Why Florence Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Your Next Romantic Getaway

Florence Italy was once the center of Renaissance art and Romance, and today maintains a mystique that can’t quite be named. Watch the reflection of the sun setting on the domed roof of the Duomo, take a stroll through the Giardino Bardini Gardens, or indulge in a glass of wine alongside the river gazing at the Ponte Vecchio. One of the most well-known symbols of the city, the Old Bridge ( Ponte Vecchio) is an undoubtedly romantic and beautiful destination in Florence. Often crowded with tourists the bridge quiets down slightly at night and is a popular spot for marriage proposals and quiet rendezvous between lovers. And with tailored VIP services provided by AssistAnt, you can be sure to make the most out of your Florence vacation. Florence Italy- AssistAnt VIPFlorence is the spot to visit for VIP treatment and service, starting of course upon your arrival at the Peretola Airport. AssistAnt is pleased to offer our customers our unique VIP Airport arrival and departure services. These services include a personal meet and greet and personal escort to a private lounge where you can rest prior to or following your flight. Relax in the luxurious airport lounge and cool yourself down with a fresh beverage and other light refreshments. We promise to take care of all the small details associated with your travels so that you can focus solely on enjoying them!

Last but not least a pleasant AssistAnt will manage security, flight check-in, and passport control on your behalf so you’ll never have to worry. Maintain the VIP feeling by letting us arrange a personal chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go. As the number one choice for personal chauffeur services in Florence for over 10 years our company has proudly served government officials, large business owners, and superstars while on vacation. Add your name to the list and let us escort you to the famous Uffizi Gallery. This gallery houses a world-famous collection of paintings arranged in chronological order spanning from ancient Greece to 18th-century Venetian artwork. A must-see, skip the lines and let an AssistAnt employee assist you in booking entrance to the fine museums and breathtaking galleries of Florence. And if you feel like seeing more of this breathtaking country, allow us to arrange a private jet charter to take you to any destination you desire.

Fashion, Fine Dining, Cruises, And More In Florence

Florence boasts an impressive resume of fashion designers that once called the city their home including Gucci and Roberto Cavalli. True fashion lovers and those who desire a taste of the sweet life must visit the original location of Gucci, a tiny saddlery located around the corner from the Via de Tornabuoni. A true Florentine landmark and sure to delight fashion aficionados. And when it comes to cruise vacations in Italy, allow AssistAnt to take care of all your needs at the Port of Livorno in Florence. Whether you want a personal guide for a unique experience, or you want help booking reservations at a top restaurant, we can take care of everything for you. No matter what kind of romantic vacation you are seeking, AssistAnt guarantees to make it a trip you’re not soon to forget. Our motto rings true, “Make a wish and we’ll make it happen”—contact AssistAnt to learn more about our luxury travel services in Florence Italy. And, be sure to check out our luxury travel blog for inspiration when planning your next trip and looking for more romantic vacation ideas? Consider an exciting getaway to Israel! And speaking of romantic Italian vacations, learn more about what makes Tuscany the perfect honeymoon destination. 

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