visit, choosing the next place for your luxury vacation can be overwhelming. You shouldn’t be spending your time worrying about all your options when you could be planning your itinerary! If you narrowed down your options, it’s likely between Milan or Rome. After all, both are fashionable and romantic places to go to. If you’ve been wondering which will give you the luxury travel you’ve been dreaming about, this guide will help you make a decision once and for all. Read on to learn about each city so you can book your flight ASAP.

Getting Around

Let’s begin with one of the first things you’ll be seeing when you land: the airport. People tend to prefer flying into Milan’s Malpensa airport over Rome’s airport due to its modern design. It also tends to be less busy which will make your arrival more pleasant. Both airports have a train station you can use to take to the city. What about your options once you get to the city? Knowing how you’re going to get around is important so you can simplify how you’ll get to all the sights on your bucket list. Both the transportation systems for Milan and Rome are great. You can also choose to do VIP travel by renting a luxury car or hiring a chauffeur. Regardless of the city you choose, you’ll be able to get around with style and ease.

Things To See

Both Milan and Rome are beautiful cities full of historical and enchanting sights. There are some differences to note. If you’re interested in ancient art, antique ruins, renaissance work, basilicas, Gothic architecture, and world-famous museums then you’ll love Rome. For one, there’s Vatican City which is the center of Christianity. Between St Peter Basilica, The Sistine Chapel, and Michelangelo’s Renaissance pieces, you’ll be in heaven as a history buff. Milan or Rome - Trevi Fountain - AssistAnt TravelRome is also known for the Trevi fountain which is a landmark in the city. Everywhere you walk feels like stepping in a history book but full of art and wonder. There’s also the Piazza Navona which is a square with many fountains as well as street performers and cafes. Nearby, Piazza Navona is an ancient square with several fountains. It is a lively place with numerous outdoor cafés and street performers. If you are interested in Renaissance art, history and a place with a lot of character then Rome is best for you. Don’t think Milan is lacking in art and architecture. There’s also plenty of sights to behold. Some of the most significant include the Duomo di Milano and Castello Sforzesco. The Duomo di Milano is a Gothic cathedral and museum located in the city center, you’ll be able to get a great view of the skyline. Castello Sforzesco is one of the largest medieval sights in Europe featuring great art by both da Vinci and Michelangelo. While Milan has plenty to see, there is a lot more in Rome. Either way, consider luxury travel tours to see the best in each city.

People to Meet

Both Milan and Rome are busy, large cities. There are all types of people that come to visit from all walks of life. You’re more likely to meet other tourists in Rome. While Milan is still full of tourists, it is more known for its luxury shopping and is more of a hub for Italian business. Roman and Milan’s locals are accustomed to tourists so you’ll be greeted warmly, just be sure to be respectful and you’ll be sure to meet great people in each city.

Food to Eat

It’s difficult to have a bad meal in Italy. It’s home to the most perfect pizza, pasta, and wine. While Rome has plenty of delicious options, you have to go through a lot of tourist traps to find them. Milan has a wonderful food scene and it’s less typical than in other cities. Instead of pizza, there’s different stews and risottos to try that are sure to satisfy. One of the most well-known food places is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is a gallery full of upscale cafes and luxury shops.

How’s the Weather?

One of the things that will narrow your decision is probably the weather. Rome takes the cake with this since the weather tends to be more temperate throughout the year. Milan tends to be full of smog which might not be ideal for your travels. It’s best to visit either of these cities during the spring or fall. Try to avoid the summer and winter since their temperatures can get intense.

How About Shopping?

Both Rome and Milan have rich shopping experiences but Milan definitely takes the cake if you’re looking for cutting edge fashion. You’ll find famous Italian brands like Versace in both cities. In Milan, you’ll find everything you need at the aforementioned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, but you’re likely to find high-end shopping in many places. Most of the luxury shopping in Rome is found at the Piazza di Spagna. Milan is more involved with fashion, hosting famous fashion weeks twice a year and attracting the attention of celebrities and the elite.

Which to Choose: Milan or Rome?

Milan or Rome Milan Shopping - AssistAnt TravelWhen you’re choosing between cities, you want to make the decision as quickly as possible so you can start planning your vacation. If you’re still deciding between Milan or Rome, it really depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. If you are more interested in history and Renaissance art, Rome is the place to go. For amazing shopping and luxury travel, go with Milan. Either way, you can travel in style with a lavish car rental service. Looking for more transportation options during your vacation? Check out our services!

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