From sushi to ramen, Japan has some of the world’s best food. All of the meal options in Tokyo can be overwhelming. Here are 8 dishes to try.


The secret’s out! Tourism in Japan is booming.


Over 28 million tourists headed to Japan in 2017. That nearly triple’s 2013’s 10.4 million visitors! This boost in tourism is due to a push from Japan’s ambitious tourism industry, excitement over Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, and…the food!


Japan is a culinary paradise, and Tokyo is its heart. With so many food choices, you’ll have a hard time deciding what and where to eat. But don’t worry, we’ve taken the guess-work out of deciding what to eat when you’re in Tokyo.


Read on to learn about the best food in Tokyo!


1. Sushi


Sushi Food In Japan - AssistAnt Travel


Sushi may seem like a modern it-food, but it’s actually one of Japan’s ancient foods!


Sushi has been traced back as far as the fourth century where a dictionary talks about salted fish and rice. Fast forward ten centuries and sushi (at the time, fermented fish) has become a delicacy for the very wealthy. Modern sushi appeared at the beginning of the 19th century.


Today, sushi is basically an art form, with sushi bars competing to earn top marks. It contains rice, raw or cooked fish, seaweed, and some vegetables. It’s paired with wasabi mustard and ginger.


You can find good sushi throughout the world, but Tokyo the place to go when you want phenomenal sushi. Between the fresh fish sourced directly from Tsukiji and the classically trained sushi chefs, you won’t regret making sushi the first stop on your food tour of Tokyo.


Now if you could just figure out a way to pack it in your luggage!


2. Ramen


Did you eat ramen as a kid? You know, the stuff that comes in 50 cent packages and are loaded with sodium. I that’s what you’re expecting when you come to Tokyo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you are wrong!


Just like the box of macaroni and cheese isn’t representative of authentic Italian food, packaged ramen is a far cry from the real thing.


In Tokyo, ramen is a soup that is traditionally made with a bone broth and noodles, and you can top with a ton of different things. Ad soy sauce, miso, or even pork or beef! 


Bonus: ramen in Tokyo is just as affordable as it’s grocery store counterpart.


3. Tempura


Tempura is basically Japan’s specialized version of Southern fried food. Rather than referring to a specific food, it refers to the way in which the food is prepared.


Tempura means that the food has been dipped in batter that is made out of flour and egg. Then the food is fried. You can cook fresh veggies, seafood, and other items in tempura batter and it is instantly transformed into delicious and comforting food!


4. Soba


Soba is another Japanese noodle dish, but it is totally different from ramen.


Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, which is why they tend to be grey o brown in color. Soba first appeared in Tokyo’s culinary culture during the Edo period which spanned all of the 18th century and most of the 19th century.


Soba noodles are about as thick as your standard spaghetti noodle and they are quite versatile! You can use them in any number of hot and cold dishes. Serve them with veggies, tempura, eggs, or meat. Their versatility is what makes them so popular!


5. Curry


A lot of people associate curry with Indian and Thai foods, but one of Tokyo’s most famous foods is curry!


Tokyo’s curry is the result of curry that was brought to Japan from the United Kingdom. Japanese curry is generally served as a stew along with meat and vegetables, and it is served over rice. Some even come with a fried pork cutlet. 


So delicious!


6. Tonkatsu


Tonkatsu is Japan’s response to America’s fried pork chops and Austria’s schnitzel. It consists of a thick pork slice that is dipped in batter and fried. 


The most common type of Katsu is pork, but it is also made with chicken and steak. In fact, the earliest versions of tonkatsu were once made with beef as the primary ingredient.


Tokyo locals serve tonkatsu with shredded cabbage or whatever your heart desires!


7. Monjayaki


Monjayaki is another super tasty Japanese fried food. It’s basically a fried omelet, minus all the eggs.


In Tokyo, chefs select several ingredients and mix them up in a batter and fry it. This includes veggies and meats, and it contains dashi (a soup stock made from kelp and fish) and water. Diners eat monjayaki directly from the pan in order to get all the super tasty caramelized bits.


8. Yakitori


Yakitori Food In Japan - AssistAnt


Not a fan of all the fish in Japanese food? Yakitori is the Japanese treat for you! 


Yakitori is basically Japan’s version of chicken kebabs. Yakitori can be prepared two ways. The first way consists of chicken that is seasoned only with salt and is then skewered and barbecued to perfection. The second way involves marinating the chicken in a sweet and savory tare sauce that is a mixture of soy sauce, dashi broth, and vinegar. 


Not sure which one you want to try? Why not both? You can’t go wrong with this absolutely delicious dish!


Now You’re Ready to Try the Best Food In Tokyo!


Ready to pack your bags and take a trip to Tokyo? You’re definitely not alone. Now that you know the top eight foods to try, you’ll be making your way through the best food in Tokyo in no time!


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